Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 148

Chapter 148 The Japanese Server Invades

The Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, Shifter Emperors Palace.

Jiang Feng, who was standing on the plaza in front of the Shifter Emperor Palace saw the arrival of the three level 60 bosses. His lips curled and he lifted the ban, allowing the three bosses to approach him by flight.

Ling Feiyu, who was originally with him, had already left and returned to her home.

The Arcane Amulet Dragon was the first one to reach the Shifter Emperors Palace. She came before Jiang Feng and asked, "Roar! Youre the steward? The Inheritor of the Shifters?"

"And? Do I not look like one?" Jiang Feng answered with a smile.

Jiang Feng was actually quite surprised when he saw that the Arcane Amulet Dragon had come to the Ancient City.

That was because the Dragon tribe only had a few members left. He never expected that the moment he had the Ancient City open, a dragon would come for him.

"Nope!" The Arcane Amulet Dragon said.

Jiang Feng then dispelled the effects of the Polymorph pill and became a gigantic dragon. He coiled in front of the Arcane Amulet Dragon and said, "And now?"

"Tee hee, much better." The Arcane Amulet Dragon blinked as she said.

"Sis Guapi, main point." The Two-headed Gryphon said.

"I know, you didnt have to interrupt me like that." the Arcane Amulet Dragon rolled his eyes at the Two-Headed Gryphon. She then turned to Jiang Feng and said, "Steward, can you arrange lodging for us?"

"Of course. Feel free to choose any location at the mountains behind the Ancient City where no monsters reside," Jiang Feng said. He then took out the Qiankun Gourd and released Heifeng, Yanhu, and Xiaotian. "You three, bring them around so that they can find a place to stay."

"Yo, dragon girl. Im Heifeng, whats your name?" When Heifeng came out and saw the Arcane Amulet Dragon, he smiled and approached her.

"Im called Guapi," The Arcane Amulet Dragon replied.

Heifeng then asked, "Do you like to eat watermelons?"

The Arcane Amulet Dragon was disgusted. "Nope."

Then Heifeng took out a chicken drumstick that was laced with saliva. "Since youre not a vegetarian, then that means youre a carnivore! Im quite the generous fellow, so why dont you come and have a lick?!"

"Ugh" Xiaotian retched.

"No, I wont. Quickly, bring us to where we can stay," the Arcane Amulet Dragon said as she became slightly irritated.

"Alright, follow me." Heifeng smiled as he put away the chicken drumstick and led the Arcane Amulet Dragon to the mountains.

Xiaotian and Yanhu led both the Horned Lightning Hawk and Two-headed Gryphon to the mountains by flight.

Just as Jiang Feng was ready to leave the Shifter Emperors Palace, he tripped and almost fell to the ground head first when he heard Heifengs voice drifting from afar.

"Guapi, Im so curious where a dragons buttocks are. Ive been wanting to look at the bosss buttocks but he wouldnt let me. Would you be so kind as to let me see it?!"


Guapi started to fight with Heifeng in embarrassment.

Seeing Guapi and Heifeng fighting, he was speechless and thought to himself, Heifeng is such an arsehole. I cant let him evolve that quickly, otherwise, so many other monsters are going to get harassed.

Luckily, Heifeng did not know what Jiang Feng was thinking. Otherwise, he would cry, beg, and threaten him to reverse his decision.

Ding. World Announcement: Warning! Warning! Kawaguchi Shinki is leading a large number of players from the Japanese Server and is invading the Huaxia Server. Players that have crossed over between servers can only stay for one week. Players who died within this week can choose to revive on a set waypoint or in their own server. Non-local players can ignore the limits and bans and they are allowed to kill players in cities. They can gain a large number of honor points in this way. In order to reduce this servers loss, drive them back as soon as possible!

As soon as he was about to leave the Ancient City and to kill monsters and refine his bloodline, a system announcement rang in his ear. He was instantly enraged.

"Damn it, these people are so audacious! They crossed over into the Huaxia server to look for a fight?!"

Jiang Feng was angry but there was nothing that he could do since he did not know where the players from the Japanese Servers were. The Huaxia server was so huge, finding them would be difficult.

