Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Will You Retreat Or Not?

Ling Feiyus post was quickly posted to the World Message Board, and she @ many of the Japanese Server and Huaxia server elite players.

The subject of the topic was: Just to remind the Japanese Server players to leave the Huaxia Server within two hours. Stay at your own risk!

And the content was: Kitasawa Hinata, you fool! Leave in two hours or cry in regret later!

Very quickly, Kitasawa Hinata and Kawaguchi Shinki all replied.

Kitasawa Hinata: Hehe, we were the only ones that made people cry. No one has made us cry before. Let me tell you something, if you dont return the Ruler of Hakai within one week, dont even think about us returning.

Kawaguchi Shinki: Thats right. Ive earned a few hundred thousand honor points. This is great! You want us to leave by threatening us? No way!

Ling Yun: Hey you! Dont be so arrogant! Come out and have a fight with me! Dont be a turtle!


Ling Feiyus post did not make Kitasawa Hinata and his followers leave. Not only that, they even posted pictures of how they killed the players from the Chinese Server and humiliated the players.

Once Jiang Feng had reached the borders, he looked at the post posted by Kitasawa Hinata and his followers. He narrowed his eyes coldly.

"So, they chose not to return. Then I guess I will do what I have to do. Hakai!"

With that, Jiang Feng took out the Ruler of Hakai and sliced at an invisible barrier before him.


A one-man tall entrance appeared between the borders after a light noise, and he flew in without hesitation.

Ding. System Prompt. You have now crossed the border and entered the Japanese Server. Please choose your identity. 1: Jiang Feng, 2: Inheritor of the Shifters. Are you a visitor or an invader?

"Inheritor of the Shifters, Invader!"

The system prompt was within his expectations. It was described in the official website that when one crosses the border, they would need to choose an identity.

Players with a guild can choose to be merchants and enter as a merchant. They can also choose to be visitors. Either way, they would not show your name.

Ding. System Prompt: Do you wish to activate the translations system?


After he made his choice, there was a world announcement.

Ding. World Announcement: Warning! Warning! The Inheritor of the Shifters had crossed the border and invaded the Japanese Server. Players that have crossed over between servers can only stay for one week. Players who die within this week can choose to revive on a set waypoint or in their own server. Non-local players can ignore the limits and bans and they are allowed to kill players in cities. They can gain a large number of honor points in this way. In order to reduce this servers loss, drive them back as soon as possible!


The World Announcement rang three times, and the players from the Japanese and Huaxia servers were all shocked.

Even the players from the other servers were surprised, but they all smiled and simply sat back and relaxed, waiting for the show to start.

When Kitasawa Hinata heard the system announcement, he was still in Huaxia Servers Luofeng Valley. His face paled as he cursed, "Damn it! I didnt expect that animal to cross the border into our server!"

Kawaguchi Shinki frowned and said to him carefully, "What should we do? Should we go back?"


As soon as Kawaguchi Shinki finished his sentence, Kitasawa Hinata slapped him so hard that he was dazed.

"What else can we do? If it wasnt because you lost the Ruler of Hakai, would we be in this situation?!" Kitasawa Hinata said angrily. "We have already announced what we are going to do, we cant go back now. Have everyone from the Kitasawa Guild hunt him down. He is only one man!"


Kawaguchi Shinki nodded and quickly opened his Friend panel, trying to contact the Japanese servers largest guild to hunt down Jiang Feng.


Just when Kitasawa was gathering players in the Japanese Server to hunt down Jiang Feng, the players from the Huaxia Server became excited.

Especially those players that had been killed by Kitasawa, they were even more thrilled.

"Haha! Go, Shifters Inheritor! Destroy the Japanese Server! Avenge us!"

"As long as you avenge us, well become your fan!"

"Go! We support you!"


At this time, everyone was concentrating on what Jiang Feng was going to do next.

Osaka Mountain Range, the location closest to the border.

Jiang Feng coiled his body on the Monster Cloud and headed toward Osaka City.

He only had one objective, that was to force Kitasawa Hinata and the other players to return to the server to face him there.

One week in the Japanese Server was too long for him. He still had a lot to do, and he must not waste his time here.

There were nine main cities in the Japanese Server, and Osaka City was one of the bigger main cities.

As he rode on Monster Cloud, he had reached on the plains right outside the City of Osaka.

He put away the Monster Cloud, and his gigantic body extended itself to about sixty meters in length. As he waved his tail, he looked at the players that were watching him carefully gathering outside the gates of Osaka City.

"Roar! I am the Shifters Inheritor! Do you wish to kill me? Come!"

With that roar, he ate a low-level Polymorph Pill and shapeshifted into human form. With his Jingu Staff in hand, he waved and all his followers appeared behind him as he himself stood there on the plains and slammed the Jingu Staff on the ground.

The players looked at Jiang Feng and the bosses behind him, and they were all terrified by his aura. None dared to be the first to attack him.

Jiang Feng was not in a rush. Since Ling Feiyu had posted her post, Kitasawa Hinata would have known what he was going to do. He would definitely send someone to kill him.

