Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Yao Qiong Lost

Kawaguchi Shinki led a hundred players and invaded the Huaxia Server.

And even said that they would slaughter players from the Huaxia Server.

Such ruthlessness caused anger in any Chinese that still had some pride in them.

All the guild leaders and inheritors, all head toward Mount Jiangjun near Dongliao City.

The Divines Inheritor Qiu Si, the Infernals Inheritor Yao Qiong, Canaan Guilds Canaan, Myth Groups Shen Ye, Ling Yun, Hao Tian, Su Xingyu and other top players from the Huaxia Server teleported to Dongliao City as soon as they received news about it and led their followers toward Mount Jiangjun.

Of course, there were not many top players among them. Only around twenty, but they believed that this was more than enough.

Many other elites did not appear because they were still in quests or they were still observing, refusing to show themselves.

Dongliao City, a man, and a woman sat facing each other. The handsome man wore a blue robe and was drinking a cup of wine. "Sis, we really dont need to interfere with this?"

The woman was very beautiful with a heroic spirit on her. However, the mole on the side of her eye destroyed that spirit and made her look like a temptress instead.

She ate the dishes in front of her with a curled lip, "No need. Just the Shifters Inheritor alone would be more than enough. I dont know what the Japanese are thinking, attacking Huaxia Server. I suppose they havent undergone despair yet!"

The blue-robed man was not quite sure and said, "What if the Shifters Inheritor wont come?"

The woman said with confidence, "From the words that he said during the Siege of the Ancient City, he would definitely come. Unlike Yao Qiong who always said that she would fight for the country which made her look fake. While I dont know who he is, I am sure that he is not someone that would feel nothing when his country is being attacked!"


A forest near Mount Jiangjun, a man in black clothing looked at the players from the Japanese Server and said, "Just a bunch of clowns."

With that, he turned and left as if he did not really care.


In a dungeon, a man killed a level 55 boss. He then mumbled to himself, "Hopefully those people outside can deal with those players from the Japanese Server. If they cant, then wait for me to be done with this!"

Ghostmist Forest, Xiao Lan was soaking in a hot spring within a palace. She gently rubbed her body as a female spirit follower of hers spread some petals in. She then asked, "Mistress, the men from the Japanese Server have come to our country. Should we go?"

Xiao Lan gave her a sexy smile and shook her head. "There is no need for that. That licentious dragon will deal with them."

When she thought of Jiang Feng, she remembered what happened at the small house by the lake. She blushed, and said angrily, "That damn dragon! One of these days, I will make you pay!"


The first group that arrived at Mount Jiangjun was Yao Qiong. She was from the military, so when she heard that the Japanese players had invaded, she was incensed. She came as soon as possible and was also the first one to climb up Mount Jiangjun.

Yao Qiong waved his hands, and many black figures appeared around her. She looked at the hundred men in front of her coldly and locked her sight at Kitasawa Hinata.

"An Inheritor of the Divines? Looks like the other servers also have their own Inheritors!"

Kitasawa Hinata smiled and looked at Yao Qiong amusingly, and said, "The Infernals Inheritor? Youre quite daring. Are you here to die? Or are you here to keep me company?"

"Kill them!"

Yao Qiong did not waste any time. She waved her hand, and her Infernal followers all rushed toward Kitasawa Hinata.

"Fine, kill her!" Kitasawa Hinata smiled coldly. After he gave the order, he then stepped aside as Kawaguchi Shinki and a dozen other players attacked Yao Qiong.

"Infernal Shades! Infernal Blood Whip!"

Yao Qiong split into ten figures, a crimson bloody whip appeared in their hands and whipped at the players that were approaching her. In the blink of an eye, several weaker players had been slain.

"Taiga Katana!"

Kawaguchi Shinki smiled coldly and placed his machete in front of him. Suddenly, his figure flashed through the air. Very quickly, all of Yao Qiongs duplicates had been destroyed. Even Yao Qiong herself had been stabbed once in the chest, receiving a large amount of damage.


Angered, Yao Qiong used her strongest skill. Next, her body was enlarged and her eyes became blue. The Infernal Miasma around her became even thicker.

She attacked with the chakram in her hand, immediately halving Kawaguchi Shinkis HPs.

Kawaguchi Shinki frowned and quickly retreated.

However, Yao Qiong did not give him the chance and pursued after him.

At this time, twenty players appeared behind Kawaguchi Shinki. All of them used their most powerful attack. With all twenty attacks hitting her, she was slain before she could even react. She turned into a white light and disappeared.

It had to be said that Yao Qiong had been blinded by her rage to have attacked them on her own. The opposing group was made of a hundred elites, and they even had inheritors among them. Even if she was the Infernals Inheritor, she could not fight against all of the elites and the inheritors at the same time.

"Weak! Huaxia Servers Inheritors arent much to contend with!" Kitasawa Hinata, who did not even lift a finger, snorted coldly.


Very quickly, the video where Yao Qiong was slain was shown on the World Message Board. At the same time, they wanted Jiang Feng to create one thousand Spiritual Pills for them. If he were to comply, they would not come to Huaxia Server again.

Many of the players that saw the video were enraged, but some players said something that made the players from Huaxia Server feel very disappointed.

"Damn! Help them create Spiritual Pills? 1,000 of them? Get the hell out of here! You wont even get one!"

"I say we dont have to be so offended by this. Let bygones be bygones. They just want 1,000 Spiritual Pills, right? Lets just all donate some ingredients and have Jiang Feng make those pills for them and call it a day?"

"Hey, you! Are you even part of Huaxia Server? You make me sick! We werent the ones that attacked them, they attacked us! Are you going to be that much of a coward? Kneeling down and licking the boots of those that attacked us? Can you please be a man?"


When Qiu Si and the rest arrived at the foot of the mountain, they all knew about the post on the World Message Board. They were angry, and the group headed straight to the mountain top, wanting to finish them off.

Those who got to become bosses of their guilds were all intelligent people. They knew what to do when a common enemy came.

It was fine if there were some infighting among the guilds. They could use it to increase their members fighting experience and increase their power.

But in a situation where they were all invaded, they could still unite to face a common enemy.

Otherwise, there was no point in participating in the World War. They should iust surrender.


Ding. System Prompt: Pharmacy successful. Congratulations. You gained two Poisonous Body Pills.

Jiang Feng, who had reached Dongliao City, was still creating pills.

Within a few minutes, he had already created four batches of pills. He now had an additional eight Poisonous Body Pills.

"Almost there!" He mumbled as he raised his head and looked at a city far away. He put away the Pill Furnace and the herbs and his huge body coiled on the Monster Cloud, and he looked toward Mount Jiangjun with dignity.