Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Second Game Update

Looking at the blood splatters in front of him, all he knew was to slaughter. He could not think of anything else.

What he did not know was that he was not invincible.

Even if his stats had been increased by 100%, some of the players had skills that could deal fixed damage or pierce through his defenses.

Without his followers, all of the players would aim at him alone. With Kawajima Takumas leadership, his HPs were continuously decreasing.

His 200,000 worth of HPs would be depleted soon.

Unfortunately, all heh knew now was that he had to slaughter and kill. He was completely ignoring his HPs.

But what he did not know was that after Kitasawa Hinata saw his condition before entering the Slaughter status through the video that Kawajima Takuma sent him, he had been thinking of retreating.

Inside the Luofeng Valley in Huaxia Server, Kitasawa Hinata was hesitating if he should retreat after looking at the video that Kawajima Takuma had recorded and sent to him.

"Damn it! I never expected the Shifters Inheritor to be so powerful! Especially to the point of being undefeatable with his boss followers even when facing 10,000 players!"

"What should we do? Should we retreat? We have already lost around 4,000 players. If he were to use the kite technique, who could be his match?" The Japanese Server Spirits Inheritor Hanai Mamoru said.

"Damn it, delete the post. All of you retreat first. As long as we can kill him, maybe we could make him drop the Ruler of Hakai!"Kitasawa said to Hanai Mamoru.

"Alright, we will return now!"

They were really afraid this time.

Jiang Feng could face their army head-on and remain undefeated. If he were to kill them, retreat, and come back again, many of their players would drop in levels. Maybe some of them would even develop PTSD when facing Jiang Feng again.

If that were the case, then the Japanese Server would lose a lot because of the invasion.

One week later, even after they had killed all the players from Huaxia Server, they would be forced to return.

However, Jiang Feng was different. He had the Ruler of Hakai. He could keep on coming back to kill them. That would be extremely problematic for them.

When the thought that Jiang Feng would raid the Japanese Server every week crossed his mind, Kitasawa Hinata was terrified!


When Kawajima Takuma received Kitasawa Hinatas message and looked at Jiang Fengs HPs, he did not tell Jiang Feng about the latest news.

That was because he noticed that Jiang Feng had lost control of himself, and they would be able to kill him soon.

"Is this the weakness of the Shifters Inheritor?" Kawajima Takuma was indeed quite capable and saw through Jiang Fengs weakness just like that.

Originally, monsters did not have high intellect. Some highly intelligent monsters, once they had started killing, would lose control as the Shifters Bloodline within them would take over and enter the Berserk, Slaughter, and Indifference statuses.

It would be difficult for other players or races to activate these three statuses because they did not have any Shifter bloodline within them.

Perhaps this was another setting that the game had given to the Shifters.

At this time, two world announcements made Kawajima Takuma grit his teeth.

Ding. World Announcement: Congratulations to the American Server player Johns for reaching level 50. As he is the first player to reach level 50, he would receive one level 50 Yellow-Gold equipment, 10,000gp, and 1,000 World Renown.

Ding. World Announcement. As a player has reached level 50, the game shall also be updated. The time the update will take is 72 hours. To prevent all players from any loss, please log out within 1 minute. Please check the official website to read about the updated content. Wish you all a pleasant game!


The two world announcements woke Jiang Feng up.

Looking at the 40,000 HPs he had left, he was shocked.

He quickly retreated with the Monster Cloud and used a Large Recovery pill, recovering some of his health.

He then looked at the ground. The earth was soaked in red, and there were only about three thousand players left of the 10,000 that were sent against him. The ground was once again filled with loot.

Seeing that, he quickly took out the Qiankun Gourd and took in all the items on the ground.

"Whew. Luckily the World Announcements voice woke me up. If not, I would really die in this place. Looks like its impossible for me to solo 10,000 players at this stage!"

He had managed to kill tens of thousands of players during the siege. The main reason was that he had teammates and followers. Not to mention his stats far surpassed the players, and that was why he was that strong.

At this stage, many of the players had changed their classes a second time. As they completed their equipment set, they had many more ways to deal damage. Other than his HPs, their other stats were not that different than his.

He was too arrogant to solo that many people.

