Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 163

Chapter 163 The Eternal Love Quest

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Welcome back to the game, player "Jiang Feng." Hope you have a good time in the game.

Once he returned into the game, he reappeared in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

He was in his dragon form.

He looked at his claws excitedly.

He was not sure why, but every time he entered the game he felt at home. It was as if Divine Dominion was his real home.

"I should go ask Uncle Hua about the Slaughter condition."

As soon as he returned to the game, he remembered about his weakness and was going to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Many players had already logged back into the game, and there was an endless stream of players within the Ancient City.

When he entered the Herbal Store, he had hidden from view. He had also temporarily closed the Herbal Store and had the players that wanted to buy medicine wait outside for the moment.

Once he closed the door, Jiang Feng revealed his shrunken self as he crawled on the counter.

"Xiao Feng, do you need anything in particular?" Uncle Hua asked him.

"Uncle Hua, I have a question. How can I not enter the Slaughter status?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Not entering the Slaughter status?" Uncle Hua smiled. "Those with the Shifters Bloodline will enter the Berserk, Slaughter and Indifference status easily when they are enraged. The only way to stop it is to not kill, and not to become enraged."

"Um Uncle Hua, you know that it is not possible for me to stop killing. If I dont I wouldnt be able to develop the Ancient City. Is there any other way?" Jiang Feng said to him.

He could still control his rage, but he could not stop the killing. This was a game, after all. If he wanted power, he would have to kill for it.

"There is another way. The Moon Essence could suppress these three statuses, but they could only be collected by the Fairies of the Heavenly Court," Uncle Hua said.

Moon Essence?

So he had to go to the Five Fingers Mountain once again?

Violetglow did not pay much attention to him last time, so his guess was that it would be the same this time around. Unless he killed the Four Great Arhats, he would not be able to do anything about that.

"I havent reached Immortal rank, so even if I go I wouldnt be able to beat them. Fine, guess I just have to work hard and level up first, and Ill think of it later!" Jiang Feng had to give up for the time being as there was nothing else he could do.

After he had said his farewell to Uncle Hua, he left the Herbal Store and reopened it for business.

Ding. System Announcement: Yue Lao is currently at the Twilight Forest, South of the Imperial Dragon City.

"Looks like the Yue Lao event has begun. I have to get to him first. Yue Lao is equal to popularity, and maybe those players that are wedded would buy a house here."

With that, Jiang Feng used polymorph and transformed into his human form. After giving himself some disguise, he then teleported to the Imperial Dragon City

Once he appeared at the Imperial Dragon Citys Teleportation Circle, he did not stay in the city and hid once again. He directly took flight toward the Twilight Forest to the south.

He saw that many players were already heading toward the Twilight Forest. They were probably heading over to see Yue Lao or to see what kind of interesting quests he would give to the stewards of the guilds cities.

He still had some time before reaching the Twilight Forest from the Imperial Dragon City. During that time, he opened the World Message Board and started reading.

After browsing it for a bit, he smiled.

He had looked at the posts, but the posts by the Japanese Players no longer talked about the Huaxia Server or the Ruler of Hakai.

It seemed that they no longer dared to talk about the Huaxia Server. His guess was that they were afraid to anger him, and force him to visit the Japanese Server every once a week. They would really cry if he did that.

All the other posts were simply casual posts, with nothing much of value.

As he was browsing through the posts, he finally reached the outer edge of the Twilight Forest.

At this time, many of the players were already congregating right under the Monster Cloud. At the center of these players was an old man with a long, white beard.

There were many red threads on him, and he was holding a few male and female dolls as he was binding them with threads.

This old man was Yue Lao.

At this time, he saw Shen Ye from the Myth Group approach him. After speaking with him, he received a paper from Yue Lao, filled it in, and returned to the city.

Next, Canaan walked forward and exchanged a few words with Yue Lao. He then filled in a piece of paper and returned to the city as well.

After a while, around nine people had come forward. They spoke a few words, filled in a paper, and returned to the city as well.

There were not many bases and cities built within the game yet. Including the Ancient City, there were only thirteen of them.

Seeing that no one else was approaching Yue Lao, he then swooped down as he rode on the Monster Cloud.

"Look! Its the Shifters Inheritor! Hes my hero so handsome I love you!"

"I wonder what kind of quests he would receive? The ones before him all had the same quest."

"If the powerful Shifters Inheritor were to participate, he would definitely finish this quest!"


As many of the players saw Jiang Feng land and walk over to Yue Lao, they all began discussing among themselves. Some of the female players that were fans of him even started screaming.

"Elder, may I invite you to visit the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor?" Jiang Feng walked over to Yue Lao and asked him very politely.

Yue Lao stopped whatever he was working at and looked at Jiang Feng. He gave a gentle smile and said, "If you can pass the test of the Three Generations Tower, then I can promise you. Be careful, this quest will affect you psychologically. Will you accept this?"

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept Yue Laos "Eternal Love" quest?


"Please write down on this piece of paper the name of females that you have come across, and have some relationship with. Give me at least five," Yue Lao gave Jiang Feng a piece of paper.

Whats with this quest?

He gave it a thought, and he accepted the red piece of paper. He then wrote the names of five women in it. What he had to do in order to get Yue Lao to come along with him.

"The Three Generations Tower is located within the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, you can go and do your quest now!" Yue Lao took the red paper and told Jiang Feng with a smile.

When he heard that, he quickly used a Town Portal Scroll to return to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

His guess was that the other guild leaders had the same quest as him. He had to finish the quest before they did or he would lose the chance to grab Yue Lao.

Once he had returned to the Ancient City of Shifter Emperor, he found the Three Generations Tower in front of the plaza right outside the Shifter Emperors Palace.

The tower had three levels and it was very tall. His guess was that it must be at least one hundred meters tall.

He came in front of the Tower of the Three Generations, and then he pushed open the door and entered.


After he had entered, the door closed up.

"This is"

When he entered the tower, he noticed that he was surrounded by whiteness. There was a stone erected within it.

He walked over and looked at the rock and the five names written on it.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you begin the Eternal Love quest?



As soon as he said it, five beauties appeared next to him.

These were Ling Feiyu, Xiao Lan the Inheritor of the Spirits, Violetglow the Fairy, Archmaster Moji, and Xiao Longnu.


"Just as I thought! Luckily, other than Ling Feiyu, all the ones that I chose were NPCs. If not, my identity would have been exposed by now!" Jiang Feng frowned as he saw the five women around him.

"Shifters Inheritor?! Ill kill you!"

As soon as Xiao Lan and Archmaster Moji appeared within the Three Generations Tower and saw Jiang Feng, they were angered and started attacking him immediately.