Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 154

Chapter 154 The Post That Twisted The Truth

Luofeng Valley to the North of Dongliao City.

After Kitasawa Hinata and the group of Japanese Server players had been killed, they gathered at Luofeng Valley. There were already around sixty of them there.

At this time, Kawaguchi Shinki ran toward the entrance of the valley, his face extremely pale.

"Shinki, whats going on?" A Japanese Server player asked when he saw that he was not looking so well.

Kitasawa Hinata also looked at Kawaguchi Shinki as he frowned, feeling something bad was about to happen.

Kawaguchi Shinki took a deep breath, then said to Kitasawa Hinata, "Ive dropped the Ruler of Hakai!"

"What?!" When Kitasawa Hinata heard the news, he was shaken. He immediately ran toward him and pulled him by his collar and yelled, "You idiot! Didnt you say that its a Divine Artifact that was bound to you? How could you drop it?!"

Kawaguchi Shinki then glanced at him in fear, and said, "That Special Artifact was only part of a Primordial Artifact, it didnt have the ability to bind to a player. The reason I said that it was bound because I was afraid that you would snatch it from me."

Once he heard his explanation, Kitasawa Hinata understood what had happened.

If the special artifacts that were broken fragments of a Primordial Artifact could be bound to someone, then it could never be gathered and repaired since they would never appear on the same person.

That meant that the Special Artifacts that were part of a Primordial Artifact could not be bound. Just like the Qiankun Gourd, it could be traded!


As soon as Kawaguchi Shinki said so, Kitasawa Hinata slapped him across the face to the point where he was physically dazed.

"You idiot! If it were not because you have a secret class, I would kill you back in the real world!" Kitasawa Hinata roared angrily.

It was clear that Kitasawa Hinata knew Kawaguchi Shinki back in the real world, and that he was Kitasawa Hinatas subordinate. It seemed like Kitasawa Hinatas social status in the real world was quite high.

"My apologies," Kawaguchi Shinki lowered his head and apologized.

Kitasawa Hinata was extremely infuriated.

He did not expect that with so many preparations made, he would still stumble in Huaxia Server and lose to an NPC inheritor. Not only that, he had also lost his servers Primordial Artifacts fragment, the Ruler of Hakai. He was both angry and nervous.

Even without considering the effects of the Ruler of Hakai, just its title as one of the Primordial Artifacts of the Japanese Server meant that they could not allow it to fall into the hands of other countries. It would be a great humiliation!

"Why is Sakaguchi Shouta not here yet?" Kitasawa Hinata scanned and asked the elite players around him.

"He sent a message saying that he was in trouble, no need to wait for him," The Inheritor of the Spirits, Hanai Mamoru, said.

"Then we wont wait for him, its more important for us to find the Ruler of Hakai," Kitasawa said with a frown. "The Shifters Inheritor was the one that killed you, which means that the Ruler of Hakai has fallen into his possession. Alright, listen up. Spread the word that as long as the Shifters Inheritor returns the Ruler of Hakai to us, then we wont step into the Huaxia Server before the World War. If he doesnt agree to it, then we will spread out and kill the players of the Huaxia Server. No matter how strong the Shifters Inheritor is, he cant catch each and every one of us!"

"A good strategy!" When Kawaguchi Shinki heard what Kitasawa Hinata said, his eyes beamed and he praised him.

"Shut it, go do as I say now!" Kitasawa replied coldly.



East of Dongliao City. After the Infernals Inheritor from the Japanese Server had been revived, he was sent to a safe place at the East of Dongliao City to be revived.

Just after he looked at his messages the moment he was revived and was ready to assemble with the others at the Luofeng Valley, he was blocked by a woman.

That woman was Yao Qiong, who had been slain earlier.

Due to her special senses toward the Infernal Miasma, she easily found Sakaguchi Shouta.

"Ha! Isnt this the Huaxia Servers Infernals Inheritor that we just killed? You want to solo me?" Sakaguchi Shouta said with a cold smile.

"I only want to prove that the Infernals Inheritor from the Huaxia Server isnt any weaker than the Japanese Servers Infernals Inheritor!" Yao Qiong said in a cold voice. She waved her hand, and dozens of black figures appeared.

