Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 169

Chapter 169 : Locked In The Shifter Sealing Tower

The quest clearly said to save Zhao Linger, who was on the fifth floor of the Shifter Sealing Tower.

But when they arrived at the fifth floor, there was no Zhao Linger at all.

That could only mean one thing. There was a problem with this quest!

That meant that the person who issued the quest was not Li Xiaoyao, or that Li Xiaoyao was an antagonist in the plot of this game.

The latter seemed a bit impossible. Even if the NPC was an antagonist, they would not automatically antagonize them without cause.

There was another possibility. The quest did not have any problem. Perhaps returning and asking Li Xiaoyao about it would unlock the next chain of events.

Clang Clang

Just as Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu were about to leave using their Town Portal Skill and ask Li Xiaoyao about it, the chains on the three giant swords moved. Like slithering snakes, they appeared next to them in the blink of an eye and chained them together, then pulled them back unto the giant sword.

Ding. System Prompt. Warning. You have been caught by the Shifter Binding Lasso and cannot be released within 24 hours when bound by the Shifter Binding Lasso. You cannot use any skills and items within this period. Your avatar would remain when you log out. If you die, you would revive in the same location!

"What?! Bound for 24 hours, damn it!" The moment Jiang Feng heard the systems voice, he gritted his teeth.

Ling Feiyu was in the same situation as him and was tied up together with him. Both could not escape.

Ling Feiyu said in a cold voice, "Weve been had!"


At this time, a puff of black smoke rose in front of them. Then, Archmaster Moji appeared.

"Its you!"

The moment Jiang Feng saw Archmaster Moji, he frowned and called her out.

Archmaster Mojis beautiful face carried a whimsical smile as she said, "Thats right. It was me! I told you, I will kill you!"

Jiang Feng asked in a frigid tone, "So, you arranged all this?"

Archmaster Moji smiled with a nod. "Thats right. I arranged this. Unfortunately, as the one that issued the quest, I cant touch you. Otherwise, I would have slain you where you stand!"

Jiang Feng understood it now. The Li Xiaoyao was a fake and was a disguised Archmaster Moji.

And the quest was not real either and was only an excuse to lure him here.

The reason that Archmaster Moji would find Ling Feiyu was because she had seen her together with him in the Three Generations Tower.

That was why she had guessed that Ling Feiyus relationship with him was quite cordial, and she sought her out.

In the game, the NPCs had the authority to issue quests. As an Archmaster, Archmaster Moji naturally had the same authority.

But the quest from an NPC could only be taken by a player. Among those who were with him in the Three Generations Tower, only Ling Feiyu was a player. And that was another reason she looked for Ling Feiyu.

She wanted to use Ling Feiyu to lure him over. Of course, it was all a gamble. If Ling Feiyu did not contact him, then her plan would have failed.

But she won. Ling Feiyu looked for him and made her plan a success. Both Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu fell into her trap.

As for why Archmaster Moji did not look for him directly, first, it was because she did not know where she was. Secondly, killing him once would not be enough. And that was why she did such a thing.

Jiang Feng then asked, "If you cant kill me, then why did you seal us here?"

Archmaster Moji then smiled and said, "Aha. True, I cannot kill you, but others can!"

Ding. Server Announcement: The Inheritor of the Shifters has been bound on the fifth level of the Shifter Sealing Tower. Within 24 hours, the Inheritor of the Shifters cant use any skills and items and would revive in the same spot. Anyone who kills the Inheritor of the Shifters would receive one level 50 White-Silver Equipment and 100,000 experience points!


The moment the server announcement appeared, Jiang Fengs body trembled and he became infuriated.

"Tsk, dont look at me with those eyes. You should feel honored that I used my only chance to post a server announcement on you," The Archmaster Moji then continued, "Enjoy and savor it. I hope I can see you again!"

With that, her body disappeared into a black mist.

Ling Feiyu asked curiously, "Youve been bound for 24 hours?"

Jiang Feng turned and looked at Ling Feiyu. Perhaps they were being tied too close together and the distance was too close. As soon as he turned, his lips accidentally touched hers. Her moist lips made his heart tremble.

Ling Feiyu quickly turned away in embarrassment. But when the numbing feeling on her lips was gone, regret appeared in her eyes.

"Im Im sorry, I didnt mean to," When Jiang Feng saw Ling Feiyu turn her head over, he said in embarrassment. His rage dissipated somewhat. "About that Just now, you asked me if I was bound for 24 hours? You arent?"

