Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Problem With The Quest

Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu approached the Shifter Sealing Tower.

Ling Feiyu took out a key, raised her pale hand, and opened the door.


The Shifter Sealing Towers huge door was opened up.

As soon as he entered, a path appeared before the both of them.

As they entered the Shifter Sealing Tower, the door shut closed.

"Its designed to be a maze inside. Without a map, we need to find the correct path to find the boss that protects the key to the second level!" Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng calmly.

He then opened the map and looked at it. Indeed, it was all black with nothing drawn. He looked at the many paths that were branched out in front of him. He walked to where the paths branched out, only to see that all the three paths were filled with monsters. At the end of the paths were once again three branching paths.

Just as Ling Feiyu had said, the entire Shifter Sealing Tower was a maze.

"A maze? Dont worry, Ill take care of it!"

With that, he took out the Qiankun Gourd and released all his followers inside, including the Arcane Amulet Dragon Guapi, the Horned Lightning Hawk, and the Two-headed Gryphon.

"God, you almost bored me to death! Hey, didnt you say we could go kill the Invaders? You pulled me back halfway through and I even had to get harassed by a weirdo! Im so pissed right now!"

The moment Guapi came out, she immediately complained to Jiang Feng.

"Who the hell harassed you" The bruised Heifeng hid behind Jiang Feng and said in fear.

"What did you say, weirdo?" The moment Guapi heard what Heifeng said, she raised her dragon claw and was about to smack him.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes speechlessly at Guapi and Heifeng, then said to them in a serious tone, "Alright, stop fooling around. I have a mission for all of you!"

"Steward, have you forgotten? The three of us have only settled in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. We are not your followers nor servants. There is no obligation for us to work for you," Guapi said to Jiang Feng as she shrunk herself and flew toward Jiang Feng.

With a smile, Jiang Feng then took out an Evolution Pill and said in a calm manner, "It is true. You do not have to force yourselves to work for me, and I wouldnt force you too. That being said, whoever helps me find the Territory King of this level, this Evolution Pill will be his."

"The Golden Pill!" Guapis, the Horned Lightning Hawks, and the Two-headed Gryphons eyes beamed with excitement.


The Thunderclap Mantis, Houwang, the Redscaled Python, did not say anything and quickly headed to each of the branching paths. Any monsters that were in their way were instantly killed.

These monsters were only at level 10. While their stats were higher than the monsters outside, they were nothing to these Territory Kings.

"The golden pill is mine! Xiaoying, Xiaojiu, quickly go and find this levels Territory King!"

The Evolution Pill was indeed something that all monsters wanted. The moment Guapi saw the Evolution Pill, she did not care if she was working for Jiang Feng anymore. She quickly gave an order to Xiaoying, Xiaojiu, and set out herself.

"I said, dont call me Xiaoying!"

"Dont call me Xiaojiu too!"

Both the Horned Lightning Hawk and Two-headed Gryphon complained respectively and moved out.

In just a moment, the sixty bosses had all set forth to all areas of the first level, trying to find the Territory King of the first level.

Ling Feiyu was slightly stunned when she saw what Jiang Feng did, and said to him, "Youre quite good at this."

Jiang Feng grinned and said, "Of course, all we need to do now is to wait."

With that, he crossed his legs and was ready to use his lottery chance. As he was in a rush, he still had not had the chance to use it.

After the Monster Transmutation System had been upgraded, this was the first time he was using it.

After the Monster Transmutation System had been upgraded, each time he evolved, he would get two lottery chances. He wanted to know what was different after the system had been upgraded.

Ling Feiyu was not sure what Jiang Feng was doing so she did not disturb him. Instead, she was just standing by the side smiling gently and happily, watching him as he focused his will.

He opened the lottery wheel, and chose to double and began the lottery.

The indicator began to spin. After a dozen seconds, it stopped on the equipment category. Two Yellow-Gold treasure chests appeared.

He looked at the treasure chests and opened them immediately.

Both the Yellow-Gold treasure chests contained a ring each.

