Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Ruler Of Hakai

He would normally clear his spatial bracelet once a day and move things into the Auction Houses storage.

Other than the Qiankun Gourd, he did not have any valuable items anyways.

However, when he looked at a ruler that was emitting a prismatic light, he became thrilled.

He took out the ruler and had a good look. It was about a meter long and red in color. A prismatic aura was enveloping it.

He switched off the rulers aura and looked at the rulers stats.

Ruler of Hakai: Special Divine Artifact

Introduction: During the Great Divine-Infernal War ten thousand years ago, the Primordial Artifact Mirror of Yata was damaged and was divided into three different Divine Artifacts and scattered all across the Japanese Server. The Ruler of Hakai was one part of the Divine Artifact.

Luck +50 (Ignore limit)

Nine Elemental Resistances +30%

Hakai: Can temporarily disable any barrier. Duration of 10 seconds. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Equipment Prerequisite: None

"Haha! I actually got the Japanese Servers Primordial Artifact! Now I know how they managed to cross-over the borders so easily! It was all because of the Ruler of Hakai! Not only did they fail in their show of force, they even lost their Primordial Artifact! They must be crying in regret now!"

His guess was that Kawaguchi Shinki was the original owner of the Ruler of Hakai. The ruler bestowed 50 extra points to Luck. That must be what had allowed him to accept and finish the quest for the secret class so soon.

"It ignores the maximum limit, so that means with the 50 points bonus and my current 100 points maximum, my luck will reach 150 points if I equip the ruler! That means that when I use Transmute Monster, my success rate should greatly increase! I can once again use Transmute Monsters Fusion again!"

"Not only that, but it also gives me a 30% resistance to nine elements. I can already reduce damage by 30%. My current fire resistance is 30% and earth resistance is 20%. If I add the 30% resistances, my fire resistance will become 60% and earth resistance will become 50%. That means that I can resist a lot of fire elemental and earth elemental magic!"

If one were to look at which class could deal the most damage, that class would be the Wizard.

Currently, the Wizards strengths were not that obvious yet. However, once they had class-changed twice and had all the necessary skills, they would become very powerful.

With the Ruler of Hakai, it could help him resist a lot of damage from the Wizard class.

Of course, there was a limit even on elemental resistance. You still would not be able to ignore all magic when it reaches 100%. But when it reaches 100%, a minimum damage stat would take effect.

For example, a Wizards damage was 10,000-15,000. When his fire element attack damaged a player with 100% fire resistance, it would make at most 10,000 damage and lower. It would never deal damage higher than this or cause critical hits.

That meant that there was no fear for the player to be instantly killed by Wizards.

However, the Ruler of Hakai was only one part of a Primordial Artifact. Just like the Qiankun Gourd, it did not possess too many stats and those that it had were support types.

While they were only supportive in nature, they were very useful.

For example, with the Hakai skill, if he were to encounter any maps with a special barrier that stopped him from entering, he could use the Ruler of Hakai to enter.

Not only that, but all cities that were above level 3 also had a barrier. The barrier was used to block the monsters from attacking. However, with the Ruler of Hakai, he could enter any city openly without the guards discovering him.

"This is great! Im feeling much better now. I should go level up and increase my bloodline value to 100%."

The negative emotions that Kitasawa Hinata and the players from the Japanese Servers brought to him had been reduced by the joy he had received from obtaining the Ruler of Hakai. He found a level 50 monster territory nearby and started to grind.

Broken-tooth Crocodile: Level 50 Monster

HPs: 350,000

Attack: 150,000-170,000

Defense: 8,000

Skill: Bull-rush

The Level 50 Broken-tooth Crocodiles could be found in a swamp near Mount Jiangjun. Other than the slightly higher defense, its other stats were all quite ordinary.

He summoned Xiaotian, the Thunderclap Mantis and Yanhu, and very quickly killed a Broken-tooth Crocodile. He then equipped the Ruler of Hakai, and used Transmute Monster on the Broken-tooth Crocodile with anticipation.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

Ding. System Prompt: Monster Transmutation Successful. Congratulations, you have obtained one Broken-Tooth Crocodile Pelt, one Level 50 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill.

