Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Prosperity

After the Ancient City had been opened to public, he asked Uncle Fu to open a branch in the Ancient City.

He had even reserved a shop lot for this. Of course, to stop being too suspicious, he put down a fake order at the Land Surveyor.

He left information like "Jiang Feng bought a shop lot at a location after spending a certain amount of gold."

No one would suspect that Jiang Feng and the Shifter Emperor would be the same person.

As he stood in the Shifter Emperors Palace and saw the influx of players, he smiled.

Where there were people, there would be economic activities.

As long as he could improve the Ancient City, the economic activities would not stop. Then, he need not worry about money.


At this time, a pure white horse flapped its wings and approached him. On it was a beautiful woman. It was indeed Ling Feiyu.

He had placed the Shifter Emperors Palace on the clouds, above the city. Normal people would not know that there was a palace there. Even if they did, they would not be able to enter due to a barrier.

Just like how the players knew about the Imperial Palace in the Imperial Dragon City but they could not enter unless given the right to.

He had brought Ling Feiyu to the Shifter Emperors Palace once. As such, she had been given the right to enter.

"Not bad."

Ling Feiyu was a very cold woman. She would not speak much and went straight to the main point. Jiang Feng was also not someone that spoke much.

As such, while he knew that she had come to congratulate him, both did not say anything as they looked at the prosperity within the city in silence.


Uncle Hua operated the Herbal Store, and he currently had various pills in stock amounting to a total of three thousand five hundred pills. He could produce around fifty pills in a single batch each time. If he were making low-level pills, he could easily make one hundred in a batch. A testament to his speed in making medicine.

All the players that entered the Herbal Shop let out yelps of surprise.

"Damn! The Shifters Inheritor is awesome! He could even find a Divine-Level Pharmacist!"

"Pills created by a Divine-Level Pharmacist are inherently different from pills sold in other cities. Even his small recovery pills restore 200 HPs more than those sold at other cities. Damn it, I better buy a batch of Large Recovery Pills before they run out!"

"My God! Stat Pills! Taking one pill gives you five bonus free attribute points! Even if I take only one pill, it still equals to leveling up once. Buy, buy, buy!"


Grandma Sang operated the Tailor Shop. Grandma Sang was not simply being idle when she was at the Hermit Village and had created a lot of clothing such as jackets, pants, leather armor, and other equipment. However, all of them were around level 40 to 60. But her existence still brought about a commotion among the players.

"Are my eyes deceiving me? Divine-Level Tailor! Damn it, Im not convinced by any of the other inheritors other than the Shifters Inheritor!"

"Tsk tsk, all the equipment sold here has great stats! The price is a bit more expensive, but its worth it!"

"Honey, I like that dress made of fox pelt! I can wear it at level 40! Can you buy it for me? Muacks."


Du Kang operated the restaurant. Not only was he a Divine-Level Brewer, but he was also a Spiritual-Level Cook. Not only was he brewing wine for everyone, but he was also the one handling everyones food. He had enough resources on him.

After he became the restaurants boss, the restaurant was packed with people. Sounds of people being surprised could be heard everywhere.

"The Divine-Level Brewer is indeed powerful. Even cheap wine like Du Kang Wine increases movement speed by 10%!"

"The foods not bad too. My hunger is filling up faster, and they all have status buffs."

"Waiter, give me ten jars of wine! Takeaway!"


The Smithy was the shop with the most in stock. Robert and Rocket had already forged a lot of equipment.

"Oh my God! The Inheritor of the Gnomes is the boss of this smithy? My eyes must be deceiving me!"

"Boss, heres two high-level ore, can you help me forge a level 40 armor?"

"Boss, that Dragonball looks nice. Can I take a look?"


Compared to Uncle Hua, Grandma Sang, Du Kang, and Robert, the other shops did not have much business.

Dr. Feng was very focused on researching the plan that Jiang Feng had given to him in his Machine Shop. So much so that he blasted away all the players that visited him to learn some Machine Crafting skills as soon as they opened their mouths.

If it were not because Jiang Feng had set that the attacks from NPCs and Players would not reduce HPs, a bunch of players would have ended up dead.

That being said, it was still painful to be blasted by the explosives. In the end, no one dared to approach the machine shop anymore.

Yuan Ping even closed his shop directly and started planting the Red Fruit Seed in his backyard and smiled like an idiot.

Xia Zi, the Divine-Level appraiser was not as useful just yet. Only when they have reached the planet Silvermoon would they need the Appraisal skill so he did not open up his shop. Instead, Du Kang pulled him over to his restaurant to be a waiter.

"Xia Zi, are you blind? That table ordered Wild Dog Meat! Why the hell are you preparing Dragon Meat?" Du Kang roared at Xia Zi.

"You drunkard! I AM blind! If you keep on complaining Im going to quit!" Xia Zi boomed back.


Other than these shops, another shop was also having great business. And that was the Land Management Hall.

Before the Ancient City was opened, many merchants wanted to open shops in the Ancient City but could not. Now that it was opened, all the merchants came over.

They all came over to snatch good shop-lots from each other. Some of the players were buying homes so that when the Marriage System was introduced, they could have their wedding in the Ancient City.


Looking at the prospering Ancient City, Jiang Feng was ecstatic.

He opened the Ancient Citys management panel, and he saw that his citys population had reached 300,000. His capital was also increasing and had already surpassed 10,000,000.

"With this money, I can build more homes and improve some of the shops!"

He muttered excitedly as he looked at the citys money.

At this time, three high-level monsters had appeared before the Ancient Citys gate. The monsters roared at the two level 100 guards.

"Roar! Open the gate!"

As the Ancient City was opened to both players and monsters, the two level 100 guards did not stop them. Instead, they directly opened the gate and let them in.

The three monsters were the Arcane Amulet Dragon of the Dragon Tribe, the Horned Lightning Hawk of the Hawk Tribe, the Two-headed Gryphon of the Gryphon Tribe. They had all reached rank 10 and were at level 60. All of them were also bosses.

That roar just now came from the Two-headed Gryphon.

As their huge bodies entered the city, they automatically shrunk their size and walked on the wide city street due to the citys limitations.

When many players saw this, they all moved aside as they watched curiously.

"Haha! Its great to be able to walk openly in a city like this!" The Horned Lightning Eagle walked on the street proudly, lightning shooting out from his horn every once in a while.

"This is all thanks to Guapi. If it werent because of her bringing us here, we wouldnt have reached the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor!" The Two-headed Gryphon said excitedly.

"Tee hee! You both promised me that once Ive brought you to the Ancient City, you two will have to listen to me from now on. If not If not If not, Ill get angry!"

The Arcane Amulet Dragon was a female dragon. It had eyes with long eyelashes, and her scales were all pale green. The dragon horns on her forehead were quite short, but runes kept on swirling within them, making them look incredibly special.

"Worry not. I, Leiying, keep my promises," Said the Horned Lightning Eagle.

"Me too," The Two-headed Gryphon said in agreement.

"Um, then lets go. We should go find the steward of the city so that he can arrange our accommodation."

With that, the Arcane Amulet Dragon flew into the sky. As if she had sensed something, she headed straight toward the Shifter Emperors Palace. The Horned Lightning Hawk and the Two-headed Gryphon followed behind.

In less than two hours, both players and monsters had begun to enter the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, making it prosper.

Seeing the three boss monsters fly away, the players below all began to discuss among themselves in astonishment.