Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 167

Chapter 167 : The Shifter Sealing Tower

Hengduan Mountain Range, within the volcano.

After his trial with Wen Yan and obtaining the eightieth Donghuang Bell fragment, he started to have an idle chat with Wen Yan.

Mostly on the topic of fighting, and one could tell how much Wen Yan liked to fight.

Because of the limits of the NPCs, he could not leave the volcano. And he could not really fight with the rest of his tribesmen. He was having a very hard time holding back these past few years.

Coincidentally, Jiang Feng arrived, and he could have a battle where he could go all out. After some chatter and the realization that they were quite alike in personality, they quickly became friends.

They finally went their own ways after chatting with each other for a long time.

When Jiang Feng left the volcano, he kept on replaying the words that Wen Yan told him in his mind.

"Not only did I get the eightieth fragment easily, but Wen Yan has also opened up my mind!"

He still had twenty one Evolution Pills on him, and he could use them to increase the bloodline on him with them.

In the past, he did not care much for the other bloodlines as he felt that the stat increment was not as substantial.

But after Wen Yan had explained it to him, he was finally aware of the possibility.

While he had many bloodlines within him, if he could increase every single one to rank 6 and evolve, the increase would be equal to or be more than evolving the Dragon bloodline twice or three times despite the few stats they had increased individually.

If that were the case, his power could be increased manifold.

Around two months ago, the main reason that the Shifter Hierophant, Ya Di, had chosen him was because of his ability to fuse with the bloodline of all races. Other than requiring the restoration of the Donghuang Bell, it was also because once all the races bloodlines had reached their apex, he would become something that was super strong.

"I should find a place to evolve. Other than the dog race, crocodile race, and tiger race, all my other bloodlines have reached 100%. I have eighteen bloodlines within me, that means that I can evolve fifteen times!" He mumbled to himself, then found a place that was safe and deserted on the Monster Cloud and was ready to evolve.

When he found a place that he was happy with, he consumed the Evolution Pill.

He chose the wolf bloodline, and next, his huge draconic body was enveloped by a fireball and he became a flaming cocoon.

Within the cocoon, he could feel himself burning as if his body was being melted.

Ten minutes later, the fire cocoon burst open.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution successful. You have become a rank one Wolf Cub.

After he had evolved, Jiang Feng became a grey wolf cub. He looked like a small dog, but he was very small.

"Fusing is much better since it has a chance of directly reaching the monsters original rank. If I have to consume the bloodline, I have to evolve from the very beginning!" Jiang Feng looked at his own body and said to himself.

When he just started the game, he had fused with the Wild Dogs. Once his bloodline had reached 100%, his rank would increase even if he did not take any Evolution Pills.

But what he had to make clear was that he had fused with many Wild Dogs and a Wild Dog King, that was why his rank had increased to rank four immediately.

It was the same case when he fused with the Broken-tooth Crocodile. After fusing a third time, the crocodiles rank had also reached rank two. If he were to continue fusing, he would no doubt reach a higher rank.

Unfortunately, while fusing increased his rank quickly and he need not spend any Evolution Pills, his success rate with it was still not high enough.

"If only I could get more luck forcing the Fusion rate to reach 90% and above. I could become stronger even quicker then!"

His guess was that his current success rate for fusion was around 40% to 50%. When he succeeded three times out of four times, luck was indeed playing a role.

"I have to continue evolving!" He mumbled a bit as he continued to evolve.

Beep! Beep!

Just as he was going to take the second pill and continue to evolve his other bloodlines, Ling Feiyu sent a message over.

Curiously, he opened her text and took a look.

Ling Feiyu: "Are you free?"

Jiang Feng replied, "Yes, I am. Whats up?"

Ling Feiyu: "Ive received one of the Ten Main Plots, The Legend of Sword and Fairy. It needs two players to complete, interested?"

The Third of the Ten Main Plots! He did not expect it to be the Legend of Sword and Fairy, and this was good news!

