Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Mu Xi Comparable To An Inheritor

Shifter Sealing Tower, fifth level.

Ling Feiyus words were like blades cutting into Shen Yes heart.

It was painful, and it made him angry!

Shen Ye gritted his teeth as his handsome face became twisted. "Make my heart skip a beat? Make me regret? Make me despair? Let me see who is the one that would feel all these things today! Kill her!"

Under his orders, all his followers were no longer constraining Ling Feiyu, and all their attacks hit Ling Feiyu directly.

"What are you looking at, you dog?! Im going to kill you until youre level 0! Lets see how youre going to get your revenge then!"

When Shen Ye saw Jiang Feng staring at him, he became even more enraged. He pulled the bows string and fired an arrow toward Jiang Feng.

Ling Feiyu was just a priest. She was no match against the elites that were surrounding her, and she only had a few thousand HP left.

When she saw Shen Ye fire an arrow at Jiang Feng, she threw herself toward it and blocked the arrow that was flying toward him

"Dont get mad"

As soon as Ling Feiyu finished her sentence, her sight was filled with darkness. Her body fell before Jiang Feng, and the Unicorn was automatically transported back into the Pets space.

"Roar Shen Ye, just you wait! When the Guild War starts, Ill destroy your guild!" Jiang Feng roared when he saw Ling Feiyu die in front of him.

He was extremely angry, but Ling Feiyus final words had helped, and he still had one more card left to play. He could not get angry now. Once he had entered Slaughter status, he would be weakened when the status was removed. And if he became weakened, his last card would be a wasted card.

"Shifters Inheritor! If you must blame something, then blame yourself for being so arrogant even when youre just an NPC! I will kill you until youre level 0!"

After Shen Ye had finished saying that, he waved and had everyone from the Myth Group surround him and attack Jiang Feng.

Ding. System Prompt: You have died. Level -1. As you were killed by a player, your maximum HP has decreased by 5,000, attack by 1,000, and defense by 1,000.

Within one minute, the helpless Jiang Feng was killed due to the attacks of the elites and his level had fallen from level 47 to 46.

After Jiang Feng died, he dropped a few bottles of potions, a few hundred gp, and several pieces of equipment in his Drop Panel, and he was instantly revived again.

Damn it! I would lose stats if Im killed by players! Damn it, Thunderclap Mantis, hurry up!

He had been killed by NPCs, his level had dropped because of failed fusions or because of the Slaughter status. But he had never been killed by players before this. This was the first time he was killed by a group of players, and he was very angry.

"Haha! While he dropped quite a few things, but all of them are just rubbish. But I dont believe that I cant get something nice if I kill him more than forty times. Continue!" Shen Ye picked up the gold and equipment, then ordered his followers to continue.


Just as the Myth Group was preparing to attack again, a large group of players appeared, including Mu Xi who made it here.

After successfully changing her class, Mu Xi now had a pair of furry fox ears and a white tail.

Mu Xi jumped and landed on top of the stone sword, looking at Shen Ye coldly.

"Mu Xi, the first person to get a secret class. And its a secret class that belongs to the Shifter faction. Do you think you can beat all of us alone?" Shen Ye raised his head and looked at Mu Xi.

"Who says that Im alone?" Mu Xi said calmly.

"And me too! Im the Shifters Inheritors fan! Im going to kill whoever that dares to kill him!

"Me too! Myth group, you bunch of ungrateful bastards! If it were not because of the Shifters Inheritor, you would have all died at Mount Jiangjun!"

"All of you are scumbags! You have all lost your humanity! Im going to beat up whoever that has hurt my Shifters Inheritor!"


In a short while, hundreds of players came forward and surrounded the seventy men that Shen Ye was leading, all of them screaming at them with righteous fury.

Plop! Plop!

At this time, another bunch of footsteps could be heard. Next, Yao Qiong, Canaan, Ling Yun, Hao Tian, and many from the other guilds all came to the fifth floor of the tower.

While they did not bring many people, all of them were elites that could solo ten other players.

At this moment, the number of people on the fifth level of the tower had reached around five thousand.

