Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 15

Chapter 15


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The village chief was an old man with awhite beard.

He was walking around his yard with a frown.

Jiang Feng approached him with a smile and said, “Village chief, is there anything I can help you with?”

He raised his head and looked at Jiang Feng, then shook his head and said, “Young man, you are too weak. You can’t help me.”

“Are you looking for this?”

He didn’t have much time left on his polymorph. He had four to five minutes left, so he didn’t beat around the bush and took out the Wolf King’s Fangs and handed them to the village chief.

The moment he took out the Wolf King’s Fangs, the village chief was shocked. Then, tears started streaming out as he took the Wolf King’s Fangs with his trembling hands that were covered in wrinkles.

Looking at the village chief’s emotions, Jiang Feng thought to himself, ‘This game is so fantastic, even the NPCs come with both intelligence and emotions.’

“Little Douzi, your grandpa has finally avenged you!”

3The village chief cried as he held the Wolf King’s Fangs tightly, and he then took out a letter and gave it to Jiang Feng and said, “Thank you for helping me in killing that Blaze Wolf King. This is a cover letter for a job application. I had originally prepared this for Little Douzi, but unfortunately he”

2The village chief passed the letter to Jiang Feng, and he started sobbing before he could even finish.

Ding! System Prompt: You have completed the hidden quest “Help the Village Chief in his Revenge.” You have received 10 SP, 500 experience points, and a Hidden Class Class Change Letter.

2Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 9. You have received 1 free attribute point.

“What?! A Class Change Letter for a Hidden Class!”

After heating the system prompt, Jiang Feng was so excited that he almost jumped up.

What is a Hidden Class? Anyone who has played an MMORPG knew that this is a special class, and these classes are much stronger than normal classes. But it was not an easy task to obtain them, as they could only be triggered through hidden quests.

He never thought thatthere was a triggerable quest for a Hidden Class in the Starter Village.

‘I have enough money now. All I needed is to sell the Class Change Letter. There are going to be people willing to buy it even if I sell it for 100,000, let alone 50,000!’

2As the thought crossed his mind, his excitement caused him to be flushed. And then he muttered to himself, ‘I should sell this when the players have reached Level 10 so thatI could maximize my profit. I should deposit this into storage.’

2Looking at his polymorph duration, he only had two to three minutes left. He quickly ran towards a Storage Facility in the Starter Village and spent 10 SP to open a 10 slots storage, and deposited it.

It was actually quitestrange if he thought about it. Whenever he polymorphed, he could use some of the features that wereavailable to players. Setting up stalls, adding friends, and buying storage space but what he didn’t have was the Class feature, and there was nothing he could do about it.

If he had the Class feature, he wasn’t going to sell the Hidden Class Class Change Letter.

3Looking at the one minute that was left on his Polymorph duration, he didn’t dare to stay in the Starter Village and quickly ran out.

Once he returned to the form of a monster and the guards for the Starter Village appeared, he would be helpless.

It wasn’t long after he left the Starter Village that the duration for Polymorph was up, and he once again returned into a Tiger King that ran on all fours.

“I have the Tiger Race bloodline now, but why is the free attribute point awarded by the system still so low?”

1He muttered to himself as he added the one point of free attribute to his Luck while he was on his way.

He shook his head and did not think much about the free attribute points and ran towards the Flame Wolf Canyon. He was prepared to explore that cave in the depths of the Flame Wolf Canyon.

He was still quitecurious about the man thatwas in that cave.

After avoiding the players that were leveling, he ran on a small path that no one had tread.

“What are you doing! Don’t come any closer, or my big sister will kill all of you!”

2After he had run for a while, he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from nearby, and wrath filled that voice.


The curious Jiang Feng stopped and looked to his right.

And he saw that the forest to his right, six players were encircling a girl.

“Nangong Tiaotiao!”

The girl’s figure was familiar to him and he approached them questioningly. As he went closer, the girl was indeedthe rich girl Nangong Tiaotiao that bought everything he had to offer.

1“Little girl, since you are so rich, why don’t you give some to me. And since you have bought so much equipment, why don’t you give them to me? I’ll bring you leveling, how’s that?”

“Little girl, I don’t want your equipment. Just transfer some money to this bank account, and I can guarantee that you can leave here safely.”

