Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Jiang Feng was torn.

One was an innocent and simple, cute girl. The other was an unparalleled beauty.

2‘Fine, I won’t do it. Anyway I can pay that 50,000 back by selling that Class Change Letter.’

5After thinking for a long while, he had decided that he wouldn’t kill Nangong Tiaotiao and Mu Xi.

However, just because he wasn’t going to kill and loot them didn’t mean that Jiang Feng was going to leave.

If Mu Xi could kill the Black Bear King, he wouldn’t get the loot. However, Mu Xi would definitely have no interest in the Black Bear King’s corpse.

2Once he had obtained the Black Bear King’s corpse, he was going to use Transmute Monster to transmute the Black Bear King. Then, his power could increase by a sizeable amount.

“Watch out, big sis!”

At this time, Nangong Tiaotiao yelled out worryingly.

He turned and looked at the direction where Mu Xi and the Black Bear King battled. Only to see that Mu Xi had failed to get into position and had been swiped away by the Black Bear King and had lost almost half her HP.

As she fell to the ground with blood dripping from the edge of her lips, she thrust the longsword in her hand towards the ground and used the force to spring up. And as soon as she did that, the Black Bear King’s attack smacked at where she previously was.

“Xiao Bai, since you’re that strong, go andbite it!”

“Bite what?!”

Jiang Feng rolled her eyes at Nangong Tiaotiao.

He could go andhelp, but if he were to join the battle Mu Xi’s battle rhythm would have to be changed. If not, he would affect Mu Xi’s positioning.

And he had also discovered that Mu Xi had very little HPonly around 1000. However, her Attack was very high. That means that she had added all her free attribute points to Strength. If that was the case, he should not join the battle to add to her stress. If he joined the battle and disrupted her, she could be dead if she suffered another attack.

While he could not directly join the battle, he could still distract that stupid bear.

Once the thought crossed his mind, Jiang Feng smiled at him and roared out, “Black Bear King, do you want to have some honey?”

The Black Bear King turned around and looked at Jiang Feng just as it was going to attack Mu Xi. “Roar~ Where?”

2Jiang Feng stuck out his tongue and waved his tail and said, “Hehe, I lied.”

At the same time, Mu Xi quickly took out a Health Potion and drank it, and then attacked the Black Bear King with force a few times.


The Black Bear King exploded. “You damn cat, how dare you lie to me! Just wait till I kill this human, then I am going to deal with you!”

“Meow, come get me now if you can! You stinky bear, stupid bear, cuckold bear!” Jiang Feng went closer to the battle and mocked the Black Bear King while having his tongue stuck out and waving his butt.

6The Black Bear King was filled with determination and defended Mu Xi’s attacks diligently, ignoring him.

“Stupid bear, that patch of golden fur on your chest is so sexy. Can you give them to me?”

“Stupid bear, why are your buttocks bleeding? Haha, did you get **? You’re so funny!”

“Stupid bear, you are so stupid! You are the ruler of this territory and yet you have been played like a fool by a human. If I were you, I would be so ashamed that I would buy a block of tofu and ram my head into it. I don’t know how you became a king. Did you become a king by selling your ass?”


“Xiao Bai, stop yelling around. What if the Black Bear King turned its attention to us?” said Nangong Tiaotiao who saw Jiang Feng jumping and yelling.

If she knew the Tongues of the Beast and listened to Jiang Feng’s words, she wouldn’t be saying that. Instead, she would probably ask what ‘selling his ass’ meant.’

The Black Bear King that had been mocked by Jiang Feng for two-three minutes became extremely enraged and was regretting the fact that it knew the Tongues of the Beast.

Unfortunately, because of the sneering and mocking, it had made too many mistakes. Under Mu Xi’s furious assault, its HP had quickly been reduced to under two-three thousand.

“Roar~ I want to kill you!”

The Black Bear King that had been completely enraged by Jiang Feng turned and dove towards Jiang Feng, ignoring Mu Xi.

