Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Have You Ever Fallen Into Despair?

Dongliao City, Mount Jiangjun.

Level 50 monster territory.

The monsters at the mountain top had been cleared. As Yao Qiong had killed four of the Japanese players, there were still ninety six players there, waiting for their prey.

The sky was a clear blue in the game. There was a breeze, making it a comfortable temperature with the coldness it brings.

It was quiet all around, even the wind was carefully tipping its toe.

However, the silence was only temporary. It would always be broken by something coming from the shadows.


Thousands of players rushed toward Mount Jiangjun.

The ones leading them were the Inheritor of the Divines, Qiu Si, as well as the elites from the other guilds. The others were all players in their second classes and were considered to be good players.

Very quickly, the group arrived at the mountain top and had clashed with the players led by Kitasawa Hinata.

There was no communication at all, but they were all ready to fight. It was as if the World War had already begun.

"Alright, quite a few elites came this time. I wonder if they would drop any good loot? If they do, then this little trip would be worth it!" Kawaguchi Shinki said with a smile as he readied the machete in his hand.

"The Divines Inheritor is here as well. Hes mine. Let me test Huaxia Servers Inheritor of the Divines, I will leave the rest to you," A man in a black garb standing next to Kawaguchi Shinki said in a blood-curdling voice. Just like Yao Qiong, a black miasma surrounded him.

"Haha! Sakaguchi Shouta, we will leave the Divines Inheritor to you. If there are others, please let us have the chance to fight as well," The Inheritor of the Spirits, Hanai Mamoru said.

"No problem," Sakaguchi Shouta said as he licked his lips and looked at Qiu Si coldly.

"Such arrogance! Lets kill the invaders!"

Qiu Si was angered when he heard their conversation and unsheathed his Divine Dragon Sword and commanded the players behind him. He then dove head-on toward Sakaguchi Shoua, the Inheritor of the Infernals from the Japanese Server.


Qiu Si unleashed his crowd control skill the moment he rushed over.

However, Kitasawa Hinata moved away as if he had foreseen the attack. He was not the only one, many of them had evaded the attack. His attack had only managed to hit around eleven players who were slow to react.

"Kill them!"

When Canaan and the rest saw Qiu Si attack, they all unleashed their ultimate skills.

"Infernal Butcher, Great Annihilation Technique!"

Sakaguchi Shouta took out a scythe and waved it, a black ball of miasma appeared in the air. The black miasma shot forth balls of black fire toward the group of players.



Damage exceeding 20,000 appeared above the heads of the players within the group. In just a short while, a dozen players had already been heavily injured or killed. The devastation was terrible.

"Come!" After using his ultimate skill, Sakaguchi Shouta waved his hand and multiple black figures appeared next to him. Those were his followers.

He pointed at the Canaans, and the shadows all pounced toward them.

At this time, Qiu Si had finally gotten to Sakaguchi Shouta. He thrust his Divine Dragon Sword toward him, and a giant dragon head opened its jaw to chomp at him.

Sakaguchi Shouta did not panic and his figure disappeared.

Seeing what had happened, Qiu Si looked around carefully but only to see the black figure that Ling Yun was fighting suddenly become Sakaguchi Shouta himself. Using the scythe in his hand, he slashed Ling Yun three times causing around 50,000 worth of damage, instantly killing him.

That was the difference between a normal class and an inheritor. If one wanted to close the gap, they would need to access the secret classes.

Seeing Ling Yun had been slain, Qiu Si frowned as he attacked Sakaguchi Shouta again.

Unfortunately, while Sakaguchi Shouta was originally focusing his attacks on him, he now completely ignored him. Instead, he shifted between his black figures. Every time he shifted, his scythe would slice apart and kill the players that were fighting the black figure. He was extremely powerful.

However, this had caused Qiu Si to reach his boiling point. He roared, "Divine Dragon Guards!"

Next to him, five Divine Dragon Guards appeared. These Divine Dragon Guards had the stats of level 50 bosses, and all attacked the black figures.

As the Divine Dragon Guards HPs were around 70,000, which was extremely high by their current standard, Sakaguchi Shouta was unable to kill them instantly.

In the end, he had to give up his tactics of killing the other players and focused his effort on Qiu Si.

