Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Steamroll

Ling Feiyu did not expose Jiang Fengs identity to the masses so many still assumed that he was an NPC.

His exploits had been recorded in the Official Websites game history post.

Before Kitasawa Hinata came to the Huaxia Server, they naturally would have some understanding of who was who in the Huaxia Server. That was why they dared to crossover to the Huaxia Server in such a boastful manner in the first place.

But he did not expect that him calling him "animal" would have angered Jiang Feng.

"Have you ever fallen into despair?"

Jiang Feng narrowed his eyes that were as large as lanterns as he looked at Kitasawa Hinata with murderous intent.

Kitasawa Hinata stepped forward and sneered, "Thats our question to you!"

"Is it, now?" Jiang Feng smirked as the Qiankun Gourd silently appeared in his dragon claw. He waved, and sixty bosses with levels above 50 appeared on the Monster Cloud. He put away the Qiankun Gourd and pointed at them. "Let them experience despair!"

Some of the bosses were the followers that he had recruited from the beginning of the game, the fifty bosses that he recruited from the Island of the Shifter Emperor, as well as Guapi, Horned Lightning Hawk and the Two-headed Gryphon.

"Make them lose hope? Hehe, I love this!"

Heifeng smiled and licked his nose, and his eyes beamed with excitement as he looked at Kitasawa Hinata and the other players.

Seeing that Jiang Feng could summon so many bosses, Kitasawa Hinata was shocked, but that shock quickly turned to disdain.

While the bosses powers were far above a normal player with a phenomenal amount of HPs, they were simply monsters without much intelligence. With their abilities, each of them could solo a boss. They were not afraid of him.

Seeing the disdain in Kitasawa Hinatas eyes, Jiang Feng smiled coldly in his heart and uttered two words, "Kill them!"

"Come now, little humans! Your uncle Heifeng is here! Show your arse and wait for me to give them a good smacking!"

Heifeng said as he flapped his wings and rushed toward the Japanese Players below them.

Yanhu, Xiaotian, the Thunderclap Mantis, and the rest of the bosses followed through.

In a moment, the battle had once again begun. Qiu Si and the others followed Heifeng and attacked the Japanese Server monsters together.

Frankly speaking, Jiang Feng alone could destroy the Japanese Players. However, since Kitasawa Hinata was so haughty, he did not mind playing along for a while.

"Animals will always be animals, you dont understand the distance between yourself and the humans. While you do have high HPs, but you lack intelligence, you lack Impossible!" Kitasawa Hinata looked at Jiang Feng, and he was acting all high and mighty, but he was overcome with shock when he looked down.

Not only did Heifeng, Yanhu, the Thunderclap Mantis, Xiaotian, and the other bosses have high awareness and intelligence, they were very good at positioning themselves. Using their advantages as bosses, they dodged their enemies attacks and then killed them in counter-attacks.

In less than a minute, other than a dozen of the top players, all of the other Japanese Server players had been slain by Heifeng and the other bosses.

Kitasawa Hinata did not know that Jiang Fengs followers had been training every day within the Qiankun Gourd. Their fighting experience could match those of some elites. With their high stats, as long as they were not fighting head-on against those at his level, no one would be able to defeat them.

When Jiang Feng saw that Kitasawa Hinata had lost his arrogance, he smiled coldly at him.

Seeing his followers driven back, Kitasawa Hinata unsheathed his sword and attacked Heifeng, who was leading the group of bosses.

Jiang Feng used this opportunity to move into position and shrunk his body size, and appeared next to Heifeng. With the Jingu Staff in hand, he easily blocked Kitasawa Hinatas attack.

He then said to him callously, "Your opponent is me!"

Seeing Jiang Feng blocking his attack, Kitasawa Hinata was even more enraged. He retreated momentarily with his hands holding his sword above his head, then slashed at Jiang Feng, "Shining Sun Slash!"

A giant sun seemed to have been formed by his sword, and it was blindingly bright. All the players and bosses that were fighting had all stopped and withdrawn, trying not to get into its range.

"Damn you!"

Light shot out from Jiang Fengs eyes when he saw that Kitasawa Hinata was going to complete his attack. "Illusion!"

