Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Do You Know How Expensive That Arrow Was?

Shifter Sealing Tower, Fifth Level.

Around fifty players had gathered in front of Jiang Feng, led by Fa Kuang.

They all took out their weapons and attacked Jiang Feng, who was being bound by the Shifter Binding Lasso.





But they were shocked when they realized they could not even break through his defense.

Even if they could cause some damage, it was because they had used skills that dealt fixed damage.

Jiang Fengs three current stats were:

HPs: 263,000

Attack: 41,080

Defense: 17,452

For those that had not reached level 50 and changed their class the third time and did not have good equipment, their attacks would most likely hover around 10,000. It was not enough to pierce through his defense.


While the players attacks could not break his defense, he could still feel the full effects of each attack. And their attacks were excruciatingly painful.

"I did not think that the Shifters Inheritor would have such high defenses. Whatever. Everyone, use forced damage and fixed damage to expend his HPs!"

But these players did not want to give up, and they wanted to use the forced one point of damage and the fixed damage from skills to deplete Jiang Fengs HPs.

To them, it was just a matter of time. But to Jiang Feng, it was a fate worse than death!

When Ling Feiyu saw how much pain Jiang Feng was in, she roared out in anger, "Stop it! Arent you afraid of retaliation?"

Fa Kuang then looked at Ling Feiyu with a sneer, "Retaliation? Do you think a Shifters Inheritor that has been reduced to zero level would have the power to kill us?"

Ling Feiyu then smiled coldly, "Do you really believe that an Inheritor would be that useless?"

Seeing Ling Feiyus cold smile, Fa Kuang shuddered as he avoided looking her into the eyes.

He really was afraid that Jiang Feng still had the ability to kill them once he had been reduced to level 0. If that was the case, then they would be dead.

Ling Feiyu continued and said, "Also, remember who were the ones that expelled the Japanese Server players? Who was the one that avenged you? Where is your heart? Is it still in your chest?"

When he heard that, Fa Kuang became enraged and pointed at the bloodied Jiang Feng and roared, "Who asked him to do that?! Who asked him to avenge us?! He just wanted to be a hero! I wanted to be a hero too! Even if I die, I would at least be in the limelight for once! But why can they get those bullshit Inheritor classes? Why can they get those bullshit secret classes and we cant get anything? Let me tell you something. Today, I will step on the Inheritors! Especially the games number one inheritor!"

With that, Fa Kuang threw a ball of magic energy on Jiang Feng. His fur was singed, and there was only black, and it looked horrifying.

When Ling Feiyu saw that, she became even angrier. Even the blood arteries in her eyes had become visible as she screamed, "You losers that dare not to step beyond your safety zone! And you want to be heroes? I spit on you! You keep on complaining that the world isnt fair, but even if the world gives you all the advantages there are, all of you will still be losers! Im just using a normal class too! A priest that has no combat capabilities! But I dare say that none of you here can defeat me because all of you are trash!"

Jiang Feng shuddered and raised his head when he heard Ling Feiyus words despite his pain. His blood-red eyes looked at Ling Feiyu, his eyes filled with complications.

"You b*tch, how dare you! Do you want to die so badly?!"

After being looked down on by Ling Feiyu, Fa Kuang and the other players were enraged and started attacking Ling Feiyu.

"You want to kill me?" Ling Feiyu let out a cold smile as the Shifter Binding Lasso began to fall. As the Jewel of the Snow Soul appeared in her hands, she said, "Die!"

She had been waiting for the moment that the Shifter Binding Lasso would expire. The only reason that someone like her who did not like talking was wasting time talking with Fa Kuang to buy herself more time.

As soon as she escaped, she used the Jewel of the Snow Souls Freeze skill and froze Fa Kuang. Next, she waved using the Jewel of the Snow Soul in her hand, and two fireballs came out from the Jewel and slammed onto Fa Kuang.



The two hits were enough to instantly kill Fa Kuang

Fa Kuang was a wizard. Not only did he have low attack, but he also had low HPs. Around 20,000. That was not enough when facing Ling Feiyu.

"Damn, you killed my brother! Brother, lets go! Kill this b*tch!"

When the assassin saw that Fa Kuang had been killed, he was enraged. He commanded the few people behind him and attacked Ling Feiyu.

As for the others from the other guilds, they did not hesitate as well and attacked Ling Feiyu.

To them, Ling Feiyu was someone that was bothersome. Once they had killed her, they could then kill Jiang Feng.

When Ling Feiyu saw a bunch of players rushing toward her, she quickly summoned her Unicorn. With a jump, she rode on her steed.

The Unicorn kicked away two players that were approaching them, and it took Ling Feiyu into the air.

Every level of the Shifter Sealing Tower was ten meters tall. While she was still within the players attack radius, when she was riding on the Unicorn, she could focus on healing the Unicorn and attack while the Unicorn would focus on avoiding and defending from attacks while using its long-range skill to attack every once in a while.

In that case, the Unicorn and she would be invincible, and they could kill the players one by one.

That was because the players were not that powerful, and even the second batch of players that joined the battle was not that high level too.

Between her and the unicorn, she managed to eliminate the players one by one very quickly.


At this time, an arrow enchanted with lightning hit the Unicorns head. The Unicorns flapping wings stopped as it was paralyzed and crashed into the ground. Ling Feiyu had also fallen from the air and crashed.

Ling Feiyu stood up and looked at the player that fired that arrow with cold eyes.

"Shen Ye!"

The player that shot that arrow was indeed Shen Ye from the Myth Group. Standing next to him were Qiu Si and some of the elites from the Myth Group.

When she saw them, Ling Feiyu grimaced and blocked Jiang Feng subconsciously, stopping them from harming Jiang Feng.

Shen Ye took two steps forward as he held his bow, and said with a faint smile, "Ling Feiyu, I really dont understand. What did the Shifters Inh No, this dog, offer you? To the point of you sacrificing your own life?"

Ling Feiyu looked at them coldly and said, "You said that the Shifters Inheritance is a dog? Then what do you, something thats worse than a dog, have to offer for someone to sacrifice their lives for you? Without the people around you, without your fathers wealth, what else do you have?"

"You Good, very good. You want to protect that animal, right? Then, I will show you how I butcher that dog in front of you!" Shen Ye was enraged by Ling Feiyus words. He then turned to the other elites next to him and said, "Hold her while I go butcher a dog!"


These elites were all players that had signed up with him. Naturally, they would listen to his orders and they all rushed toward Ling Feiyu.

As for him, he pulled the string of the bow and shot an arrow at Jiang Feng.


The arrow stabbed into Jiang Fengs head violently, a critical damage came out of Jiang Fengs head. Blood was flowing down from his wound.

Jiang Feng looked at Shen Ye murderously, as if looking at a dead man.

Shen Ye did not know that the arrow had just signed the death warrant for the Myth Group and he himself had made it into Jiang Fengs to-hit list!

Looking at Jiang Fengs murderous eyes, Qiu Si and Shen Ye both shuddered as fear was shown in their eyes.

Shen Ye did not dare release the second arrow that was already nocked to his bow!

"Haha" Ling Feiyu looked at the arrow on Jiang Fengs head and the murderous intent in his eyes, then she looked at Shen Ye again and sneered, "Shen Ye, do you know how expensive that arrow was?! It was so expensive that it would make your heart skip a beat! It was so expensive that it would make you regret it! It was so expensive that it would make you despair!"