Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Returning That Slap

"Sis Hua, that Tibetan Mastiff is a pure breed! Its a Tibetan Mastiff King that I got from Tibet! So, give me some more time!" Zheng Tao said as he was currying favor with Sis Hua while wiping off the cold sweat from his forehead every once in a while.


Sis Huas eyes were no longer on Zheng Tao. As she was walking toward the counter, she saw Jiang Feng who was smiling.

She remembered the young man. She saw him once at the bar. The way he paid money surprised her and made her slightly interested in him.

Seeing that Sis Hua was no longer paying attention to him, he turned to where she was looking and looked at where Jiang Feng was standing.

When he saw Jiang Feng, he frowned and said, "Hey, poor kid! What are you doing here?"

Jiang Feng shrugged and sneered, "Its none of your business what Im doing here. Yet you want me to report to you? Who the hell are you?"

After being sneered at by Jiang Feng, Zheng Tao approached him as his flabby body shook. With anger, he grabbed Jiang Fengs collar and said, "You dare talk to me like that? Even If Im not as influential as before, Im still not someone that you can cross!"

"You better take your hands off me, or youd regret your actions today!" Jiang Feng said with a smile as he looked at Zheng Tao with his head lowered.

"Regret? Hehe, how the hell are you going to make me regret?!" Zheng Tao scoffed.

Jiang Feng did not respond to him, and instead turned to Song Xi and said, "Can I use your computer?"

Song Xi frowned as he looked at Zheng Tao, her dislike of him was quite obvious. Something must have happened between her and Zheng Tao in the past.

When she heard Jiang Fengs request, she nodded in agreement.

Sis Hua folded her hands and took a seat with a smile as she looked at how things were unfolding without saying anything.

Jiang Feng walked toward the computer on the counter and accessed Divine Dominions official website. Using his I.D., password, and mobile authentication, he logged into his games account.

Of course, he could not show this to anyone, so he covered the screen.

He then went into his accounts management panel and looked for the information on the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor under his asset. He then took out ten million from the Ancient Citys capital into his bank account.

While the game was being updated, he could still manage his assets. There was a fine print in the update mentioning that it would not interrupt the management of the capital used to manage cities and the users money.

This was mainly done so that merchants from within the game or players that needed money could easily withdraw their money as needed.

It was convenient indeed!

After the Ancient Capital was opened to the outsiders, the profits from the larger shops, the selling of houses and shops, as well as the renting of houses and shops had helped him earn around twenty million.

Of course, the money was only enough to expand the entire Ancient City.

The reason that he took the money out was for him to brag.


His mobile received a text and it was about the transfer being completed.

When he looked at the text, he smiled. He then logged out and closed the web page, walking toward Zheng Tao.

"You didnt have enough cash, right? Come on, kneel! Maybe I will consider lending you some?!" He handed his mobile to Zheng Tao, and it showed the message about the transfer on his screen.

"Ten ten million?! How is it possible for someone so poor like you to have so much money?!"

Zheng Tao was someone experienced and had seen many messages from banks. He could determine if a message was real or fake. When he saw that Jiang Fengs account had ten million and a few dozen thousands behind it, he was shocked.

He added some cash into his bank account quite some time ago, after the banking charges, his account had that much money in them.

"Do you know that theres something called lottery in this world?" Jiang Feng smiled.

"You won the lottery!"

Seeing Jiang Fengs smile and the message on his mobile, only winning the lottery could explain why Jiang Feng had that much money. Zheng Tao felt like he had met his savior, and knelt in front of Jiang Feng, throwing all his dignity away and said, "Brother Feng, Uncle Feng, I beg you. Can you lend me the money? When I have a return from my investment, Id give you 20% interest No, 30%, how does that sound?"

Zheng Tao was really running out of options. In two months, the bar and hotel had almost lost 10,000,000.

The bar in the city and the locations where he built his hotels were all rented by him, and he could not sell them. Even if he could, hotels in the slums were not worth much, and could not cover his losses.

If he included the ten million that he had invested into the game, the five million that he loaned from the bank, and the six million that he borrowed from Sis Hua, it could be said that he was literally swimming in debt.

If he did not pay them back, all his assets would be repossessed by the bank and Sis Hua would not let him off that easily as well.