Ling Feiyu nodded at him. "Im only bound for 2 hours. And, I should be the one to apologize. I dragged you into this."

"Its fine, no one could have expected there to be fake quests within the game!" Jiang Feng said as he shook his head.

He really could not blame Ling Feiyu for this. The possibility of having fake quests in the game had never crossed his mind.

It could be said that he had underestimated the NPCs intelligence and abilities.

Im bound for 24 hours, and it looks like the Shifter Binding Lasso is quite effective within the Shifter Sealing Tower!

No, I have to find a way to hide the Ruler of Hakai and Qiankun Gourd. If many players were to come over, I would be killed and the items on me would drop! If the items that were dropped were the Ruler of Hakai and the Qiankun Gourd, he would suffer a great loss.

Once he thought of that, he quickly closed his eyes and tried to communicate with the Thunderclap Mantis.

He could not use his Spatial Bracelet, and the Qiankun Gourd was inside the Spatial Bracelet, so he could not use it at all. So the only way that he could think of was to have the Thunderclap Mantis find a way out from the Qiankun Gourd.

Of course, he was just trying. He was not sure if it would work.


In the Qiankun Gourd, the Thunderclap Mantis was training a few bosses when suddenly its eyes began to twirl.

"Brother Mantis, what happened? Did we position ourselves wrongly?" The Lightning Tiger King looked at the Thunderclap Mantis.

"Something happened to the boss!" Said the Thunderclap as it ran toward Xiaotian who was resting by a lake.

"Xiaotian, wheres your golden pill?" The Thunderclap Mantis approached Xiaotian and asked urgently.

"The golden pill was given to me by the boss!" Xiaotian looked at the Thunderclap Mantis vigilantly.

"The boss is in danger, and he has asked me to get a golden pill to save him. Once the boss is saved, he would give you two!" The Thunderclap Mantis said.

Xiaotian looked at the Thunderclap Mantiss serious expression, and he knew that the Thunderclap Mantis never joked around, he did not hesitate and took out the Evolution Pill from the fur on his chest and threw it to the Thunderclap Mantis.

When it had the Evolution Pill, it then headed toward Guapi.

"Guapi, you have the ability to warp through space, correct?"

The Thunderclap Mantis had seen Guapis ability once. The dragon horn on Guapi had runes that allowed her to warp through space and allowed her to appear in any location within fifty meters. It was even more powerful than your common positioning skills.

Guapi blinked and said, "Thats right. We, from the Arcane Amulet Dragon tribe, are most proficient in using runes. We know runes for every type of magic. Isnt that great? Do you adore me now? Do you want to follow me instead?"

The Thunderclap Mantis rolled its eyes at her and said urgently, "We can discuss that later. The boss is in danger. Send me out of the Qiankun Gourd and the Spatial Bracelet. After its done, the boss will give you, the Horned Lightning Hawk and the Two-headed Gryphon, a golden pill each, how does that sound?"

"Three golden pills?! Let me try!"

The moment she heard of the golden pills, Guapis eyes beamed and she nodded. The runes on her dragon horn began to shine.

Very quickly, the runes conjured a talisman that was wrapped around the Thunderclap Mantis.


Next, the Thunderclap Mantis disappeared.

But in the next moment, the Thunderclap Mantis reappeared next to Heifeng, who was licking a chicken drumstick.

When Heifeng saw the Thunderclap Mantis suddenly appear out of nowhere, he was stunned for a bit, then extended the chicken drumstick out to him and said, "Brother Mantis, come, lick!"

"Lick your uncle!"

With the teleportation having failed, the Thunderclap Mantis was not feeling that good. He roared at Heifeng, then once again headed toward the Arcane Amulet Dragon, hoping to give it another try.

After being scolded at for no reason at all, Heifeng could only blink and continue to lick the only chicken drumstick within the Qiankun Gourd while mumbling to himself, "Brother Mantis wants me to lick my uncle? But I dont have an uncle!"


Just as Jiang Feng was trying to think of a way to protect the Ruler of Hakai and the Qiankun Gourd, as well as when the Thunderclap Mantis was looking for a way to leave the Qiankun Gourd, many of the players that heard the server announcement were heading toward the Shifter Sealing Tower.

Especially Qiu Si, Shen Ye, Ling Yun, Yao Qiong, and other players that had beef with Jiang Feng.