Ring of Speed: Yellow-Gold Equipment

Movement Speed +50%

Attack Speed +50%

Evasion +20%

Passive Skill: Fleet of Foot, after disengaging from a battle, increase movement speed by 30%

Prerequisite: Level 45 Monster

Ring of Strength: Yellow-Gold Equipment

Attack +4,000

Passive Skill: Heavy Injury, when attacking an enemy, deal extra 200 points of damage.

Prerequisite: Level 45 Monster

"Hm My luck is quite bad this time. At least give me a Dark-Gold or Spiritual or something" Looking at the two rings in the chests, he was speechless but still put them away.

If he wanted equipment, he could always make them himself. He could even forge higher level equipment than this.

However, he did not have the time to forge all those equipment, and that was why he did not equip any more equipment.

Currently, the only equipment on him was the Jingu Staff and the Requiem Bell. He had already passed his Dragonballs to his followers.

While the two pieces of equipment were not that great, they were passable. So he had them equipped.

After equipping the Ring of Speed and Ring of Strength, his attack reached 40,000 and his movement speed had become even faster.

As he was still in human form, the two rings were directly equipped on his arms.

After he had them equipped, he stood up.

Seeing that he had finally stood up, Ling Feiyu asked him curiously, "What were you doing just now?"

"Nothing, I was thinking some things through."

The lottery wheel and treasure chests were not visible to Ling Feiyu, and he did not want to expose the Monster Transmutation System, so he said nothing.

At this time, Guapi, the Horned Lightning Eagle, Two-Headed Gryphon, and his group of followers had all returned. Guapi wagged his tail, and said to Xiaoying and Xiaojiu discontentedly, "Xiaoying, Xiaojiu, both of you are too stupid! You let the dog with the knife find it first! Now, I dont have the golden pill anymore!"

Xiaotian showed his teeth and his knife and asked Guapi coldly, "Did you call me a dog?!"

"It wasnt me that said it, it was that weirdo," Guapi pointed at Heifeng, who just came back flapping his wings.

"Heifeng, Im going to kill you!" Xiaotian roared out angrily as he pounced at him.

"Whats going on?" When Heifeng was on his way back and saw Xiaotian pouncing toward him hastily, he showed some excitement despite knowing nothing about the situation and greeted Xiaotian saying, "My wolfdog, I know you love me, but my heart already belongs to Brother Yan, we Oh my God! Why are you stabbing me with the knife?"

"Alright, stop fooling around. Xiaotian, this is your Evolution Pill. Lead the way!"

Seeing Xiaotian and Heifeng fight again, he was speechless for a moment. He then took out an Evolution Pill and threw it to Xiaotian. Xiaotian immediately gave up fighting with Heifeng, turned around, and caught the Evolution Pill. He then brought Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu to where the Territory King of the first level was.

The monsters in the first level had already been cleared by Guapi and the others.

Very quickly, they had reached the location of the Territory King of this level.

The Territory King of the first level was a level 20 Phantom.

He did not even treat it seriously. He took out his Jingu Staff and killed the level 20 boss within a few seconds.

A key dropped, and a door appeared in front of them.

He put away all his followers and entered the second level along with Ling Feiyu.


The second level was filled with level 20 monsters and he used the same method to find the boss of the second level. They then continued to the third level.

As all the monsters in the first four floors were monsters that were level 40 and lower, there was no pressure on him or Ling Feiyu.

But when they reached the fifth level, both of them frowned.

The fifth floor was no maze, and it was not large at all. There were three giant stone swords in the middle of the room, and there were several thick chains on the stone sword. However, what the two could not understand was that there was nothing in the fifth level!

There were no monsters, and Zhao Linger was not there either!

Ling Feiyu frowned and asked all confused, "Whats going on? The quest said that I have to save Zhao Linger on the fifth floor!"

Jiang Feng frowned as he thought about it, then said to Ling Feiyu, "Theres a problem with the quest. Go back and find Li Xiaoyao!"