"Hm? He has five Divine Dragon Guards? Looks like the Divines Inheritor from the Huaxia Server does have some skills after all." Kitasawa Hinata looked at the summoned Divine Dragon Guards and smiled coldly after an initial surprise.

All the players had entered the conflict, only he himself looked at this quietly.

No one attacked him, and he did not attack anyone.

It was as if the battle had nothing to do with him.


Jiang Feng had finally arrived near Mount Jiangjun after his one-hour journey.

At this time, many players had gathered near Mount Jiangjun. Some of these players belonged to a guild. Some of them were solo players. All of them were climbing Mount Jiangjun.

As for the mountain top of Mount Jiangjun itself, the lights from magic and skills signaled that the battle had already begun.

The moment he had arrived, the players that were climbing the mountain became excited when they saw the Monster Cloud.

"Look! Its the Shifters Inheritor! Haha! Those players from the Japanese Server are so dead!"

"Shifters Inheritor! Defeat them! Kill them all!"

"Sigh Our Infernals Inheritor has failed, and I heard that the group that the Divines Inheritor brought is on the verge of defeat. If our elite players dont join together, itll be difficult to defeat them!"


While his appearance had brought great excitement to his fans, there were still those that were not optimistic about him.

The Japanese Servers top 100 players were all there, while only around twenty of Huaxias top players went over. And they did not even go there together and had been killed one by one. Their effectiveness was limited.

"Hahaha! This is all the Huaxia Server has? Weak! You better have that Jiang Feng deliver the Spiritual Pills over. Otherwise, well come over every week and have you surrender automatically during the World War!"

He had just arrived at the mountain top when Jiang Feng heard Kawaguchi Shinkis bragging.

He was infuriated when he heard the bragging, and he blinked in front of Kawaguchi Shinki, who was stepping on the body of a Huaxia Servers player. He extended his dragon claws and caught him. Then, his two claws wrenched him apart, and his body was pulled into pieces as his blood spilled all over. Kawaguchi Shinki had been instantly killed.

And it became quiet!

Very quiet!

The scene where the boastful Kawaguchi Shinki was instantly killed, shocked everyone.

Looking at the surprised players, Jiang Feng did not care much as he picked up the loot that Kawaguchi Shinki had dropped and threw them into his spatial bracelet. He then looked around.

Only to see that from among the one thousand players that Qiu Si was leading, only the five elites and some players that were not as powerful were left. The five elites were Qiu Si, Canaan, Haotian, Su Xingyu, and Shen Ye.

But they were all bloodied and they did not have many HPs left.

On the other hand, there were around eighty players left from the Japanese Server, and most of them were still at full HPs.

Looking at the bodies of the Huaxia Servers players scattered on the ground, and when he remembered the video about the Japanese Servers players slaughtering the players from the Huaxia Server, he narrowed his eyes as murderous intent spilled over.

At this time, Qiu Si gave him a pill.

He looked at it and realized that it was the Divine Speech Pill. He did not hesitate and ate it.

"You are the Inheritor of the Shifters? Looks like you are the Inheritor of the Shifters, ruler of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. You are very strong, to be able to instantly kill a player with a secret class with 30,000 HPs." Kitasawa Hinata said with a smile.

After overcoming his initial shock, Kitasawa Hinata summoned a black peacock and climbed on it. He then headed toward Jiang Feng.

"The Inheritor of the Divines from the Japanese server!"

Jiang Feng had guessed Kitasawa Hinatas class when he came over. What he did not expect was that he would be the Japanese Servers Inheritor of the Divines. No wonder he could lead the other elites.

"That is correct. I am the Inheritor of the Divines from the Japanese server. I heard that you are but an NPC? No wonder I didnt find the Shifters Inheritor in my server. But from where I stand, youre just a set of data wearing the skin of an animal. In the end, youll just end up on the butchers chopping board." Kitasawa Hinata looked at Jiang Feng with a sneer. It was obvious that he had some understanding of Jiang Feng. However, he believed that humans were the creators of data, and data could only be data in the end. He despised him.

Jiang Fengs eyes became even redder and he said in a calm but frigid tone, "Have you ever fallen into despair?"