Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 159

Chapter 159 So We Meet Again

Jiang Fengs home was not very far from the city.

It took them less than twenty minutes to reach the city.

After he had reached the city, he then split up with his father and Su Qing.

He had his father bring Su Qing to the hospital while he went to the veterinary.

"Yi Meng Chong" was a private veterinary clinic. It was not large and it took him a long while before he managed to find one.

After he entered, he saw a woman wearing a uniform feeding some pets that were within the cages.

"Doctor, can you please treat it?"

He looked around the inside of the veterinary clinic. Despite its size, it was only staffed by one woman. Perhaps all the other vets were out for lunch, so he took the fox to her.

She turned and looked at Jiang Feng. When she saw the bloody fox in his hand, she was stunned. "A fox? How did it suffer such heavy injuries?"

"Bitten by another animal. Can you take a look?" Jiang Feng told the woman quickly.

"Alright, leave it to me. Wait outside," She nodded with a frown and took it into one the wards.

The foxs injuries were quite severe, and he was not sure if the vet could save it.

If they could, it was a blessing. If they could not, he did his best.

He took out his mobile and called his father. He was relieved when he heard that Su Qing was currently being vaccinated and having her wound stitched up.

He heard from his father that it was not very poisonous, but her wound was infected. She would be fine after getting vaccinated, stitched up, and a few days worths of drips.

He put away his phone, and then tried to use the Monster Transmutation System in the real world since he was getting quite bored from all the waiting.

"Monster Transmutation System!" He called out, but nothing happened.

He tried calling it in his mind, but nothing happened as well.

"Maybe other than the Tongue of the Beast, the Monster Transmutation System itself cant be used in the real world?" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself and felt that his hypothesis was probably true. Either that, or he did not activate the system correctly.

He gave it some thought, but he stopped thinking about it when he could not find an answer to it. He took out his mobile, and then browsed Weibo and the Message Board, reading the news on Divine Dominion.


"Im hungry Im hungry I want to go home, I dont want to stay here."

After browsing the web for a while, he looked at the cage in front of him. A poodle was clawing at the cage and barking, its eyes showing sadness.

Seeing that, he went over with interest and said to the poodle with a smile, "Little poodle, do you understand me?"

The poodle stopped scratching at the cage, then it looked at him with its eyes, "Im not called little poodle! Im called the Shifters Inheritor!"


Jiang Feng almost vomited blood.

Damn. Is the poodles master a fan of mine? Or the person has something against me?

Once he heard that the poodle was called the Shifters Inheritor, he was speechless. But he could at least tell that the poodles master was a player from the Divine Dominion.

Jiang Feng found the fact that he could speak with animals in the real world to be very fascinating. He pulled a chair over and sat in front of the poodle, and he asked, "Shifters Inheritor, huh? Thats great. Whats the name of your master?"

The poodle then barked at him again, "I call my master mommy."


Jiang Feng was about to have another bout of blood vomiting. He felt that he had been taken advantage of.

"Bow-wow! Im hungry"

Looking at the sad poodle, he looked around and found some dog food. He then fed them to the poodle.

When it saw the dog food, it barked at him excitedly and then started eating them.

"I want some too!"

"I want some too!"

When they saw that the poodle was given food, all the other animals that had not been fed started a ruckus.

Jiang Feng, caught in the middle of it, had no choice but to help the vet to continue feeding the animals.

After he had finished feeding them, Jiang Feng saw the door to the ward open up, and the female vet walked out. She removed her mask and quickly walked over to Jiang Feng with anger, she extended her hand and was about to slap him.

Jiang Feng stopped the vets hand in the air, and said angrily, "What are you doing? Stop it!"

She then screamed, "What kind of a master are you? Do you know that your pet has thirteen injuries and is malnourished? Since you dont love it, and cant take care of it, then dont keep it! If you want to be its master, then you have to bear full responsibility for it!"

As she screamed, she started to cry and squatted down as her tears started to flow, "Im sorry I love these pets, that was why I chose this occupation. But after I became a vet, all I see are pets that are dying and suffering, not the ones in joy. And I feel bad about that"


These were real doctors!

She liked pets, so she became a vet to heal the injuries of animals. But she would see the pain and death of all the pets. It must have been quite a shock. However, she had to help the pets, to heal them and end their suffering. No wonder she was so angry just now.

When he understood her motive, he was no longer angry at her. Instead, he took a tissue paper from the counter and gave it to her, and said, "That fox isnt my pet. I found it on a hill behind my house. It was already like that when I saw it, that was why I came here with it so that you could help it."

"Its not your pet?" The vet wiped her tears and stood up.

"No." Jiang Feng shook his head.

He then looked at her closely and realized that she was quite pretty. The name tag on her chest read "Song Xi."

"Im sorry. Just now, I was"

"Its fine. Hows the fox? Can you save it?" Jiang Feng shook his head and asked her.

Song Xi then said, "Ive stabilized it, but its condition is still critical. I would need to monitor and treat it for quite some time."

Jiang Feng nodded and said, "Alright. Im counting on you."

He then paid for the treatment, left his contact details, and left.

He was going to the hospital to check up on Su Qing, then go home and rescue the foxs cubs.


Just as he had reached the exit of the clinic, he saw a man and woman enter.

"Sis Hua, the Tibetan Mastiff that I have is a pure breed. I spent 5,000,000 on it. Ill give the Tibetan Mastiff to you to offset half my debt. As for the other half, I hope that you would give me one year. I promise that Ill pay all of it back to you with interest in one year!"

"You promise? Zheng Tao, I thought that you are actually quite rich since you went to build a city in the game. If you want to build a city, thats your problem. But why the hell did you offend so many people? How many times have I helped you buy the Guild-Building Order? Youve even sold your hotel! After spending so much money, did you manage to build that base of yours? Youre owing so much money, your promise is worth nothing!"

The two that came in were indeed the slums richest man and Jiang Fengs enemy, Zheng Tao, and the beautiful woman that he had seen once at the bar, Sis Hua.

"Sis Hua, you know about it too. After the Divine Dominion opened its door for business, no one has been coming to the bar. Since you can do that in the game, who wants to go to the bar anymore. I Im out of options, okay?" Zheng Tao said as he gave Sis Hua a frustrated smile.

Sis Hua was wearing a red Cheongsam that accentuated her perfect figure. She had a limited edition bag slung on her arm, and she said, "Stop giving me nonsense. Ill take a look at your Mastiff. If its breed is to my liking, Ill give you one month. If you cant pay me back in one month, then you will have to scram!"

Zheng Tao had been entertaining Sis Hua the whole day and he did not even see Jiang Fengs cold smile.

Jiang Feng understood what happened by listening from the sidelines. Because of Divine Dominion, the businesses of his bar and hotel have both been affected. With no business and the loss that he had incurred, he had decided to recruit people to enter the game to build his own guild as he had already discovered the business potential in the game. Unfortunately, he did not have the power in the game, and he seemed to have offended some other guilds causing all his attempts in building a base and a city to fail, and incurring even more losses.

His guess was that he had borrowed a great sum of money from Sis Hua. Perhaps Sis Hua was someone that adored dogs or hounds and he wanted to use a purebred Tibetan Mastiff to offset his debt.

A 5,000,000 Tibetan Mastiff! Jiang Feng had never seen one and had never seen Zheng Tao bring it out. He had only heard of it once, and he wanted to give it a good look!

As for why the Tibetan Mastiff would be here, he did not need to think twice to know that it was sick.

I did say I would pay that slap back eventually! Jiang Fengs lip curled as he thought to himself, looking at Zheng Tao currying favor with Sis Hua.