Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Enhancing Pill

Once he was home, Jiang Feng got to the second floor and cleaned a room where light could shine into it.

He then got some blanket and placed the three fox cubs on it.

He fed the three fox cubs with a few bottles of milk, and only then he left the room.


When he reached the first floor, he was just in time to see Xiaohei ram open the door, and throw that giant black rats body on the ground.

"Thats fast," Jiang Feng said as he walked over and checked on the rat.

There was a wound made by sharp fangs on the rats neck, and it was clear that it was snapped in half by a powerful bite. He did not need to think twice to know that it was caused by Xiaohei.

"Not bad, Ill get you some meat later."

He gave a Xiaohei a pat and stroked his smooth fur. He then moved the giant black rats body out, preparing to bury it.

Then, something incredible happened.

When his body touched the giant black rats body and touched the giant black rats blood, a red light began to emit from his hand and envelope the giant black rat.

Next, the red light began to condense, and its body disappeared. A small pill the size of his thumb appeared in his hand.

"What happened? Was it the Monster Transmutation System? Whats with the pill? Why do I feel so weak?"

He was shocked when he saw what happened with his eyes wide open. At the same time, he could feel exhaustion washing over him. He felt as if he had worked hard for the entire day. His guess was that he had expended too much energy when he created that red pill.

The pill in his hand was still warm to the touch and had a light fragrance.

"Bow-wow give me!"

When Xiaohei saw the red pill in Jiang Fengs hand, he wagged his tail with his tongue out and barked excitedly.

The pill must have been made by the Monster Transmutation System. Unfortunately, he could not check its stats in the real world, so he did not know what kind of pill this was. Im not eating this, but since Xiaohei wants it so badly, I dont think its poisonous. I could give it to Xiaohei so that he can taste it!

With that thought, he gave the red pill in his hand to Xiaohei.


Xiaohei jumped up excitedly and immediately swallowed the red pill.


The moment Xiaohei swallowed the pill, it let out a painful bark and started rolling on the ground.

He thought that he could see a soft, red light begin to surround it.

"Xiaohei, are you alright?"

Jiang Feng asked Xiaohei when he saw what had happened.

Xiaohei did not care about what he had to say and kept on rolling on the ground and crying in pain.

Only after about ten minutes, Xiaohei stopped rolling about and the red light was absorbed into his body.


He took in a few deep breaths of fresh air, and stood up with excitement and focus in his eyes.


Jiang Feng noticed that Xiaohei seemed to have grown slightly larger, its fur smoother, and his fangs and teeth sharper.

"Bow-wow Strong! Strong!"

Xiaohei rushed out into the yard as if he was filled with strength, and swiped at a tree with a trunk as thick as a human arm.


In but one swipe, the tree was broken in half in a terrifying snap.

After Xiaohei had his fun, he ran back to Jiang Feng.

"Xiaohei, how do you feel after eating that pill?" Jiang Feng squatted down and asked him as he looked at him.

"Bow-wow Strong! Strong!" Xiaohei said thrillingly.

He guessed that the red pill must have been a pill that could improve a humans or an animals physical ability.

Xiaohei was already physically very strong. After taking the red pill, he must have become even stronger.

His estimate was that Xiaohei would not even need to fear a Ghostface Mastiff King!

After understanding what had happened, he dragged his tired body into the kitchen and took out a knife. He then walked to his yard.

He had some chickens in his yard that were reared by Su Qing. They were primarily used for making soup for his father to nourish his body.

He walked up to the cage and took a chicken out, and killed it without hesitation.

Once the chicken was dead, he extended his hand and held the bloodied chicken. However, he was perplexed when the chickens body did not become a pill. Nothing happened.

Why did nothing happen? Was it because I have expended too much energy today, or I can only use it once a day? Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the chicken carcass in front of him.

Both of his guesses were possible. With that, he took the chicken carcass into the kitchen and left it there.

He then took out some beef and gave it to Xiaohei, and asked XIaohei to guard the house. He also told Xiaohei not to go up to the second floor so that it could not hurt the three fox cubs.

He then returned to his home to rest because he felt that his body was getting heavier and he was getting even more tired.

When he returned to his room, he sat on his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

After he fell asleep, there was a red light swirling through his body. When Xiaohei saw it, he ran over excitedly. He then lay down next to him and fell asleep.


When he slept, he fell into a very deep sleep.

He slept for two days straight.

Other than going to the toilet, he spent most of his time asleep, just like after the siege.

Xiaohei was exactly like him. If he slept, he would sleep. If he woke up, he would wake up as well.

It was as if Jiang Feng had something special attracting him, and Xiaohei was following him wherever he went.

As for the three fox cubs, he had asked his father to take care of them, so he was not worried if they would die of hunger.

Only after the third night, Jiang Feng was fully restored and he felt that he was energized again.

When his father saw Jiang Feng came out of his room, he frowned. "Little Feng, what happened to you? Why did you sleep so much for the past two days?"

Jiang Feng rubbed his neck and shook his head. "Nothing, I was just getting a good rest. Im going to grab Yue Lao once the server has been reopened."

He knew, however, that his body had been weakened because he had transmuted the pill from the black giant rat.

His guess was that if he had taken that red pill that he had transmuted, then he would not be weakened to such a state. Perhaps, he would become even stronger.

His father already knew Jiang Fengs identity and knew the pressure that he was on. He filled Jiang Fengs bowl with rice and said, "Dont put so much pressure on yourself. I can earn money from the game too. The fishes that I catch can be sold for around 3,000 now. Im prepared to get a better and higher level fishing rod, and fish at a larger lake together with Zhou and Li. See if we can catch some rarer fish."

"Alright. Dad, hows Su Qing doing?" Jiang asked him as he started eating.

"She has almost fully recovered. The doctor said that she can be discharged tomorrow," His father replied.


Next, they had a small chat about the interesting things that happened in the game together as they had dinner. It was a joyful occasion.

After dinner, he went out and killed another chicken to see if he could transmute its carcass into the red pill.

And it was just as he had thought, the chicken was transmuted into a red pill to his excitement. Unfortunately, the red pill that he had gotten was far smaller than the one he got from transmuting the giant black rat. It was only the size of a bean. Maybe it was because the chicken was not as strong as the giant black rat.

"Bow-wow eat!" XIaohei wagged his tail as he came over, wanting to have it.

This time, Jiang Feng did not give it to Xiaohei and swallowed it himself.

It was not poisonous so he wanted to try the red pills effects on himself.

It did not take long after he had taken the red pill for him to feel a sharp pain coming from his body. He gritted his teeth as cold sweat started to flow from his forehead.

In a few minutes, the pain finally subsided. He felt that his body had become stronger and was filled with energy, and he was much more alert.

"Looks like the red pill could indeed strengthen ones body. Ill call it "Enhancing Pill" from now on."

Seeing that Jiang Feng did not give him the red pill, Xiaohei ran back into the house huffing and puffing.

Jiang Feng also locked the door behind him after he went back in.

Other than the first day, he had spent the other two days asleep. The game update that took three days had been completed without him even realizing it.

He looked at the time and noticed that the update was finally completed, and he could return to the game.

Every time he entered the game, he was filled with excitement and anticipation. It was no different this time around.

He put on the earring-type terminal, lay on the bed, and entered the game.