When they enter, they would be automatically separated into two groups. Those that were here to help Jiang Feng would stand around him, while those that wanted to kill Jiang Feng would surround them instead.

"I did not think that so many would want to have a bite of this!" Shen Ye said coldly when he saw Canaan and the other guild masters.

Canaan looked at Jiang Fengs level, then said to Shen Ye, "I did not think that guild master Shen Ye would come here so early. Seems like you have taken your first bite?"

"Thats right, Ive already gotten the Divine Artifact. So Im not going to join the next round, so please feel free!" Shen Ye smiled and said to the others as he retreated to one side.

Currently, there were plenty of people aiding Jiang Feng. Huaxia Servers first player with the secret class was also here. If they were to fight, they would no doubt lose members. Losing members now would be detrimental in the later stages. He wanted to be the third side that benefits from the clash of the two.

Canaan naturally knew what game Shen Ye was playing so she smiled and said, "Since youve already obtained the Divine Artifact, then there is no need for us to do anything. Well leave the rest to the others."

And then there was a standoff.

Canaan and Shen Yes words had moved some of the smaller guilds. Even if there were no Divine Artifacts, the items dropped by the Shifters Inheritance would be similarly valuable.

"If you wont do it, well do it! Lets go, kill them all!"

The guild leader of one of the smaller guilds seemed to have received a text from his friend. He took a look and was momentarily stunned. He was then overcome with joy, and broke the stalemate, and led his three hundred followers toward Jiang Feng.

"Kill em!"

When Mu Xi saw this, a sword appeared in her hands. Her figure flashed and reappeared in front of a few players. She swung her sword and phantasmal images of three fox heads appeared and slammed at the three players.





Three damages, and one of them was a critical hit. All three of them were instantly killed.

Shen then swung her sword again, and two more were instantly killed.

Judging from her extremely fierce attacks, her attack value must be around 40,000.

She had already reached level 49 and had changed her second class into the secret class, including the equipment that Jiang Feng asked Robert to forge for her, her stats were extremely high, so it was not that surprising for her to be able to deal that much damage.

"Thousand Fox Slash!"

Next, she yelled out coldly as her body quickly flashed. It was as if there were a dozen foxes zooming through the group of players. And every time such a figure appeared, a player would be killed.

Qiu Si, Shen Ye, Yao Qiong, Ling Yun, Canaan, Hao Tian, and the others that were standing aside did not expect the secret class to be so powerful, capable of raising the attack to 40,000.

The ones that were the most surprised were Qiu Si and Yao Qiong. Both of their attacks had reached 40,000. They did not expect a secret classs power to be comparable with an Inheritor class.

"She has a set of level 45 Yellow-Gold equipment on her. Only by equipping a full set of Yellow-Gold equipment would she have such high stats. Lets all do this together. Whoever has the faster hand takes the equipment!"

When Yao Qiong saw that Mu Xi had killed around sixty players in the blink of an eye, she could not watch on anymore. As Archmaster Moji had given her a quest, she did not want to delay this any further. If something were to happen, then the items that Archmaster Moji had promised her would be gone.

With that, many Infernal Soldiers appeared next to her and they all rushed toward Mu Xi.

When the members from the other guild heard that Mu Xi had a set of level 45 yellow-gold equipment, they all become greedy and attacked her.

Shen Ye and Qiu Si looked at each other and attacked as well.

"I wont allow you to harm the Shifters Inheritor! Kill them!"

"You heartless bastards! Ill take on all of you!"

"If I could change my faction, I dont want to be part of the Divine or Infernal faction anymore! What a disgrace!"


The players that were protecting him all reacted by blocking the attacks from all the different guilds.

Unfortunately, even if they were elites, it was impossible for them to handle the joint attack of three thousand elites. The result was a one-sided slaughter!

"Roar! Go! Run! Forget about me!"

Seeing that so many innocent people had died for him, he almost could not suppress his anger any longer.

Just as he was about to enter the Berserk status, he noticed that the Spatial Bracelet on his left foot had begun to release a soft light. Seeing that, he became anxious and excited.