Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 155

Chapter 155 What Are You Doing?

Jiang Feng had been killing monsters for around three hours at Mount Jiangjun.

During this time, he had been using the Fusion skill from the Monster Transmutation System.

He was thrilled that he only failed once after fusing four times.

After he had failed, he lost 1 level and was once again at level 48. But at least now he knew that the Fusion skills success rate had increased significantly.

After trying it four times, he did not continue testing it again.

If he were to drop another level, his name would no longer be at Huaxia Servers Level Leaderboard and World Leader Board.

Since increasing levels was so difficult and the attributes he gained from the Broken-tooth Crocodile was around a hundred, he would be at a disadvantage.

That time, he primarily wanted to test his success rate on using Fusion.

As his aim had been met, he was no longer going to fuse with the Broken-tooth Crocodile. Even if he wanted to fuse, he would fuse with a monster that was more powerful.

While he had stopped fusing with the Broken-tooth Crocodile, he began to farm for bloodlines and Evolution Pills and then refine the bloodlines.

After three hours, he managed to get around one hundred drops of bloodline and had refined them all into Divine Beast Bloodline. After eating them, his Dragons bloodline had reached 22.4%.

And this was only three hours. If he were to spend one whole day, he would definitely reach 100% for his bloodline. Then, he would be able to evolve again.

As for the Evolution Pills, he had twenty nine of them.

He entered the Qiankun Gourd and looked at Heifeng, Yanhu, and his other followers. He noticed that all of their Bloodlines were not maxed. He had to first fuse them with other monsters to max out their Bloodlines, and then give them the Evolution Pills to help them evolve.

When he increased his own power, he needed to take care of his followers as well.

Once the difference between their powers was too great, then his followers effectiveness would fall.

Beep! Beep!

Just as he was about to leave the Broken-tooth Crocodile swamp, his Friend panel began to blink.

It was a message from Mu Xi.

"She has managed to get all the ingredients. I should return to the Ancient City and have Robert forge something.

Mu Xis message was very short. All it said was that she had the materials and she would like to have a piece of equipment with high defense and could absorb health. Not only that, she even gave him 100,000 as a fee for his services.

Beep! Beep!

Just as he was about to leave using the Town Portal skill, another message came through.

This time, it was Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu: "What are you doing?"

Jiang Feng: "Kill monsters, levelling up."

Ling Feiyu: "Then why did you drop a level?"

Jiang Feng smiled helplessly: "How did you know I dropped a level? Youre concerned about me?"

Ling Feiyu: ""

Jiang Feng: "Main point, please!"

Ling Feiyu: "Take a look at the World Message Board!"

When he saw the last text that Ling Feiyu sent, Jiang Feng was taken aback. He opened the World Message Board and took a look.

Once he opened the World Message Board, he then saw the two topics with the word "Hot."

He first looked at the topic posted by Kitasawa Hinata, and his smile turned into a frown almost instantly.

When he entered and read the post, he became even angrier.

He then opened the second "Hot" post.

The topic of the post was: Players from the other server, you still want the Ruler of Hakai back after killing so many players in Dongliao City? Go to hell!

He entered the post, and all of them were pictures of players being killed. One of the bosses even had words carved into it by Kawaguchi Shinki using his sword.

The systems translator translated the words, and the Chinese translation appeared in front of him.

"Shifters Inheritor, you animal! If you dont return the Ruler of Hakai, we will use this one week to spread chaos in the Huaxia Server!"

"Damn it!"

Jiang Feng was instantly infuriated thanks to his aggressiveness.

"Heifeng, Yanhu, Thunderclap Mantis, lets go! Follow me to another server!" With that, he summoned the Monster Cloud and put away Heifeng, Yanhu, and the Thunderclap Mantis. He then headed toward the oceanic border near Dongliao City.

Though he was angered, he did not lose his mind.

If he were to look for Kitasawa Hinata, he could find and kill a few. However, they would not feel anything since they could revive anywhere. Then, they would just continue to kill at another location.

He could not pursue the players all the time. It would waste time and change nothing.

The only way was to cross the border and enter another server, and force them to return.

Once they had returned to their own server, they could no longer cross into Huaxia Server without the Ruler of Hakai. All of his problems would be solved!"

To the north of Dongliao City was the Bohai Sea. Both the borders of the Japanese Server and the Korean Server were centered at this place.

With the Monster Clouds speed, he only needed three hours to fly toward the border.

During his journey, he stored all the materials given to him by Mu Xi into the Imperial Dragon Auction House. Then, he opened the Ancient Citys management panel and asked Robert to take the materials and forge some equipment for him.

