Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Wen Yan

During this period of time, he had not been using the Divine Fate Compass. The main reason being that he was too busy.

But now that he had nothing much to do, he took out the Divine Fate Compass and began searching for the Donghuang Bell fragments.

As the Divine Fate Compass began to turn, Shen Luo appeared before him once again.

"Master, please choose the type of treasure that you seek."

"Donghuang Bell Fragments!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the compass began to turn faster and the runes floated out of the compass and shot out in all directions.

"We found it. There is one Donghuang Bell fragment within the Hengduan Mountain Range. Its coordinates are 3587.9435." Shen Luo told Jiang Feng very quickly.

Hm? Wasnt expecting a fragment in the Hengduan Mountain Range, looks like my luck is quite good.

While he found out that there was a Donghuang Bell fragment within the mountain range, he did not go off in a rush. He would go once he had increased his five followers strength.

In a short while, his five followers each brought back a corpse.

He began to fuse his followers with the corpses to improve their bloodline.

Once they had been improved, they would have to go and get more corpses.

Only after six hours did all his followers bloodlines reach 100%.

"Here, these are the Evolution Pills that Ive promised you."

Jiang Feng took out five Evolution Pills and gave them to his five followers.

"Thank you, Boss! I love you!"

Once Heifeng had taken the Evolution Pill, he thanked him excitedly then threw it into his mouth.

He wanted to become stronger badly. If not, Guapi would keep on beating him up in the Qiankun Gourd. He did not want to be bruised every day.

Yanhu, Houwang, Haozi, and Xiaotian did not hesitate and swallowed the pills as well.

His five followers began to evolve.

Very quickly, five fireballs appeared in front of him.

While his followers were evolving, he started killing monsters and using Transmute Monster to obtain more bloodline and Evolution Pills.

Now that his followers powers had been increased, his own powers needed to be increased as well.

Currently, there were already players that had reached level 50 and could change their classes a third time. Players stats would increase by another 30%. With a complete set of equipment, it was completely possible for their attacks and defense values to surpass him.

After his five followers had finished evolving, he too consumed three drops of refined Divine Beast Bloodlines, and his Dragon bloodline purity had increased a little bit.

He looked at his followers that had successfully evolved and increased in power enviously.

Originally, he was going to keep on increasing their bloodline and evolving them.

However, when he thought of that Donghuang Bell fragment, he lost interest in helping them fuse and wanted to focus on finding that fragment first.


Hengduan Mountain Range was several hundred kilometers in length.

Deep within the mountain range were several active volcanoes.

Based on the fragments locations, it was within one of the volcanoes.

Jiang Feng put away his followers then headed toward the flagged volcano on the Monster Cloud.

The volcano was about a thousand meters tall, and the sky above the peak had been burned red by the boiling lava. Lava would spout every once in a while.

Approaching close toward the peak of the volcano, he could feel a scorching wave come close to him, and that the temperature of the surroundings began to rise.

He quickly took out the Ruler of Hakai and held it in his hand to resist the heat.

The Ruler of Hakai increased nine elemental resistances by 30% and his fire resistance was 30%. With the Ruler of Hakais increased resistance of 30%, his fire resistance had become 60%.

With a high fire resistance, the heat had stopped affecting him.

According to the waypoint, the Donghuang Bell fragment should be inside the volcano. Looks like I have to enter, Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the vent of the volcano. He then entered the volcano vent with the Monster Cloud.

As soon as he entered the volcano, even more heat came toward him. Luckily, he had high fire resistance. If not, his HPs would decrease as soon as he had entered the vent.

The volcano vent itself was not very big, but the chamber underneath it was huge. It must be at least several hundred meters in diameter wide.

When he was at the vent, Jiang Feng frowned as he looked at the boiling lava.

"Dont tell me the Donghuang Bell fragment is at the bottom of the lava? How the hell am I supposed to go down there?"

"Inheritor of the Shifters? What are you doing here?"

Just when he was thinking of a way to get to the bottom of the lava, someone spoke to him.

Curiously, he looked at the source of the voice.

He saw that behind him, in front of the face of a wall, a handsome red-haired man that was enveloped in fire was staring at him.

When he saw the red-haired man, he was slightly surprised.

He was not expecting anyone to be here, much less a man surrounded by fire standing on top of boiling lava.

He then looked at the mans status.

Wen Yan: Level 50 Inheritor of the Flames

Stats: Hidden, cannot be seen

"The Inheritor of the Flames!"

He was not expecting to meet the inheritor of the flames.

But what disappointed him was that other than his name, all his other stats had been hidden and that he could not see them.