I got my first Evolution Pill from the first monster. Was this merely luck or really the effect of the 50 points of luck from the Ruler of Hakai? Lets try again!

With that thought in mind, he continued killing monsters and using Transmute Monster.

After half an hour, he had reached a conclusion.

"Haha! After killing 100 Broken-tooth Crocodiles, I have obtained 30 drops of bloodline and 12 evolution pills. The Ruler of Hakai is really of great help!"

After the Monster Transmutation System had been upgraded, the chances of him obtaining bloodline had increased by 10% while the chances of him obtaining Evolution Pills had increased by 5%.

That did not mean that he could get ten drops of bloodline and five evolution pills every time he killed one hundred monsters.

But with the Hakai Ruler, not only could he trigger the 10% and 5% chance, he even had a higher chance of triggering them. That made him see the hope of him one day becoming a Divine Beast.

"I have filled up my experience bar by 50%. I should level up to level 49. I havent used Fusion for so long!"

He looked at his experience bar and quickly consumed the one hundred experience pills that he had obtained through the transmutation.

He only had that many experience pills on him at this time. All the experience pills that he had obtained had been sold at the Auction House. The money he obtained from that had been used on the Ancient Citys repairs.

Unfortunately, the price of the Experience Pills was not that high in the market. As the players increase in level, the experience they needed had also increased.

Using him as an example, he needed 10,000,000 worth of experience pills to increase his level from level 48 to 49. One level 50 experience pill would only grant him 50,000 experience points. Killing a level 50 monster would give him 10,000 experience points.

If he wanted to level up, he needed to take in at least two hundred level 50 experience points or kill 1,000 monsters.

One level 50 experience pill was priced at 300, but few people would buy it. The wealthier players would only buy them in sets where there were enough experience pills to increase their level by 1.

Otherwise, no one would buy the pills if they were sold one by one. They would rather spend half an hour killing a few monsters than spending that money.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 49. You have received 3 free attribute points.

"They still only give me 3 free attribute points. I wonder when I can get a bloodline that is stronger than the Earthcover Dragons bloodline. Then, I can get even more free attribute points so that I can increase my Charisma and Insight," He mumbled as he crawled next to a Broken-Tooth Crocodile.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

With that, a giant cauldron dropped from the sky and covered both him and the Broken-Tooth Crocodile.

He felt that the world was revolving afterward as the flames blazed around him, slowly fusing him with the Broken-Tooth Crocodile.

System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful! You have gained the Broken-tooth Crocodile Bloodline.

After a while, he heard the systems voice as the cauldron and the Broken-tooth Crocodile both disappeared. His body continued to spin for a while before it finally stopped.

"I did it!"

He almost cried when he heard that he had succeeded.

It had been a long time.

When fusing with a monster, that would cause his bloodline to increase significantly. If he were to fuse with a dragon, his bloodline and purity would increase by around 20% to 50%. If it were an Immortal Beast or Divine Beast, it would reach 100% immediately.

Fusion was the fastest way for him to evolve.

Unfortunately, the failure rate for fusion was too high. If he were to keep on using fusion, he would still be at the Starter Village at this time. Since every time he failed, he would lose one level. Once his level went down, all his stat increase would be removed. He would not be able to equip his equipment or carry out some of his quests. It would be a great loss to him.

However, there were some benefits to him dropping in levels. When he leveled back up, he would gain even more free attribute points.

While he did give it a thought, he could not guarantee that his rank would not drop too. Once his rank dropped, his attack and defense would as well. That was a loss he could not accept.

As he had successfully fused after the first time, he was certain that after his Luck had broken through the limit, the success rate for his Fusion had increased as well.

He then looked at himself after his fusion.

He was still a brown dragon, but there were a few spikes growing on the fur on his back. It was similar to those from the Broken-tooth Crocodile.

"It does look cool if I have a row of spines growing behind my back, lets fuse and see what will happen!"

Since he was feeling quite good today, he did not mind getting somewhat uglier. With that, he continued to fuse!