Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Opening The Ancient City Of The Shifter Emperor

He was not able to recruit the Five Elders from Hermit Village so he returned to the Ancient City using the Town Portal scroll.

Once he was back, he immediately ran toward the Herbal Store.

These items were very difficult to find so he had to get Uncle Huas help. Hopefully, he could get some information from Uncle Hua.

Once he was there, he told him everything that Grandma Sang and the others had said.

"Uncle Hua, do you know how I can complete these five quests within a short amount time?" Jiang Feng asked Uncle Hua, who was standing in front of him.

"Haha! Those old geezers still like to make a fool of others," Uncle Hua smiled after he finished listening to Jiang Feng. "These five quests are all very easy to complete. Let me explain."

Next, uncle Hua told Jiang Feng what was special about the five quests.

The Divine-Level pelt was not really the pelt of a divine beast. Grandma Sang also was not referring to "Divine-Level," but to "Divine Intellect."

There is a level 60 monster in the game that was called Divine-Intellect beast. All he needed to do was to kill the Divine Intellect Beast and obtain its pelt.

As for a wine that had never been drunk before? There were plenty of wines in this world. Poison wines were wine too, so Du Kang had never tasted it.

To heal the eyes and cure his blindness? Xia Zi was a Divine-Level Appraiser, the eyes of his heart could see clearer than a pair of physical eyes. If the eyes of his heart were never blind in the first place, how could he heal them?

"As for the Divine-Level seed, it seems that Yuan Ping is still thinking of that herbal seed that I have on me. Fine, it is your now," Uncle Hua took out a red seed and gave it to Jiang Feng.

Red Fruit Seed: Divine-Level Seed

Can be used to grow the Red Fruit Tree. Red Fruits can be used to make wine, medicine, cooking, and others.

"Thank you, Uncle Hua!" Jiang Feng put away the Red Fruit Seed and said to him gratefully.

"The only thing that would be difficult is the plan for the Divine-Level Mech. You have to do it yourself, I cannot help you with that," Uncle Hua said.

Jiang Feng gave it a thought, then said to Uncle Hua, "Dont worry. I know where I can find the plans for Dr. Fengs Divine Level Mech."

With that, he left the Ancient City and headed toward the Divine Intellect Beasts territory.

The Divine Intellect Beast looked like a rat, with a pair of slim and dexterous hands. They were adept at setting and removing traps. After some effort, he finally managed to get a Divine-Intellect Beast Pelt.

After getting the Divine-Intellect Beast Pelt, he once again used the Low-Level Polymorph Pill and transformed into a human. After disguising himself, he teleported into Kunlun City, then headed towards the Hermit Village.


Hermit Village, a group of old people were tasting Du Kangs new wine.

"Do you think that the Shifter boy can complete our quests?" Yuan Ping said as he drank a cup of wine.

"That would depend on whether he is smart or not," Xia Zi said.

"If he is indeed smart enough to complete our quests, are we really leaving this place?" Du Kang asked.

"Worry not. He wouldnt be able to complete all our tasks within a short amount of time. Even if he did complete it, what is wrong with going outside? Are we going to stay here in this place forever?" Grandma Sang said.

"Here I am again!"

As soon as Grandma Sang finished her sentence, a voice came from afar.

"Youre so noisy! Im going to blast you away!" When Dr. Feng heard the noise, he became angry and immediately shot his cannon at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng was well-prepared. He blinked and dodged the attack, then reached the Five Elders soon enough.

"You came back so soon? Are you giving up?" Du Kang asked.

"No, but Ive finished the quests that you five have given me," Jiang Feng gave a confident smile.

"Impossible!" Xia Zi said.

The others also looked at Jiang Feng in disbelief.

Jiang Feng smiled and took out a jar of wine to Du Kang that he had prepared. "This is the wine that you wanted."

Then, he gave the Divine-Intellect Beast Pelt to Grandma Sang and the Divine-Level Seed to Yuan Ping. Finally, he handed a mech plan from the movie Pacific Rim that he found on the internet to Dr. Feng.

Du Kang drank the wine that he obtained from Jiang Feng, and he instantly became a zombie as his HPs continuously dropped. Du Kang, who had become a zombie, asked in surprise, "What wine is this?"

"Zombify Poison Wine!" When he came over, he added a Corpse Pill and a bag of Virus into the wine.

"What pelt is this?" Grandma Sang asked.

"The pelt from a Divine-Intellect Beast!" Jiang Feng replied.

"What kind of a mech is this?" Dr. Feng asked.

"A Divine-Level mech that you can never recreate, I call it the Crimson Typhoon!" Jiang Feng said with a smile.

"Hehe, Uncle Hua is treating you well. He even gave you the seed of the Red Fruit," Yuan Ping did not ask any questions as he excitedly looked at the seed in his hand.

"What about my eyes?" Xia Zi asked.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Jiang Feng took out his Jingu Staff and strike at Xia Zi.

Xia Zi dodged it with extreme speed and said, "What are you doing?!"

"You can see my attack, your eyes are already healed!" Jiang Feng gave him a confident smile.

Du Kang was still a zombie. Grandma Sang stood there speechless looking at the Divine-Intellect Beast pelt in her hands. Dr. Feng stared at the plan obsessively. Yuan Ping was overjoyed as he held the Red Fruit Seed in his hand. Xia Zi was sitting by the side angrily.

After a while, Grandma Sang put away the Divine-Intellect Beast Pelt and said with a smile as she scanned the other four old men, "Haha! Little Shifter, youve won!"

"Then, you are willing to leave?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Yes," Grandma Sang nodded.

Jiang Feng was overjoyed and he quickly took out the Qiankun Gourd and said to them, "Dont resist, I will bring you all to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!"

"One of the split forms of the Lianyao Flask, the Qiankun Gourd!"

Grandma Sang was slightly stunned when she saw the Qiankun Gourd, and so were the other four. They obviously were not expecting Jiang Feng to have such treasures with him.

Jiang Feng gave them a smile without saying anything, then using the Qiankun Gourds Absorb skill, he sucked them all inside.

"Its finally done, and I can open the Ancient City to outsiders too!"

He said with relief once he had recruited all five Elders. He then used his Town Portal skill to return to the Ancient City.

He then brought the Five Elders to see Uncle Hua and asked them to choose their own shops.

After giving them the instructions, he did not disturb the six old peoples gathering and returned to the Shifter Emperors Palace. He spent some gold and built a Teleportation Circle and Return Point.

The Teleportation Circle and Return Point had been set so that only the six elders, Robert and Rocket could use them and no one else.

Next, he took out 2,000,000 from the Imperial Dragon Auction House and rented a Land Surveyor with Super A.I., ten level 100 NPC guards, one Mercenary Hall Manager, and one six-base-class class changer.

After improving the Ancient City a bit more, he had finally reached the minimum prerequisite to open up the Ancient City. He did not hesitate and opened up the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to the masses.

Ding. System prompt: Announcement. The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor is now open to the public. Its Teleportation Circle has been linked with the Teleportation Circle of all the main cities. All players and monsters can now head over. Merchants that wish to do business in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor may look for the Land Surveyor at the Land Management Hall to either rent or purchase shops. The common residences in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor are also for sale. All players please take this good opportunity.

When the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor was opened up, it once again became a hot topic among players. The players that became fans during the siege became excited and all went over to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor through the teleportation circle.

Some of those who were quite interested in a floating city also went over to visit the Ancient City.

The opening of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor was big news indeed. Within an hour, hundreds and thousands of visitors went over and started the Ancients Citys economic development!

T/L Note: About the Divine-Level and Divine-Intellect, they both sound the same in Chinese.