3Two of the players approached Nangong Tiaotiao with a vile smile, and this scared Nangong Tiaotiao so much that she couldn’t stop trembling. Her eyes were filled with anxiety and fear.

“No! This is daylight robbery! This is blackmailing! I will call the cops on you!”

1Nangong Tiaotiao said as she started tearing and pouted.


This girl was too innocent, speaking like a mere child of about ten-year-old. Not to mention that she could always simplydisconnect when she met this kind of situation.

2Jiang Feng looked at Nangong Tiaotiao who was being treated badly, and he could only sigh and shake his head.

But when he remembered Nangong Tiaotiao’s real-life identity, he understood.

She must have been born in a rich family and had been raised like a princess in an environment where her every need and wants were to be fulfilled. Not to mention that she probably did not interact much with outsiders, and this caused her to be immature. She must have been scared so much that when faced with a situation like this so suddenly that she had treated this as the real world instead of a virtual world and forgot that she could simplydisconnect.

1After all the guesswork, he jumped towards Nangong Tiaotiao.

Regardless of what was said and done, he had earned so much from Nangong Tiaotiao that he felt compelled to help her when she was in danger.

5“Quickly transfer the money. If you don’t transfer the money, I’ll kill you now!”

A player called BirdOnATree yelled at Nangong Tiaotiao aggressively.

4Nangong Tiaotiao was stunned from being yelled at and a tear trickled down her cheek and said in fear. “Please don’t kill me, I’ll transfer the money now.”

‘Hm? BirdOnATree? Wasn’t that the player that killed me when I had just entered the game? What a coincidence, guess I will start with you!’

1Looking at BirdOnATree, he was slightly distracted but then revealed a cold smile. He quietly climbed up a tree behind BirdOnATree, and then began the attack without hesitation.



BirdOnATree was grinning as he waited for Nangong Tiaotiao to transfer him the money. But suddenly, a sharp pain came from his next, and 400 plus damage floated out from his head.

“It’s a cat monster, be careful!”

When BirdOnATree was being attacked, the other players nearby had discovered Jiang Fengand all drew out their weapons and rushed towards him.

He did not dodge and continued to attack BirdOnATree. In just a few seconds, BirdOnATree’s hit points reached zeroand he became a corpse laying on the ground.

“No, this is not a normal monster. It’s a Tiger King Boss, beat him up!”

Seeing the death of BirdOnATree, the players checked on his status and found out his information. But when the group of players saw his status, they didn’t escape. Instead, they became even more excited.

“You want to kill me? Die!”

Jiang Feng gave a cold smile and used High-Speed Movement to increase his movement speed by three times. With one move, he had reached next to a player and quickly killed him in two-three hits.


After he killed the player in front of him, the remaining four attacked him. He didn’t hesitate and activated the skill on the Requiem Bell.

Ring! Ring!

The sound of a graceful ringing had begun tospread out, and the four of them became dazed.

Taking advantage of the three seconds’ worth of daze, he used Violent Grab and Bite to kill two more players.

Now that there were only two players who weren’t that high level left, Level 7 to be exact, he didn’t need to spend much effort.

1In but a few seconds, the two of them had been slainas well.


He had then picked up the spoils of his battle and picked up two pieces of White Equipment and one piece of Black-Iron equipment. He roared at Nangong Tiaotiao and prepared to leave.

But he didn’t even take two steps before he was picked up from the ground, and a slender hand combed his fur.

2“Wow. You’re so strong, cute kitty! Did you come to save me?” Nangong Tiaotiao hugged him, causing his body to lie on a pair of well-grown peaks.

16‘You’re a kitty, your entire family are kitties!’

1Jiang Feng thought to himself as he rolled his eyes at Nangong Tiaotiao.

“Aha! Kitty even knows how to roll his eyes, you’re so cute!” Nangong Tiaotiao saw him rolling his eyes and was overjoyed as if she had forgotten the unhappy event that had just happened.

‘Roar! Let me go! Don’t make me kill you!’

As soon as he raised his claws and saw Nangong Tiaotiao’s cute smiling face, he simplycouldn’t do it. He couldn’t attack his biggest customer without a good reason.

2“I’ll treat this as an after-sales service. This is a onetime thing. Damn, doing business nowadays is so difficult!”