Just when Jiang Feng was a mere four or five meters away, it jumped high into the air and its paw as large as a sandbag hammered down onto the ground.

‘Whoah. He used a skill as soon as I’m in range. How much love does it have for me?!’

Seeing the Black Bear King coming for him, he was surprised and quickly used High-Speed Movement to move out of the skill’s area of effect.


The earth trembled, and the ground within five meters of the Black Bear King had cracks appeared. If Jiang Feng and Mu Xi were hit by the attack, they would be in deep trouble even if they weren’t killed outright.

“Roar! Damn cat, stop running and face me!”

Seeing that its attack had missed Jiang Feng, the Black Bear King became infuriated and pursued him.

“Why do you have to do this? Why must you do this”

Jiang Feng said and immediately activated the Requiem skill.


The bell rang and the Black Bear King’s body stopped, shaking its head as the ringing dazed it.

“Violent Grab! Bite! The Art of damn, I shouldn’t use that!”

3He seized the opportunity when the Black Bear King was dazed, nuking the Black Bear King with all his skills. He almost used The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy even, and it scared the shit out of him.

1If he used this skill, he would have sacrificed his purity on the Black Bear King.

11Two skills and he had reduced around 500 of the Black Bear King’s health points. It was out of his hands. The Black Bear King’s Defense was too high, causing most of the damage to be reduced.

After the attack, he turned and ran. Since the Black Bear King had another skill that it hadn’t used yet.

Just after a few steps he squinted and looked to the edge of the Forest of Silence.

Five players that had reached Level 9 were heading towards their location while chatting and laughing.

“They are here to increase their level to 10, this is going to be troublesome.”

Roar! Roar!

In order to inform Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao, he had used High-Speed Movement and dodged the Black Bear King’s attack. He ran to Mu Xi and roared at her twice and pointed outside of the Forest of Silence with his paw.

Seeing Jiang Feng’s expression and action, Mu Xi was slightly stunned and her eyes turned to see outside of the Forest of Silence.

“Oh, no!”

When she saw the five-man-band, Mu Xi’s face became pale.

“Xiao Bai, you and I have to go all out. We have to deal with the Black Bear King before they come in,” Mu Xi said to Jiang Feng as she knew that he was intelligent from his actions and expressions.

3He nodded and sharpened his claws, and then pounced at the Black Bear King.

1The blade of Mu Xi’s green longsword swayed in her hand and pointed towards the Black Bear King’s belly.

Ling Yun, Chen Mo, Bai Tong, Ba Ge, and Jiu Mei. Five of them were a guild’s higher ups and were some of the best players.

After they had been killed in the Blaze Wolf Canyon by the Blaze Wolf King and a cat, five of them had returned to the Blaze Wolf Canyon but they did not find the cat. They had been leveling in the depths of the Blaze Wolf Canyon and had finally returned to Level 9.

4After reaching Level 9, they came to the Forest of Silence to quickly level to Level 10 by farming higher level monsters.

“Hm? I never thought thatthere would be players that have leveled faster than us?”

As soon as they had stepped into the Forest of Silence, Ling Yun heard the noise of battle ahead.

“It must be a team of players fighting a monster higher than they are. But killing a higher-level monster doesn’t award much extra experience and is not as effective as killing a monster of equal level. Who would be that stupid?” Chen Mo mockingly commented.

2“No, it’s a boss! Level 15 Black Bear King! And it’s almost dead!” The surprised Ling Yun said after he had walked for a while and saw the gigantic Black Bear King.

“Damn, it’s really the Black Bear King. And it’s almost dead. Who’s that woman? Why have I never heard of her?” Mo Chen exclaimed in astonishment.

“Don’t think about it too much. The loot from a Level 15 boss won’t be something cheap, let’s go!” Bai Tong instructed as he looked at it greedily and rushed forward as he took out his Black-Iron sword.

Ling Yun and Chen Mo exchanged a glance and went forward with Ba Ge and Jiu Mei.

It looked like they had decided to kill-steal the boss!