"Im here looking for the Donghuang Bell fragment. If Im correct, its in your hands?" Jiang Feng asked Wen Yan with a smile.

"You meant this?"

Wen Yan smiled and he waved his hand. Two Fire Elementals appeared from the lava with a bronze piece around the size of a hand fan. It was indeed one of the Donghuang Bell fragments.

"You already know why Im here. Can you give the fragment to me?" Jiang Feng asked him.

His guess was that Wen Yan was not a player. If he were a player, then he would not stay within the volcano.

"I can give it to you, but you have to defeat me first. I want to see if the Shifters Inheritor is stronger, or the Flames Inheritor is more powerful!" As he said that, his eyes began to beam with excitement. Indeed, as expected of the Inheritor of the Flames. While he looked calm on the surface, he was surging with excitement within.

"Understood, lets do this!"

Jiang Feng shrunk his huge body and expanded the Monster Cloud, covering the entire lava lake, forming a platform. He took out the Jingu Staff and turned it into a claw, and equipped It unto his claw. His other claw was holding the Ruler of Hakai.

"Its a bit meaningless if we use skills. So, why dont we use our physical strength only? If you can take thirty blows from me and not die, Ill give you the Donghuang Bell fragment!" Wen Yan said arrogantly.

"Such pride!"

Jiang Feng yelled out coldly and his draconic body rushed toward Wen Yan. He raised his dragon claw and violently swiped toward Wen Yan as the very air screeched.

"A great attack!" Wen Yans eyes beamed with excitement as he roared, and a pair of cestus appeared in his hand and clashed with Jiang Fengs dragon claw.


Both took two steps back after the initial crash, and they collided with each other once again.

Boom! Bang!

The sound of the dragon claw and fist crashing with each other echoed within the volcano.

Wen Yan was very powerful, capable of controlling the fire on him at will. It would become a blade in one second, and become a shield the next, then become an armor after that. And it was causing Jiang Feng to get a headache.

And once his attack hit Jiang Feng, it would deal around 20,000 damage, a testament to his terrifyingly high attack power.

As for Jiang Feng, several of his scales had already been singed. No matter how he attacked with his dragon claw, it would be blocked by the shield or armor formed by the fire, and it angered him.

If this were to continue, his HPs would deplete in less than 15 hits.


Ding. System Prompt: You have entered Berserk status. Attack and movement speed increased by 100%.

The flames were considered natural talents of the Inheritor of the Flames, so his three statuses were also considered as his natural talents as a Shifter.

In order to obtain the Donghuang Bell fragment, he had no choice but to enter the Berserk Status.

Currently, as soon as he became angered, he could enter the Berserk status easily. He still could not enter the Slaughter status at will, unless he saw blood. Lots and lots of blood.

Once he became Berserk, his movement speed shot up and far surpassed Wen Yan.

At one point in time, his figure could be seen all around the volcano.


While Jiang Feng became quicker, his attacks still could not pierce through his armor. As he could not use any skills, it was difficult for him to deal any damage to Wen Yan.

Even if he could use skills, his guess was that his skills would not outclass Wen Yans skills by much.

After thirty rounds, he only managed to deal a few thousand points of damage to Wen Yan. Meanwhile, he only had around 40,000 HPs left. Two more damage and he would be killed.

"Haha! This is great!" After the thirtieth round, Wen Yan stopped, his hands shaking excitedly. "We can stop now, we can stop! If we continue, I might just accidentally kill you!"

Jiang Feng had lost dozens of scales by this point, and he had burns on multiple parts of his body with blood still dripping from his wounds. It could be said that he had never been this mortified before.

On the other hand, losing to an NPC Inheritor that was a higher level than him was nothing to be embarrassed about.

"Youre very arrogant, but I like you! Youre just like me!" Jiang Feng smiled at Wen Yan as he swallowed a Large Recovery Pill.

"Youre quite arrogant too! But you have too many bloodlines in you, and different rankings to boot! That made you lose to me. My advice to you is to increase the rankings of all your bloodlines. Once you have done that, I may not be your match anymore!" Wen Yan said as he narrowed his eyes, then laughed out uncontrollably. "Of course, if you do become stronger than I am, you have to fight me again!"

"Thank you for your teachings, my friend. But next time, you will be the one to lose!" Jiang Feng was slightly surprised when he heard what Wen Yan had to say, and his eyes beamed as he said with a laugh.

Next, Wen Yan gave the Donghuang Bell fragment to him, and they made a promise with each other.

Because of this promise, Jiang Feng was filled with joy. If he and Wen Yan could form a bond over this, he would have another helper during the coming Great Divine-Infernal War.