Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Fox Cubs

The Tibetan Mastiffs were called the "Divine Hounds of the East."

They were so aggressive that they said that the mastiffs could fight against bears and lions.

While they could not always win against the bears and the lions, it was also proof of the mastiffs aggression.

He used his phone to quickly check and discovered that Zheng Taos Tibetan Mastiff was from a breed called the "Western Number One," and the market price for one was around four million to eight million.

It was completely worth it if he could buy one for three million.

Not only could he use it to protect his home, but he could also bring it out to show off. Not to mention if the Monster Transmutation System could really be used in the real world, it would definitely become a monster if he could improve it using Monster Transmutation. Who would dare to threaten him then?


Just as he was about to transfer the money to Zheng Tao, Jiang Feng heard an objection.

He looked at Sis Hua as he frowned.

Sis Hua stood up and walked over to the Tibetan Mastiff on her high heels, and then said to Jiang Feng, "This Tibetan Mastiff is already mine, boy. Its not that proper if you were to snatch it from me like that, dont you think?"

Jiang Feng then smiled and said, "If I didnt get it wrong, you only said that you would take a look just now and didnt say that you want it at all. Therefore, its not owned by anyone yet. Since I was the one that had settled on a price with Zheng Tao first, youre the one thats snatching it from me."

Sis Hua then closed her eyes with a smile, then turned to Zheng Tao and said, "Zheng Tao. Ill give you four million for the Tibetan Mastiff. Any problems?"

Zheng Tao then looked at Jiang Feng, and back at Sis Hua again. "No no problem!"

Jiang Feng frowned, then extended his hand. "Sis Hua, if you can take it away, then its yours!"

With that, Jiang Feng took a step back.

"If I can subdue a "Ghostface" Mastiff King, I can subdue a Western Number One," Sis Hua gave him a smile and took the leash from Zheng Taos hand, and pulled it out.

Unfortunately, she had just walked a few steps before the Tibetan Mastiff pulled the leash back and her body was pulled back along with it.

Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng quickly took a step forward and caught Sis Hua by her waist and said, "Sis Hua, you wont be able to bring this Tibetan Mastiff back home. Why dont you let me have it?"

Sis Hua looked at Jiang Feng with interest as she lay in his arms, then she smiled as she narrowed her eyes and straightened up. She then turned to Zheng Tao and said, "Zheng Tao, bring the dog back to my place. I dont believe that I cant subdue an animal."


With that, Zheng Tao was going to pull the dog with him, but not only did the Tibetan Mastiff did not leave with him, but it also knocked him down and then walked next to Jiang Feng while wagging its tail.


When they saw this, Sis Hua, Song Xi, and Zheng Tao could only look on with astonishment.

They never expected the Tibetan Mastiff to oppose its masters command, and even attack its original master.

"Sis Hua, sorry, but it looks like the Tibetan Mastiff has already chosen its master." Jiang Feng gave her an apologetic grin.

"Well done, boy. Youre quite good," Sis Hua scanned Jiang Feng and gave him another smile and said, "The reason I wanted to buy this dog is to find a mate for my own Tibetan Mastiff at home. Since it has chosen you, I wont force it. If youre free, look for me at Qingyang Citys Animal Arena. Goodbye."

With that, Sis Hua left with a smile.

The Animal Arena! It was a place accessible only to those with high status.

His guess was that Sis Hua was someone with high social standing.

Next, he then used three million to buy the Tibetan Mastiff from Zheng Tao and left together with it.

He then took a taxi and headed toward the hospital to visit Su Qing.

Once he was at the hospital, he visited Su Qing. Other than her wound being infected, she was fine. All she needed was to stay and get drips for a few days, and she could then be discharged.

Originally, he wanted to bring his father home. However, his father said that he wanted to accompany Su Qing for a while and go and buy a few things, so he had to leave on his own first.


After taking a taxi, he went straight home.

When he was home, he did not go straight to his house. Instead, he brought "Xiaohei" to the hill behind his home.

Xiaohei was the Tibetan Mastiff that he just bought.

While the Tibetan Mastiff did not like the name, he went along with it when Jiang Feng asked him to.

As he climbed up the hill, he removed the iron muzzle from Xiaoheis mouth. He then asked, "Xiaohei, can you beat a lion?"

Xiaohei barked, "Bow-wow! No! But Ghostface, Greenwolf, they can, yes!"

The Tibetan Mastiff was one of the types of hounds with lower intelligence. However, due to Jiang Fengs Tongue of the Beast ability, even low intelligent animals could communicate to him what they meant and he could somewhat understand it.

Both "Ghostface" and "Greenwolf" were breeds of the Tibetan Mastiff, and were referred to as the "Ghostface Mastiff King" and the "Greenwolf Mastiff."

These two Tibetan Mastiffs were two of the most aggressive hounds in the Tibetan Mastiff family. Pure breeds were very rare. Rumor had it that a foreigner once offered forty million to buy a Ghostface Mastiff King, but the offer was rejected.

Even if the Ghostface Mastiff Kings were few in number, those that were bred with it would produce cubs that were much more daring and aggressive.

However, what he did not expect was that there were actually Tibetan Mastiffs that could actually beat lions. Their raw destructive strength was indeed terrifying.

"Then, can you beat a giant rat?" Jiang Feng asked.

Xiaohei lifted his eyebrow and looked at Jiang Feng as if it was saying, Are you an idiot? If I cant beat a rat, I should just die."

When he saw the way Xiaohei looked at him, Jiang Feng was a bit speechless. He stopped talking with him and headed toward where the fox cubs were at.

The fox cubs were behind some rocks in the hill. And according to mommy fox, there were three cubs in total.


Very quickly, he found some rock formations covered by grass and branches. What surprised him the most was that the giant black rat had actually found this place and was clawing its way through the rocks. It seemed like Su Qing did not deal much damage on it with her shovel.

The fox was very smart. When it left, it used a rock to block the entrance, stopping enemies from finding and harming its cubs.

That was why the giant black rat still had to spend some effort in trying to dig into the foxs hole.

"Xiaohei, attack!"

When he saw the giant black rat, he gave Xiaohei, who was standing next to it, an order.


Xiaohei pounced at the giant black rat.

The moment the giant black rat saw Jiang Feng, it was about to attack him. But when it saw Xiaohei, it immediately ran away.

Xiaohei was not someone that would let it off that easily and chased after it like the wind.

Very quickly, both the rat and the Tibetan Mastiff were out of sight.

Jiang Feng did not pay him much attention. He then came to where the rocks were, and moved a rock that was blocking the mouth of the hole.


He easily moved the rock with his hand, and that surprised him.

He looked at the rock in his hand, then threw it without using much force. A rock that was weighed around four kilograms was thrown across a distance of around thirty meters.

"Damn, when did I become this strong?" Jiang Feng muttered to himself with confusion.

He shook his head and cleared his mind when he could find the answer to it and started to move the rocks one by one.

In a short while, he saw three small fox cubs with white fur looking at him in fear.

It was obvious that the three fox cubs had just been born recently. No wonder mommy fox was malnourished.

He grabbed the fox cubs and walked down the hill.

As for Xiaohei, he would return after he had caught the giant black rat.