He then bought some herbs and began to create some healing pills.

Uncle Hua had given him about a dozen Large Recovery Pills, but he would need more so he had no choice but to create more.

Unfortunately, spiritual level herbs were very rare in the Trading Hall. He had only managed to get around seven or eight sets of ingredients. After two hours, he had only created two batches and obtained around twenty pills.

That was mainly because of his low Pharmacy level. If he was at Uncle Huas level, he could get around fifty of them.

Not to mention that when he was creating the Large Recovery Pills, his hands were a bit slow. Since he still needed to look at the herbs stats that Uncle Hua had taught him. The steps of putting the herbs in were also quite stringent, and he had wasted a lot of time.

After he had prepared everything, he then opened Ling Feiyus Friend panel and sent her a message. "Can you help me post a message in the World Message Board? Tell Kitasawa Hinata and his pals that Im giving them two hours. If they are still in the Huaxia Server in two hours, they will regret it!"

Ling Feiyu: "Work hard and be careful! If you need help, call me!"

Ling Feiyu was no fool. Once she saw what Jiang Feng replied to her and remembered the Ruler of Hakai and his temper, she could already guess what he wanted to do.

Looking at Ling Feiyus encouragement, concern, and friendship, he was stunned. He did not expect that Ling Feiyu would respond in that way.

He shook his head and paid the conversation no more attention. He logged out for a toilet break and had some food before going back online, preparing himself for a huge battle!


Los Angeles, the United States of America.

A messy female dorm in a famous university.

A beautiful woman with an eastern appearance and messy long hair walked out of her bedroom while wearing a cartoon set of pajamas. She went into the bathroom thrilled.

"My baby is going to make a move! Yeah! Yay, yay! Beat the hell out of them! Who told them to- Carina, what are you doing?"

The eastern beauty was mumbling as she opened the bathroom. She then saw a woman with blonde hair and green eyes taking a shower in the bathroom.

She looked at Carina stunned.

When Carina saw the eastern beauty, she blushed and roared, "Ling Feiyu! Can you knock before you come in? Also, dont wear my pajamas!!"

The eastern beauty was indeed Ling Feiyu. She had been sent overseas to complete her studies by her family since she was in high school.

"Whoopsie-daisy didnt realize youre in there. But were both pretty girls, nothing wrong seeing each other like that" Ling Feiyu smiled and patted Carina.

"Ling Feiyu! What are you doing? Stop it!" Carina said embarrassingly.

"Speaking of which, youre so pretty and so many boys are chasing after you. Why didnt you say yes to any of them?" Ling Feiyu gave Carinas buttock a slap, then having her move aside as she sat down on the toilet.

"You know who I like. Our American Servers Johns. After seeing him in that siege, I love him to death! Im going to leave my first time for him, of course!" Carina said with love pouring out from her eyes.

Ling Feiyu rolled her eyes at her. "Johns is nothing. Our Huaxia Servers Shifters Inheritor is so handsome Silver hair, crimson eyes, and the fierce aura of a CEO Tsk tsk, every time Im next to him I have to act like an ice queen when in fact, all I wanted to do is to pounce on him. Im so mentally tired"

In the end, Ling Feiyu still loved her own country. Even when she was overseas, she did not join another countrys server. She wanted to return home a long time ago, but if it were not because her family wanted her to finish her doctorate before her return, she would have flown back a long time ago.

"Haha! Ling Feiyu, are you finally going crazy? Yes, I agree that the Shifters Inheritor from your server is very handsome and strong, but hes an NPC! Dont tell me you fell in love with an NPC?" Carina laughed.

"So, what? I dont mind!" Ling Feiyu acted in a harsh way, then sweetly mumbled as she lowered her head, "My Feng is not an NPC!"

If Jiang Feng were to see how the entire thing played out just now, he would be shocked beyond belief.

She was completely different from the cold and dispassionate Ling Feiyu that he knew from the game!

Perhaps everyone had more than one personality that they show depending on the circumstances.

"Alright alright. I need to go back to the game and do some quests. Oh, if youre free, give your hair a comb and clean up your room! Theyre so messy!" Carina told her and returned to her room.

"Im not cleaning up! I still have to help my baby post his message!"

She mumbled and returned to her messy room. She then logged into the Official World Message Board from her computer and composed her post.

Her room was filled with snacks and clothing. The only clean spot was perhaps where a picture on the computer table was placed.

It was a picture that was framed using a glass frame. In the picture was a silver-haired, red-eyed man holding a longsword standing on a black cloud waging war with a fearsome aura.

The man in the picture was Jiang Feng!