Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 164

Chapter 164 The First Dream

When Jiang Feng heard the name of the quest from Yue Lao, he knew that there was a catch to it.

Eternal Love. He did not have to think twice to know how awkward this quest would be.

That was why when he wrote the names down, almost everyone he chose were NPCs other than Ling Feiyu to prevent his identity from being exposed.

And just as he thought, when the dungeon was opened up, the five people he had chosen were all transported over.

Xiao Lan and Archmaster Moji were his enemies, so they wanted to kill him as soon as they saw him. Unfortunately, they were party members now and their attacks were useless against Jiang Feng.

"Little Feng!" Xiao Longnu saw Jiang Feng and she was filled with joy, and quickly went over to his side with a bright smile on her face.

When Ling Feiyu saw Xiao Longnu being so close with Jiang Feng, she became extremely cold and asked, "Why am I here?"

"Three Generations Tower, that damn Yue Lao. Its one of his games again!" Violetglow seemed to have some idea about where they were, then she remembered something about it and she scowled and said frigidly to Jiang Feng, "Why did you bring me here? I will not accompany you for three generations!"

Sun Wukong was the only one that Violetglow would keep in her heart. Knowing the Three Generations Towers effect, she naturally would not want to party with Jiang Feng.

As soon as she said that, her figure disappeared within the Three Generations Tower, and her name had also been removed from the Three Generations Rock.

"Er How about showing some support?" Jiang Feng was slightly stunned when he saw that Violetglow left, and then turned to Xiao Lan and Archmaster Moji with a forced smile. "Ahem About that, since we have such a good relationship, why not accompany me for three generations?"

"Worry not, I will personally execute you one of these days! Ill see you in hell! Meanwhile, have fun with your spirit friend!" Archmaster Moji stared at Jiang Feng murderously before leaving.

"Hey, dont go! You better explain yourself! What do you mean have fun with your spirit friend! I want to kill him too!" When Xiao Lan heard what Archmaster Moji said, she was slightly angry. Just as she was about to get Archmaster Moji to explain herself, she had disappeared as well.

"Hey, I mean, since we at least know each other, cant you at least give me a chance?" Jiang Feng looked at them in exasperation.

He had just received the quests details.

According to the quest description, he would have to restart his life as a newbie and have five women accompany him for three generations. If any one of them were to accompany him till the end, his quest would be considered a success.

During this quest, he would meet up with the other twelve guild leaders.

Once the quest begins, they would all begin as a newbie. The more people that were willing to help them, the greater the chance of them finishing this quest.

Since they would all begin as newbies, Shen Ye, Ling Yun, and Canaan would definitely try to eliminate him first. The fewer helpers he had, the harder for him to complete this quest.

"Hmph, you hooligan! One day, I would"

Jiang Feng did not wait for Xiao Lan to finish her sentence and quickly walked over and said to her, "Hey Lets just be clear here, Im not a hooligan. Also, if I didnt defeat Laolao, you would never have become this strong. Cant you help me this once?!"

Xiao Lan bit her fleshy, tempting lips, but her eyes were filled with hate as she said, "Help you? Stop dreaming! Dont let me see you again, or Ill kill you every time I see you!"

With that, Xiao Lan left as well.

Ho, kill me every time you see me? Lets see you try! Jiang Feng thought to himself.

Then, he turned to look at Ling Feiyu and Xiao Longnu and said, "If I knew this would happen, I wouldnt write their names. Looks like its going to be difficult to finish this quest."

Ding. Friendly Reminder: After completing the Three Generations, other than the first generations memories, memories of the other two generations will be suppressed. Only when prerequisites are met would the other two generations memories be released. Are you ready?"

Once he had confirmed who were the ones that would follow him, a voice announced it in his ears.

He looked at Ling Feiyu, and both their eyes were filled with surprise.

It was memory suppression again!

Only the Saintly Artifact Earth Book from Wuzhuang Taoist Temple had this kind of power. He did not know that the Tower of Three Generations would have the same power as well.

They guessed that the ones that had developed the game might have really found a way to suppress a persons memory. Otherwise, they would not use it in the game.

Perhaps, it was more accurate to say they had it in the testing phase and used players as test subjects.

Since this was just a game, it would not bring any harm to the players.

"Memory suppression? I have heard about it once from a professor during an open lecture. I did not think that they have actually completed the research!" Ling Feiyu said.

"Its not entirely impossible since they have developed a game like Divine Dominion. Forcing people to enter the game through the mind was perhaps even more complicated than suppressing memories," Jiang Feng said. "Stop thinking too much about it and help me complete the mission."

"Alright," Ling Feiyu agreed.

As the three of them were done with the preparations, the quest had formally begun.


After three hours, the quest had been completed.

Jiang Feng was teleported to the front of the Three Generations Tower. Meanwhile, Ling Feiyu and Xiao Longnu had been teleported back to where they were before their forced teleportation into the tower. The Three Generations Tower then slowly disappeared.

Ding. Server Announcement: Yue Lao has settled in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor for one month. Players who wish to get married, please head to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor to submit the necessary paperwork. Hope all the players are able to be joyful and live happily ever after!

"I finished the quest? How did I finish it?"

Jiang Feng had a blank expression on his face after he came out of the tower. Because other than the memories of his first life, he could not remember the memories of the other two generations. He did not know how he completed it.

"It looks like the memory suppression technology really does exist as I cant remember what happened afterward." Jiang Feng was terrified just thinking about the existence of such a technology.

If this were used in a beneficial way, it could be used to aid those with a troubled mind, and perhaps could even have medical benefits on mental patients. But if it were used in a detrimental way, the effects would be terrifying.

But after giving it a thought, he felt that he did not need to be so cautious about it. The technology was still experimental and his memories could be restored. It was only a short term memory loss. The game company would not dare do anything rash or they would be forced to shut down.

After thinking it through, he sat on the steps in front of the Shifter Emperors Palace and began to recall what had happened during his first life.

While only one hour had passed for each generation, he felt as if he had spent one entire lifetime.

It was like a dream. It was only a few minutes, but he had dreamed of what had happened in one lifetime.

It could be said that this quest was to dream. A dream participated by every player.

In his first life, he became a general that fought in wars during the Divine Dominion. Xiao Longnu and Ling Feiyu were his subordinates, and they fought for glory together until they aged and passed away.

What he did not expect was that he could use the Monster Transmutation System in that life as well, and he had used the Monster Transmutation System to become especially powerful.

He remembered that he had killed a few guild masters and their party members, but these guild masters were all quite weak in comparison and were quite low ranking.

"Ugh The dream was too real. How did the game company do it?!" Jiang Feng sighed as he replayed what had happened during his first lifetime in his mind.


Just when he was lamenting, he did not know that a group of professors was looking at the data from a computer screen that was linked with many other pieces of machinery in the Divine Dominions development center.

"How is it? How did the test for Lord God Lingluo go?" An old man asked the staff that was reading the data.

"Professor Ling, the test was a success," A staff member replied as he checked the computers waves and data on the screen.

"Haha! Good! Another of our techs had a breakthrough! I wonder how many surprises Lingluo can give us," The old professor laughed excitedly, then he quickly said, "Continue digging at what the Lord God Lingluos abilities are. Didnt think that an asteroid that fell on Earth twenty years ago would give us so many surprises! As soon as we can understand Lingluo thoroughly, the entire Earths scientific progress would have a breakthrough! Perhaps, even the entire world would be renewed!"