Currently, all the players from the Ancient City were shocked.

"Damn it, the Japanese players are crossing the line! They are even coming over to our server? Do they think that we dont have any elite players around?"

"Anyone that still has some pride in them, lets go! Well go look at the cities near the border. Find them and destroy them!"

"Lets go post in the message board, and ask the inheritors from Huaxia Server to destroy them."


All the players became infuriated and all teleported through the Ancient Citys Teleportation Circle and headed toward the cities that were close to the borders to find signs of the Japanese players.

Jiang Feng quickly opened the Official Websites World Message Board when he saw what happened.

Only to see that in the Worlds Message Board, there was one post that had a lot of replies. That was a post that was posted by Kawaguchi Shinki before he crossed the border.

Topic: Since the Chinese are yapping so loudly, then allow me to meet you in the Chinese Server!

The moment the post appeared, players from the Japanese Server came over to support him.

Ueda Akikusa: "Kawaguchi Shinki youre so hot! Destroy them! Best destroy that Imperial Dragon City and Ancient City of something! Its best if you can get the ten primordial artifacts from the Huaxia Server!"

Koinu Ichirou: "All hail the Guild Leader! Wheres the Chinese? Didnt you say that your servers Shifters Inheritor is very powerful? Our Guild Leader is going over to face him!"

I Love my Home: "Damn it! Why dont you give us your coordinates? Ill go and beat that Kawa something and send him packing."

Kawaguchi Shinki: "Then come. Im in Mount Jiangjun, near Dongliao City. Bring all your Inheritors over so that I can teach them all a lesson that theyll never forget, hahaha!"


"Dongliao City to the North? Hes going to die!"

When Jiang Feng saw Kawaguchi Shinkis arrogant statement and some of the Japanese players posts, he became very angry. He summoned the Monster Cloud and headed to the mountains.

"Heifeng, Yanhu, Xiaotian! Follow me, we have a job to do!" He yelled at the mountain.

"Boss, were here!"

In just a moment, Heifeng, Yanhu, and Xiaotian, all three of his followers, were flying toward him.

"Boss, where are we going?" Heifeng asked Jiang Feng with bruises on his face.

"To kill some invaders!"

With that, Jiang Feng waved his hand and Heifeng, Yanhu, and Xiaotian, all entered into the Qiankun Gourd.

"Kill invaders? That sounds fun! Bring me, bring me!"

Just as he was about to leave, Guapi, the Horned Lightning Hawk, and the Two-headed Gryphon all flew over. Guapi looked at him excitedly.

Hm? Bringing them along with him would be great. You cannot underestimate the powers of three level 60 rank 10 bosses.

"I can bring you along, but you have to listen to me!" Jiang Feng said.

"Of course, of course. Come on, lets go already! I want to see what the invaders look like!" Guapi flexed her two dragon claws, filled with anticipation.


Jiang Feng used the Qiankun Gourd and absorbed all the three bosses. He then had the Monster Cloud head to Dongliao City.

It would take at least four hours to get to Dongliao City from the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. With the Monster Clouds speed, he would need at least four hours.

As for why he did not use the Teleportation Circle, that was because he had used both his Polymorph and Polymorph Pill and they were on cooldown. He could not use them before the cooldown expires.

That was why he had to fly over.

When he was on his way, he did not have much to do and then remembered that he still had three level 50 boss corpses in the Qiankun Gourd. He took them out and transmuted them all.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Congratulations. You have gained one Black Beast Shell, one piece of equipment, one level 50 Experience Pill, and one drop of bloodline.


Ding. System Prompt: Refine successful. Congratulations. You have gained one drop of Black Shell Divine Beast Bloodline with a purity of 1%.

Hm? Looks like the bosss Divine Beast bloodline is higher, having reached 0.5%. By refining it, it could go up to 1%. If I collect more high-level boss bloodlines, doesnt that mean I can evolve quicker?

After he gave the drop of bloodline in his hand a look, he ate it. His Dragons bloodline had reached 1.2%.

After he waited for his cooldown for both Transmute Monster and Refine to pass, he transmuted the other two corpses.