"You fool! Do you want to die that badly?!" Sakaguchi Shouta snorted as a scythe appeared in his hand, and dozens of black figures appeared next to him as well.

After they had readied themselves, they rushed toward each other with weapons in hand.

"Infernal Shadow Slash!"

"Heavenly Demon"

Just as the two were about to clash, the dozens of black figures all entered into her body. Her body suddenly blazed forward and appeared behind Sakaguchi Shouta.



Every single black figure could deal 50% of base damage. She had dozens of them, and with her skills damage, she dealt almost 60,000 points of damage. And this was before calculating Sakaguchi Shoutas defense.

As the Japanese Servers Inheritor of the Infernals, he had around 50,000 hit points. In the end, he still could not defend against Yao Qiongs ultimate attack.

She learned this from Archmaster Moji and was mainly used to cause damage to enemies by expensing her Infernal Soldiers.

"While Ive lost some Infernal Soldiers, but its worth it seeing that I have instantly killed him!"

Yao Qiong walked next to his body and looked at the two items that were dropped. She gave them a look, then discarded them seeing that they were worthless. She then turned and left.

That was how fast a decision could be made when two elites clashed with each other. They could determine the victors in the blink of an eye.

In truth, the way that Sakaguchi Shouta lost was slightly unfair. He lost at how he used his skill, as there was a slight delay in how the skill was used.

In the game, a skill could be used by either reading it silently in the mind or calling it out. There was no button to be pressed on a keyboard.

The longer the name of the skill, the slower it could be used when compared to skills with shorter names.

If Sakaguchi Shouta were the one that used his skill first, it would still be a mystery on who would win.


Everyone thought that the invasion of the Japanese Server would have ended after Jiang Feng had killed all of them. However, a new situation had developed in the Official World Message Board.

There was a very hot post, with players from both the Huaxia and Japanese Servers having a fight.

The topic of the post was: Huaxia Server Player too shameless! Stole our servers Primordial Artifact! We want our Primordial Artifacts returned and an apology, or we would break the friendship between our nations!

The content was basically saying that the players from the Japanese Servers crossed over the border so that they could build stronger ties, not to kill. But the players from the Huaxia Server killed them, and they fought back because of that.

After they fought back, they were killed by the inheritors of the Huaxia Server and had even dropped the Japanese Servers Primordial Artifact. They want it returned, or they would be forced to attack.

The only reason that they did not mention that the Shifters Inheritor was the one that killed them was that they thought that Jiang Feng was an NPC. It would be useless for them to go against an NPC since an NPC would not need to care what players have to say.

The post pushed all the responsibility to the Inheritors, in the hopes of having them killing each other.

So, in conclusion, the entire post was saying that they were very open, very kind, very sad. And that the Huaxia Server was very dark, very shameless and very barbaric.

In order to create a positive image of themselves, the videos where they killed the players had been deleted.

Many of the players from other servers that saw the post began to help the Japanese server.

Random Player from European Server: This is a bit too much, coming from the Huaxia Server. They only wanted to interact with you guys, no need to kill them, and steal their Primordial Artifact. Suggest returning it and offer an apology!

Huaxia Server Troll: What do you mean to give it back? Hoho, looks like they like to play this kind of game and distort the facts. So, you deleted the post and the video? Luckily, Ive saved them. Everyone, take a look at what the players from the Japanese Server did! Im not generalizing. The post is only aimed at these people!

Japanese Server Player: Return out Primordial Artifact and apologize!


Over some time, the post became extremely popular. Some of them helped the Huaxia Server, and some of them helped the Japanese Server.

But many of the players that were in the message board did not know that Kitasawa Hinata had already begun to kill the Huaxia Servers players that were leveling outside so that he could get the Ruler of Hakai back. Before killing them, he even said that if Jiang Feng did not give up the Ruler of Hakai and apologize, he would keep on killing for that one week.

Jiang Feng was also killing monsters and leveling up happily. But if he knew what had happened, his good mood would be ruined. Who knew what he would do in his anger?!