The rewards for any quests related to the Ten Main Plots were all quite good. So when Ling Feiyu sent him information about the quest, he accepted it whole-heartedly.

Jiang Feng asked her excitedly, "Where are you right now? Ill go look for you!"

Ling Feiyu: "Mount Shu, Shifter Sealing Tower!"


Once he had her location, he did not choose to continue evolving. Instead, he had chosen to use Polymorph and transformed into his human form and returned to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. He then used the Teleportation Circle to teleport to Shuchuan City.

Shuchuan City was located in the Southwest of the continent.

It was filled with mountains here, and they were all linked together. This was also an area that was filled with the most monster territories.

Mount Shu was the main peak among all the mountains.

There was a sect on the mountain top, and therefore it could be said to be a spawn point for humanoid NPCs.

All the humanoid NPCs there could drop the fragments of skills, so many came here to farm for skills.

The reason that Ling Feiyu would come here was that she wanted to farm for some skills with high damage, as she was a priest and did not have many skills that could deal high damage.

He quickly arrived at the place where he said he would meet up with Ling Feiyu thanks to the Monster Cloud.

The Shifter Sealing Tower.

It was a tower with nine levels and was located on another mountain peak surrounded by clouds behind Mount Shus sect. The level of the monsters inside were ranged from level 10 to level 100, and it was not opened yet.

His guess was that the Shifter Sealing Tower would only be opened to players after this Main Plot quest had been completed. There would be more players coming over to Mount Shu afterward.

When he came close to the mountain peak where the Shifter Sealing Tower was located, Jiang Feng saw Ling Feiyu standing near its edge in her green-colored robe.

When she saw him fly over, Ling Feiyu smiled faintly. As the wind blew at her hair and the misty clouds surrounded her, she looked like a fairy descending upon the mortal realm.

Jiang Feng looked at her, and he was stunned by her beauty.

When the Monster Cloud reached the mountain peak, Jiang Feng finally came to. He landed next to Ling Feiyu and smiled. "Did you wait for a long time?"

Ling Feiyu glanced at Jiang Feng perplexedly, and then asked him, "Do you remember the memories of the two lifetimes from the Eternal Love quest?"

Jiang Feng was taken aback, and quickly shook his head and said, "I dont. Do you remember?"

"I dont!" Ling Feiyu shook her head.

While the memories of her two lifetimes had been suppressed, she felt that something must have happened between her and Jiang Feng. It was a strange but wonderful feeling.

Even her first memories were slightly different from Jiang Fengs.

In her first life, while she was one of Jiang Fengs subordinates, she was a subordinate that loved him. She did try to tell him, but unfortunately, the Jiang Feng during his first lifetime was someone with zero EQ and only cared about the safety of his country. He did not realize it at all.

"Oh, right, how did you trigger this quest?" Jiang Feng did not notice anything strange with Ling Feiyu, and asked her curiously.

"I met with the heavily injured Li Xiaoyao. I healed him, and he asked me to do this quest to save Zhao Linger. Only then I triggered this quest," Ling Feiyu said.

"So The Shifter Sealing Tower. The monsters at the top are all level 100, how are we going to save her?" Jiang Feng was a bit speechless.

"We dont have to reach the ninth level. Zhao Linger has been captured and locked up on the fifth floor. All we need to do is to get to the fifth floor," Ling Feiyu said.

The monsters on the fifth floor were all level 50 monsters, and it would not be too hard handling them. The only difficult one to handle was the boss.

The boss at the fifth level probably would not be level 50, it would most probably be level 60.

But to him, it would not be too difficult anyway. Thanks to his followers, he could even deal with level 60 bosses.

Jiang Feng took out the Jingu Staff and transformed it into a longsword. He then said to Ling Feiyu, "Alright, lets go!"

Ling Feiyu glanced at Jiang Feng and nodded. "Okay!"