Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Wedding

Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, Central Statue.

Yue Lao stood next to the Shifter Emperors statue. With a wave of his hand, a small stage had appeared. And on the stage, the word "Xi" was written on it. The word "Xi" was also the Chinese word for happiness.

With a wave of his hand, a chair appeared in front of him. He took a seat and played with the red thread and mud dolls in his hands.

When the players heard that Yue Lao had settled in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, they all came over and asked about getting married.

In just a short while, Yue Laos surroundings were filled with players.

Jiang Feng, who was standing at the Shifter Emperors Palace looked at the number of online players through the city management panel. As he saw the number climbing steadily, he smiled. This was the outcome that he was looking for.

Ding. Server Announcement: Bai Yi had given Su Xingyu 9999 Roses and had been granted the Rain of Petals effect. Wishing both of them a happy ever after!

As soon as the server announcement was made, the entire sky of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor was filled with rose petals and they rained upon the city.

After the Marriage System had been introduced, roses were sold in the Trading Hall. One rose cost 20gp, and each rose would increase intimacy value by 10. Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine roses would require around 200,000gp. Normal players could not afford that much.

"Hm? I didnt think that Bai Yi would be that generous. The rain of roses happened here in the Ancient City so does that mean they are here and want to get married here?"

Jiang Feng was slightly taken by surprise at the server announcement and looked at where Yue Lao was. He saw a handsome man kneeling before Su Xingyu, roses in his hands, and was asking for her hand in marriage.

Many players were surrounding them, and when they saw the rose petals raining from the sky, they became envious.

"Haha! I took a petal and I was given two roses."

"I got a rose too!"


What made many of the players feel excited was that in the rain of roses, there was a chance for them to pick up roses.

One rose was 20gp. If they could get a few more roses, then they would have enough to pay for dinner. No wonder they were so happy.

Su Xingyu accepted Bai Yis marriage proposal, and they both did their marriage paperwork in front of Yue Lao. They then put down their title as Husband and Wife and got their Marriage Certificate.

Very quickly, a parade had appeared. Bai Yi was riding on his pet, a Red Wolf. He then led the procession with a bouquet of flowers in hand and started the parade.

Many of the high-level members of the Xingyu Guild kept on throwing petals into the brides cart as fireworks burst out in the sky.

As there was candy as well as experience points within the area of the fireworks, many players were following the parade. If they give the newlywed their blessings, they would gain experience points. If the newlyweds were happy, they could even give out some items by putting them into gift boxes and spreading it throughout the parade.

"Haha! I received a White-Silver equipment from the bridegroom! Thank you, Bai Yi! Wish you and Su Xingyu a happy ever after!"

"I got two Green-bronze Equipment and some candies that recover health! Not bad, if theres a wedding every day, all I need to do is to follow the back of the cart and I would earn so much money!"

"Wow! Su Xingyu is giving out Red Packets! I got one with 100gp inside! As expected from a guild leader from one of the top ten guilds! So generous! If someone gives me this kind of treatment with the petal rain, I would marry him too!"


All the players following the parade become excited and tried to grab the gift boxes surrounding the parade.

Some of the female players would also want a Chinese wedding that was so romantic. Some female players even said that as long as someone asks for their hands in marriage with a rain of petals, they would accept it in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the price of getting a rain of roses was too high. 200,000. It was not really that affordable for the common people. Unless the person was a Horticulturist and he had planted the roses himself. Perhaps then they would be able to get that many roses.

When many of the male players heard the wishes of the female players, they did not hesitate in running toward Yuan Ping, the Divine-Level Horticulturists shop, to learn Horticulture. They were getting ready to plant roses and ask for the hand in marriage of the women of their dreams.

The parade could be life streamed and it was put up on Weibo and the official Message Board. After only a short while after the wedding was posted, another large group of players came to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. The Ancient Citys online population began to skyrocket.

"Looks like it was worth it to snatch Yue Lao. Just one wedding has made the Ancient City so popular. If there were more weddings within this month, then the Ancient Citys economy would become stable."

Jiang Feng was smiling with joy when he saw what happened. As he had gained popularity, economics would grow too. The citys experience points were also increasing. Once the experience points had been maxed, the city could then be upgraded.

"The Ancient City has finally been developed well, but its still not yet complete. Now that I have so many Evolution Pills, time to train my followers."

After taking a look, Jiang Feng did not continue watching. Instead, he flew down from the Ancient City on the Monster Cloud.

As he just wanted to train his followers, he did not intentionally find a place to kill monsters. He directly jumped off the Ancient City and flew downward.

As for the War for Resources, he was not going to join that event.

There were plenty of events around the Ancient City so there was no need to grab any more resources. Not only that, he even opened these resource points to the solo players.

The monsters from the Ancient City did not know how to mine, and Robert and Rocket were not mining there as well as they would buy their ores. And since it was just there doing nothing, he might as well allow the solo players to have them. Perhaps he could even have a few players based in the city permanently.


Nanhai City, Hengduan Mountain Range. It possessed territories of monsters within level 40-60.

He opened the map and looked at the monsters around the Hengduan Mountain Range according to his followers types.

There were around thirty types of monsters within the mountain range, and there were five types that he could fuse his followers with. That meant that he could max out the bloodline of five followers.

"Yanhu, Heifeng, Xiaotian, Houwang, Haozi, Come!"

As soon as he landed on the mountain range, he released Yanhu and his other followers from the Qiankun Gourd.

"Boss, youve finally released me! Guapi, that dragon girl, is too barbaric! Quickly, get her out of there. Brother Yan and I are on the verge of losing our status!" The moment Heifeng was let out, he cried as he held Jiang Fengs dragon claw in its paw.

Seeing Heifengs bruised face, Jiang Feng knew that he must have provoked Guapi again.

Houwang scratched his ear and said to Jiang Feng with a laugh, "Boss, dont listen to him. Just when Guapi was falling asleep, he went over and disturbed her, and she beat him up!"

"No wonder!" Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Heifeng.

Next, he took out five Evolution Pills and said to his five followers, "There are monsters of the Tiger, Wolf, Monkey and Rat race here. Kill them and bring their body here, and I will raise your bloodline. Later, each of you can get one Evolution Pill."

"Thank you, Boss!"

When Heifeng saw the Evolution Pill, he no longer cried and ran toward a group of Violetwind Tigers.

Yanhu and the other four followers also scattered outward into the different monster territories and began to kill the monsters.

Seeing that his other followers had all struck out on their own, he looked for the closest point where the four monsters territories intersected and crouched down on the ground. He then took out the Divine Fate Compass and started searching for the Donghuang Bell fragments.

There were still many fragments that were lost outside, and he was prepared to raise his followers powers as he looked for the Donghuang Bell fragments. Meanwhile, he also needed to increase his own level and push into Spiritual Level so that he could accept and finish the Chinese Ghost Story quest.