Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Poisonous Body Pill

After the Monster Transmutation System had been upgraded, the chances of producing bloodline had been increased to 10%.

If he were to include his Luck, the chances of him obtaining bloodline would increase even more.

After consuming three drops of Divine Beast Bloodline, his Dragon bloodline had reached 3.2%. While the increase was small, it was increasing continuously.

"Once Ive driven the invaders away, I need to level up some more and rank up to Spiritual Beast, and complete the Chinese Ghost Story quest!"

He mumbled to himself and took out the transmuted pelt and equipment and gave them all to the Auction House.

As he was bored during the flight, he opened the official website to find out more about Kawaguchi Shinkis movement.

As soon as he opened the Worlds Message Board, another post was at the top.

There was a video in the post, showing the players of Huaxia Server getting slaughtered.

A group of players from Dongliao City headed to Mount Jiangjun as soon as they knew Kawaguchi was there. All one thousand of them had been killed.

From the video, Kawaguchi brought a hundred other players with him. All of them were elites. However, the leader was not him, but another handsome man with puffed hair.

As he was not there, he didnt know who that man was.

When faced with the attack from a thousand players, all hundred of them were calm. That man did not even move an inch.

The ones that did all the work were Kawaguchi Shinki and the others.

Kawaguchi Shinki held a machete in his hand, killing the players with ghost-like speed.

"Haha! All of you are rubbish! One blade, one life! Just like how I kill cats and dogs back in the real world."

Jiang Fengs dragon claws tightened when he saw this, his blood-red dragon eyes became cold.

The video was very short. It was not because it did not record it till the end, it was because the elites were simply too powerful. The one thousand could not fight back when facing them.

His guess was that these one hundred were the top hundred players from the Japanese Server.

"Japanese Server, huh? Just you wait, when I have the chance Ill destroy all of you!"

After he finished watching the video and scanned through the posts, none of the posters were from Huaxia Server. Many that replied were from the American and Japanese Servers. Those from the American Server praised them while those from the Japanese Server clamored. It sickened him and caused him to become so infuriated to the point where he almost entered the Berserk State.


After he had calmed down, he took out a pill furnace and prepared to create some pills. According to Uncle Hua, the process of creating pills could help him calm his emotions.

Once he had taken out the pill furnace, he then remembered something as his eyes beamed. "Thats right, I still have the Teleportation Cauldron! Lets see if I can use the Teleportation Cauldron and appear close by Dongliao City!"

Holding on to that thought, he put away the pill furnace and took out the Teleportation Cauldron. He entered the Teleportation Cauldron and used its teleportation ability.


The Teleportation Cauldron disappeared, and it reappeared next to Mount Kunlun.

Disappointed, he used the Teleportation Cauldrons teleportation once again.

This time, he reappeared near Nanhai. He used the teleportation ability again. As long as he was not within an aggro zone, he could teleport every time he spent 10,000gp.

Now that he had money, he would not pay much attention to tens of thousands of gp.


"Mount Tianxue? It isnt far from Dongliao City. I can get there in half an hour!" He mumbled to himself as his fourth teleport brought him close to Beiyu City. He put away the Teleportation Cauldron and summoned the Monster Cloud and headed toward Dongliao City as fast as he could.

Thanks to the Teleportation Cauldron, he had saved almost three hours.

He sat on the Monster Cloud and took out the pill furnace, preparing to kill some time by creating pills. However, when he remembered that video, his anger flared up again.

Other than feeding them to my enemies, the viruses that I got from the Cave of the Undead had no other uses. Lets see if I can use it to create any pills!

When he thought of that, he threw in ten bags of virus into the furnace. He then opened the Trading Hall and bought some poisonous herbs and poisonous monster body parts, such as a poisonous gall.

While his Pharmacy skill had reached Spiritual Level, he had no formulas so he had to research on his own.


Ding. System Prompt: Pharmacy failed. Pharmacy proficiency +200.


Since he had many bags of Virus on him, he did not feel the pinch even when he failed. He took ten more bags and threw them into the furnace. He then bought another batch of poisonous herbs and threw them in as well.

Ding. System Prompt: Pharmacy failed. Pharmacy proficiency +200.


Ding. System Prompt: Pharmacy successful. You have obtained an unnamed pill. Pharmacy proficiency +20,000. As you are the first to create a Spiritual Pill, it shall be announced to the entire server. Hide your name?


Since the system would always announce the name he used during Polymorph and not his identity as the Shifters Inheritor, he did not care.

Perhaps the System knew that he was a player. And in order to protect the player, it would still announce his player ID.

Ding. Server Announcement: Congratulations to player "Jiang Feng" for creating the "Unnamed" Spiritual Pill. As he is the first player to create a Spiritual Pill, he is rewarded with 1,000gp, 1,000 reputation points, and one random pill formula.

After twenty minutes, he had only succeeded once after using the various types of poisonous herbs and bags of virus.

After the server announcement, he opened the pill furnace and looked inside.

There were two purple color pills within the furnace.

Unnamed: Special Spiritual Pill

Upon consumption, Poison resistance +10%. Bestow the "Poisonous Body" buff for 10 minutes. Each attack will be Poisonous. Those who are Poisoned will lose 500 HPs per second, for a duration of 30 seconds. Does not stack. Cooldown of 20 minutes.

"Not bad. Poison attacks after taking it. While it doesnt stack, as long as I keep attacking, the Poisoned status will be continuous. Unless they have pills that can instantly restore HPs, I can poison my enemies to death since pills that restore HPs can gradually be cut off by causing damage," Jiang Feng looked at the two violet pills in his hand with joy. "I guess Ill call you Poisonous Body Pills."

Ding. System Prompt: Naming successful.

Since he still had around ten minutes before reaching the place, he continued creating pills using the same formula as before.


However, the way that he passed his time was being discussed by the players within the game.

"Damn him. Now all the players are busy hunting down the invaders but this Jiang Feng He is still free enough to create Spiritual Pills Wait a minute, a Spiritual Pill Damn! Dont tell me that he has already become a Spiritual Level Pharmacist?"

"Does this guy have some sort of special technique to increase proficiency in Craft-Profession skills? First, he became a Spiritual-Level Smith. Now, he became a Spiritual-Level Pharmacist. Even if he had trained both, he shouldnt be able to get to such high levels so quickly!"


Other than the players from the Huaxia Server discussing him, Kawaguchi Shinki and his players were also discussing him at Mount Jiangjun.

Kawaguchi Shinki approached the handsome man with puffed hair and asked, "Kitasawa Hinata, I didnt expect that someone from the Huaxia Server to have honed their Craft-Profession skills to Spiritual Level. Should we hunt him down?"

Kitasawa Hinata narrowed his eyes and said, "A Spiritual-level Pharmacist, huh? Let them know that as long as this Spiritual-level Pharmacist can prepare one thousand Spiritual Pills within seven days, we wont come again. If they dont, we will come here every week!"

Kawaguchi Shinki nodded with a smile and said, "Thats right. With the Ruler of Hakai we obtained from the Mirror of Yata, we can go to any server that we want. If they dont meet our demand, we will mess them all up!"

"Hahaha So what if they have a Spiritual-Level Pharmacist? He is still going to end up working for our Emperor!"


The players from the Japanese Server laughed with arrogance, it was as if the entire Huaxia Server was already theirs.