"Kitasawa Hinata is really a patient man. He didnt come back even in that situation. Whatever, I need to go back first. They would be sent back after the game has been updated anyway."

He looked at Kawajima Takuma, and then looked at the bloodied battleground. He had his vengeance, and he would not be able to continue the battle because of the game update. Now that his Slaughter condition was slowly expiring, he did not continue the battle as he would enter a state of weakness. He was preparing to retreat.


At this time, fatigue swept over him as he felt his body became especially weak.

Ding. System Prompt: Slaughter status expired. Level -2. Your spirit is now in a weakened state. Duration of 48 hours.

Jiang Fengs face became pale as he left quickly.

After leaving the aggro zone, he used the Town Portal Skill and returned to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

The moment he reached the Ancient City, his sight darkened and he was forced to logout.


In his wide bedroom, Jiang Feng took out the earring the size of his thumb and put it aside. He then massaged his stiff neck by moving it a bit.


When he was moving it, he could hear his bones popping.

"Whew I wonder if the casket-type terminals for players are ready. Using the earring terminal and lying on the bed is making my entire body stiff," He mumbled to himself and drank all the tea in a teacup that he had prepared earlier.

"Hm? I dont feel that tired? Maybe the siege last time was really too tiring?"

When he was forced to logout after entering the Slaughter status this time, he did not feel fatigued at all and was still feeling quite spirited. He felt a bit strange.

He remembered that he slept for two days straight after the siege.

"Maybe it was just me. The condition from the game cant affect me in reality. Maybe I was stressed out during those few days."

He moved his shoulders for a bit, then walked toward the computer on the desk. He was going to check about the new content in the new update.

He bought the computer when he bought the visitors game terminal for his father.

When he was having dinner with him yesterday, he heard from his dad that he had been fishing in the game every day. He even managed to catch a Golden Fish and sold it for around 300, and it made him overjoyed. Other than training his body and jogging in the morning, he now spent most of his time in the game terminal, looking at the scenic views and fishing.

He switched on the computer and looked at the games official website to see what the new updates were.

Divine Dominion Second Update New Content: Five

Each steward of a guild may accept the Yue Lao Quest. Once Yue Laos quest has been completed, the steward may invite Yue Lao to visit your city for one month. Within this month, any time Yue Lao issues a Marriage Certificate, the city will spawn fireworks and candies. Any time the firework is spawned, all players within the fireworks radius will receive a certain amount of experience points. The candies will also give status buffs.

    Barbaric Giants Event Has Ended

    The Barbaric Giants Event has ended. Increase Captures success rate by 5%.

      War for Resources

      As the bigger guilds have built their own cities, the resources close by to the cities have become scarce. Guilds cannow claim resources for themselves by putting up a flag for 3 hours in front of a mine or a forest that produces wood. If the flag has not been removed within that duration, they will own that resource for one week!

      Players who are not part of a guild would have their own resources that guilds would not be able to claim. Members that are part of a guild would not be able to mine these resources as well!

      Resources near the border of Servers could also be claimed by guilds from both countries. Guilds could enter such islands but would not be able to enter the server that belongs to another country.

      Other than the games five major updates, we have also made some little tweaks to the game. Players should experience them within the game. We wish everyone a pleasant gaming experience!

      "Hm? The update this time is quite interesting. But its all about the competition between guilds." Jiang Feng said with a smile as he looked at the new content.

      Both the Yue Lao event and the War for Resources were a competition between guilds, there would be plenty of battles then.

      The new base class was just so-so for those who were inheritors since inheritors all had their own followers.

      However, it was a very powerful class among normal players. Most players could only summon one pet to battle for them.

      If a summoner could summon two powerful pets to fight for them, their power could not be overlooked, especially if they knew how to support them with their spell-casting skills.

      It was also in his expectations that the Barbaric Giants event had ended. As the event had already sent out many powerful pets. Not to mention that with the increase in success rate for the Capture skill it meant that the event was no longer needed.

      As for the marriage system, Jiang Feng felt that it was an interesting addition.

      What interested him the most was the Woohoo system. It would allow them to transfer extra experience points to each other, allowing the player at the lower levels to quickly increase their levels.

      What was even more powerful was that they could use this system to teach skills to each other.

      It could be said that this was the fastest way to become stronger for the other half.