Once he had used this skill, the image that appeared in Kitasawas eyes was that of Jiang Feng and his boss followers being instantly slain by that technique. Seeing that, he laughed out haughtily and excitedly, "Animals, trash! Thats for being so arrogant in front of me! Now, can you feel my power?! Ahahaha!"

He was filled with ecstasy and excitement in having managed to kill Jiang Feng and his followers and did not realize that this was all but an illusion.

If he knew that this was an illusion, he could instantly break through it using his identity as a Divines Inheritor.

Unfortunately, he lost himself in the phantasm.

"Come on, handsome! Why dont you come over?!" Only when Heifeng appeared in his illusion shaking his buttocks, did he realize that it was a trick. He attacked Heifeng immediately.

At this point, the Illusion had been broken.

He was originally going to leave his position to avoid being attacked, but he did not realize that he had already been surrounded by a group of bosses. He looked at his surroundings as he gritted his teeth. Just as he was about to escape using a positioning skill, the group of bosses all pounced at him. Tens of claws instantly shredded him to death.


Jiang Feng said that one word as he killed all the Japanese Server players except for one.


The only player left was a short guy with a mustache. When he saw Jiang Feng walking toward him, he rushed toward him with rage.

"Tell your Divines Inheritor to go back to your server. Otherwise, I wont show mercy next time!"

With that, he clawed him into pieces, instantly killing him.

He then took the loot that was on the ground before taking out the Qiankun Gourd and putting away all his followers.


Just as he was about to leave, Qiu Sis voice rang out.

Jiang Fengs giant head turned to him as he floated in the air, and asked, "So, you wish to die too?"

Qiu Si shook his head, then gave him five Divine Speech Pills. "They wont leave that easily. If you meet again, then these might be useful to you."

He did not expect Qiu Si to be able to overlook their differences so easily. He looked at the Divine Speech Pills and accepted them without hesitation. He might find a use for them in the future.

Just as he was about to leave, he then looked at Qiu Si, Canaan, and Haotian and said in an uncaring tone, "This time, I wont kill any of you because we have a common enemy. Go back and reflect on yourselves. You are all inheritors, elites. Why is there such a great difference and why were you defeated so easily? What a disgrace!"

With that, Jiang Feng left together with the Monster Cloud.

He knew that the reason Qiu Si had been defeated was not because of the great difference in power. Firstly, it was because they did not understand the skills that their opponents had. Secondly, their opponents were all generalists and had the ability to instantly kill them. Thirdly, their opponents had made preparations and understood their skills and abilities through the official website.

Even he himself was breaking out in cold sweat when he was fighting Kitasawa Hinata. That last skill used made him tremble. Fortunately, it had a long charge time.

Other than Illusion, all his other crowd-control skills could not interrupt Kitasawa Hinatas skill.

Unfortunately for him, this was the first time Kitasawa Hinata had been affected by the Illusion skill. He did not realize in time that the slaying of Jiang Feng and the bosses were all an illusion. A boss had a lot of HPs, and it was not possible for him to instant kill them.

Not to mention that without his followers, he would not be able to kill Kitasawa Hinata since he could not attack him without interrupting the effects of his Illusion skill.

Even if he did interrupt his skill and managed to land a hit on Kitasawa Hinata, he would not be able to instantly kill him with his HPs and defense. If he wanted to escape, he would not be able to stop him anyway.

An inheritor had many cards under his sleeves.

"Steamroll, huh? But the Japanese Server might get assistance from the American Server, and the real elites are all at the American Server. Now, the elite Japanese Server had already been defeated by the elites from the Huaxia Server, hopefully, they learned something from this," Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at his spoils.

As his luck had been maxed out, other than in special events or locations, killing players in the wild could yield him some particularly good loot.

But he did not kill anyone other than Kawaguchi Shinki and the last player. His followers killed most of them. Even if that was the case, he still got a few good items.

The only reason that he did not personally kill them was that the players from the Japanese Server would not have brought their best equipment with them. They would cry if they were to die and their equipment dropped and taken.

That was why he did not personally fight. He would not be able to get anything good anyways. However, when he saw a ruler in his Spatial Bracelet, he became extremely thrilled.