Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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North of the Starter Village.

Forest of Silence, Level 10 Black Bear territory.

“Little kitty, what’s your name? Why don’t I give you a name?”

1“Roar~ No!”

“Let’s call you Xiao Bai, okay?”

3“Not okay!”

“Yay. You’ve said yes since you meowed! I’ll call you Xiao Bai from now on.”


“Xiao Bai, since you’re so strong, can you be my pet and protect me?”


Jiang Feng felt that he was going crazy.

During the entire journey, Nangong Tiaotiao had not stopped talking. She kept asking him questions, telling him things.

What made him feel the most helpless was that Nangong Tiaotiao had even told him about the timing of her period.

7But he had no interest in the privacy of a girl that was physically undeveloped, but emotionally immatureas well.

8If it wasn’t because Nangong Tiaotiao had been grabbing the collar for the Requiem Bell, he had escaped long before this.

“This after-sales service is too hard.”

“Teehee, lazy kitty. Falling asleep so soon.”

Nangong Tiaotiao looked down and saw the sleeping Jiang Feng in her hands. She let out a cute smile, then hopped deeper into the Forest of Silence.

1She did not go too far when the sounds of combat reached her.

Far ahead, an extremely beautiful woman stepped gracefully between five Black Bears.

2The woman’s ID was called “Mu Xi.” She wore a black leather jacket and skin-tight black pants over her long legs. In her hand was a longsword that was reflecting light. She was extremelybeautiful, but her face did not carry a smile, and her entire being gave off a powerful aura.

1“Big sis!”

Nangong Tiaotiao saw Mu Xi and waved at her excitedly.

“Don’t come here. Wait for me over there,” said Mu Xi as she gave Nangong Tiaotiao a glance and continued to handle the five Black Bears that had surrounded her.

She had acute awareness and can position herself very well. As she stepped through the five Black Bears, none of them had laid a hit on her.

Black Bear: Level 10 Monster

Health Points: 8000

Attack: 420

2Defense: 230

If Jiang Feng were to see this, he would definitely be surprised.

Mu Xi was soloing five Level 10 Black Bears with high HP and high Defense and she didn’t get hit even once. This had proven how strong she was.

Even he would not have the confidence to defeat Mu Xi.

In less than five minutes, five Black Bears with no more hit points were all under Mu Xi’s feet.

Looking at the loot that the five Black Bears dropped, she had taken them into her inventory. Sheathing her longsword, she walked towards Nangong Tiaotiao.

“Tiaotiao, where did you get this cat?”

Mu Xi walked towards Nangong Tiaotiao and saw Jiang Feng in her hand, so she asked her with curiosity and a slightly raised eyebrow.

The Pet System hadn’t been released yet, so players did not have a way to capture monsters. That means they couldn’t have any pets.

“Teehee, this cat killed six people and saved me. He’s very strong!” said Nangong Tiaotiao proudly.

“Killed six people? Save you? What happened?” asked Mu Xi with a frown.

“This was what happened. Big Sis asked me to go back to the Starter Village to buy more medicine, but I accidentally bought some good equipment. When I was on my way back, six bad guys had surrounded me, asking me to transfer them the money and give them the equipment. After that, Xiao Bai appeared and saved me, and now he wanted to follow me, so I took him in.”

Nangong Tiaotiao explained what happened to her gleefully.

If Jiang Feng was still awake, he would definitely roll his eyes at Nangong Tiaotiao. It was her that didn’t let him leave.

1“Hm? A Tiger King!”

After hearing what Nangong Tiaotiao had to say, Mu Xi used Identify on Jiang Feng. What surprised her was that what Nangong Tiaotiao was holding wasn’t a cat, but was actually a Tiger King.

The surprised and confused Mu Xi quietly thought to herself, ‘The Tiger King is boss, so it should be aggressive against a player. Logically, it would kill Tiaotiao. But why is it so close to her and even fell asleep in her arms?’

‘Maybe it was because Tiaotiao had triggered some sort ofcondition and made this little Tiger King follow Tiaotiao?’ Mu Xi surmised to herself.

“That’s right, Big Sis! I have a few things for you, you will like them. But I have to let you know that you have to give me 50,000 first before I would give them to you!”

1Nangong Tiaotiao didn’t know what Mu Xi was thinking and opened the Trading Panel. She placed the six items into the trading panel for Mu Xi to see.

“Hm? Two Green-Bronze, two Black-Iron, a skill book, and a rune. There are people from the Started Village that sell these?” Mu Xi was shocked as she looked at the items in the Trading Panel.

“I guess that big brother needs money.” Nangong Tiaotiao extended her open palm with a smile. “Give me money, big sis.”

“Good, good. Looks like Tiaotiao had finally spent the money in the right place. I will transfer the money to your account, give the items to me,” said Mu Xi as she lovingly rubbed Tiaotiao’s head and gave her a warm smile.

After she obtained the six items, Mu Xi learned the skill from the skill book and attached the rune to her longsword, where it left a unique pattern. As for the other four items, she could use the boots and clothing, but the weapons were not as good as her current one. So, she didn’t equip them and let them remain in her inventory.


Just as she had finished changing into her new equipment, an angry roar can be heard from afar.

Mu Xi protected Nangong Tiaotiao as she looked back.

A black bear that was twice the size of a normal black bear with a patch of golden fur on its chest roared as it charged towards her.

Black Bear King: Level 15 Monster

Health Points: 15000

Attack: 600

Defense: 300

Skills: Violent Grab

‘Um, what’s going on?!’

The roar had woken up Jiang Feng from his sleep and looked at the Black Bear King.

“Black Bear King!” Jiang Feng was slightly stunned after he saw the Black Bear King’s stats and jumped down from Nangong Tiaotiao’s hands as he stared at it in excitement.

1The Black Bear King was the most powerful Boss that he had seen so far, even more, powerful than the Piebald Tiger King. If it could be killed, it would definitely drop some great loot.

“Tiaotiao, don’t come closer. I will deal with it!”

Seeing the Black Bear King charging towards her, Mu Xi met it head-on with her sword.

Only at this timethat Jiang Feng had realized that a beauty was nearby. It was the kind ofbeauty that could take your breath away, and he was momentarily lost in her beauty.

“Little kitty, you can’t go. You’ll get killed,” Nangong Tiaotiao said as she picked him up while she was still enthralled by Mu Xi’s beauty and hid behind a big tree.

Jiang Feng had also regained his composure and stared at the battle between Mu Xi and Black Bear King.

The beauty was very strong!

He had watched for a while with eyes opened wide, and his face filled with disbelief.

‘Since she’s so strong, maybe she can kill the Black Bear King with my help,’ Jiang Feng looked at Mu Xi who was battling with the Black Bear King.

But when he turned around and looked at Nangong Tiaotiao, he became anxious as he thought to himself, ‘No, I can’t do it. Not those two. How can I get the loot from the Black Bear King without killing them?’