It could be said that his decision in building his business in Divine Dominion was a mistake. He did not have the skills or power, and could not build up his business.

Take Shen Ye as an example. Despite his bragging, other than his followers and employees, building a base and a city would have required a few million in investment. This was before including the facilities. If he were to calculate, they would need at least around thirty million.

If it were not because the Ancient City was a city that had already been built up, it would not be enough even if someone were to give Jiang Feng fifty million to complete the Ancient City.

Of course, a large investment meant a great return. Once the city had been built, as long as the buildings could be sold or rented out, the real estate within the game would all bring high profit.

That was because the buildings in the games original cities were not for sale, and players could only buy them from player-built cities.

If only a hundred of the thirty million players were to buy his house, what he would earn would be more than enough for his own use.

Originally, Zheng Tao wanted to do the same thing. Unfortunately, he had made a few powerful enemies within the game. Every time he would buy a Guild-Building Order and spend money to build the base, they would have it destroyed. He had already lost ten million just on that. This was before including what he needed to pay his employees.

Trading had its own risks, and entrepreneurship risk was even greater. Zheng Tao wanted to bet on this but he forgot that when inside the game, the players fists were more useful than his brain. He lost because of this.

Now, he was in a rut. He wanted to get some more money and start all over. As long as he could get another chance to restart, he could do more than just kneel. He would even agree to break his arm.

Some of those who were successful had their dignity. While some of those who were successful did not need their dignity to climb up the ladder. Zheng Tao was one of the latter.


Jiang Feng slapped Zheng Tao on the face, and said, "I told you, I will give this slap back to you!"

Zheng Tao frowned, but quickly turned it into a smile and said, "Thank you for slapping me! As long as you are willing to lend that money to me, please, slap me a few more times!"

"Since you offered" With that, Jiang Feng then gave him a few more extra slaps. And Zheng Taos face had become swollen.

"Alright, I heard that you had a Tibetan Mastiff as well. Let me take a look. If I like it, Ill buy it from you!"

Jiang Feng was not someone that was completely indifferent. His hostility toward Zheng Tao came from him slapping his father. If he were to look back, he would not be able to go to university without the fifty thousand that he loaned to his father.

One of his rules in life was to be clear on who had helped him, and who had earned his resentment. Now that he had retaliated for him slapping his father, he would like to repay the favor that he owed Zheng Tao!

"Er alright, please wait, Uncle Feng." Zheng Tao got off the floor and spoke to Song Xi, and he then entered a huge ward for animals. In a short while, a Tibetan Mastiff with its mouth chained was brought out.

The Tibetan Mastiff was black, and the fur around its feet was brown in color while the fur around its neck was a circle of red. Its fur was brilliant and reflected the sunlight. Its eyes, nose, and mouth were hanging down, making it look innocent. In truth, it was very aggressive.

When both Jiang Feng and Sis Hua saw it, their eyes beamed.

Purebred Mastiff Kings were very rare. They had strong combat capabilities and were especially aggressive. There was a reason it was called "The Eastern Divine Hound."

This one is quite young and could be kept for quite a long time. If I buy it, not only can I use it to guard my home, I could have it remove that man-eating rat! Jiang Feng thought to himself.

"Uncle Feng, what do you think?" Zheng Tao pulled the Tibetan Mastiff toward him and asked him flatteringly.

"Not bad. This is a very aggressive Tibetan Mastiff. Let me ask him if hes willing to follow me!" Jiang Feng said. He then approached the Tibetan Mastiff and asked, "Your master is no longer able to afford to keep you. Would you be willing to follow me?"

"Bow-wow Alright!" The Tibetan Mastiff looked at Jiang Feng, then it was scared as if it had seen something that was extremely terrifying. It quickly barked in agreement.

Looking at the Tibetan Mastiff getting scared, Zheng Tao, Song Xi, and Sis Hua were all surprised.

The Tibetan Mastiffs were a very prideful species and had their own dignity. They would not simply obey anyone other than their masters that had raised them from a pup. The three were rightfully confused about the Tibetan Mastiff being so docile when interacting with Jiang Feng.

Seeing that the Tibetan Mastiff had agreed to him, Jiang Feng nodded. He then stood up and said to Zheng Tao, "Ill buy it from you for three million. Give me your account number if you have no complaints, and Ill transfer them to you!"


At this time, someone interrupted him.