Just as he had expected, a huge group of players came numbering in the tens of thousands for him. In but a moment, the huge group of players assembled before him and fought back his terrifying presence.

Kawajima Takuma was one of the two assistant guild leaders of the Kitasawa Guild. While his abilities were not bad, he was not that smart, unfortunately.

When he saw Jiang Feng and Jiang Fengs stats, he was confused. Other than seeing who he was, he could not see any of Jiang Fengs stats.

"So, you are the Shifters Inheritor from the Huaxia Server?" Kawajima Takuma said, "No matter how powerful you are, do you think its possible to defeat us?"

"Then lets try! Kill them all!"

Jiang Feng said coldly, then rushed toward Kawajima Takuma.

Kawajima Takuma was indeed skilled. He used a skill, and he disappeared into thin air, only to reappear among the players.

"Go!" Kawajima Takuma yelled out, and ten thousand players rushed toward Jiang Feng and his followers.

"Dragon Howl! Tornado! Slam of Mount Tai! Tiger Roar!"

He went toward the army of ten thousand and used all of his damaging skills.

After he used Dragon Howl, all the players within ten meters in front of him were all stunned in place.

Next, a tornado appeared and threw them all up into the air. It did not even take five seconds before killing them all and the loot on the ground quickly became a small hill.

Next, a giant mountain peak came crashing down from the sky, killing many of the players in one fell swoop.

Finally, he ended it with the Tiger Howl. A beam of light came out from his mouth, and as the beam expanded and collided into the players, all the players other than warriors with high HPs within the area of effect were instantly slain. They could not even take one single hit.

"The Dao of Man!"

Next, he yelled out as his Jingu Staff became a sword and he rushed into the masses of players.

Heifeng, Yanhu, Thunderclap Mantis, and the other bosses also pounced onto the groups of players, using skills after skills, causing untellable damage.

"Dao, Dao, Dao, Dao"

One player would fall onto the ground whenever he said the word Dao. His figure tumbled past players again and again, and his white garb and silver hair was slowly covered in blood.


At this time, thousands of skills came crashing down on him.


With a blink, he blinked away from all the skills. He waved his sword and lights came slashing out, killing some of the players that approached him with machetes.

In but an instant, thousands of players had been killed by his followers and him.

It could be said that wherever he pointed his sword, thousands of players would die!

"Kawajima Takuma, ask Kitasawa Hinata if he would retreat!" Jiang Feng roared at Kawajima Takuma who was at the back as he evaded an enemys skill and killed an enemy.

He looked at the blood-soaked Jiang Feng whose eyes were turning even redder, and he could feel his heart skip a beat. His face paled, and he sent a message to Kitasawa Hinata.

When Kitasawa Hinata saw the message, he frowned and replied, "If he returns the Ruler of Hakai, then we would retreat!"

Ding. System Prompt: You have entered a Berserk state. Attack and Movement Speed increased by 100%.

"Kill them all!"

When He heard Kawajima Takumas reply, he became even more enraged. With a howl, he used the skill Kill. He was releasing even more blades of light, and his movement speed became even faster. He was passing through players like a glint of light, and every time he did that a large group of players would fall.

In but a short moment, the loot on the ground was slowly becoming like a small hill.

"Retreat or not?!" Jiang Feng asked again.

"If you give us back the Ruler of Hakai, we would retreat!" Kawajima Takuma replied.

Jiang Feng continued to kill, but no one could approach him.

After killing about another thousand players, Kawajima Takumas face became even paler and he kept on communicating with Kitasawa Hinata.

"Retreat or not!" Jiang Feng asked again.

"Give give back the Ruler of Hakai, and we will retreat!" Kawajima Takumas words had almost no weight behind it.

"Fine! Jingu Staff, grow! And grow some more!"

Jiang Feng was completely infuriated. He summoned his Monster Cloud and took it into the air. His sword once again returned into the form of the Jingu Staff, and with a roar, the Jingu Staff grew as per his command!

"Come!" When the Jingu Staff was around fifty meters, he clasped it with both his arms and picked it up, then smashed it at the players.


With one slam, the entire earth shook as countless players were injured and died.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on reaching Level 49. You have received 3 free attribute points.

Ding. System Prompt: Due to your heavy resentment, you have entered a state of Slaughter. During Slaughter, your consciousness shall fall into a deep sleep and slaughter reflexively. All stats increased by 100%. Once the Slaughter state has ended, level -2 and you shall become fatigued. Duration of 48 hours.


When Jiang Feng entered the Slaughter State, he used what consciousness he had left and picked up all his followers and the items dropped on the ground.

The only reason he did that was that he was worried he would enter the state of Indifference. Once in the state of Indifference and if he would as Yan Chixia said, lose all emotions and consciousness, then he would even kill his followers.

As his movement speed and attack increased once again, the gigantic Jingu Staff was being swung continuously. As the staff was flourished, groups of players instantly dropped to the ground.