Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Shifter Emperors Flag

Within the Qiankun Gourd.

The Arcane Amulet Dragon Guapi took a deep breath, and said to the Thunderclap Mantis who was already on the verge of going berserk from his anxiety, "I have learned how to draw the runes that would allow you to warp through space. I can do it this time!"

"Lets hope so."

Even the Thunderclap Mantis was getting a bit numb.


Guapi did not say anything else as the runes within her horn began to spin. A few seconds later, a light shot toward the top of the head of the Thunderclap Mantis.

Next, a rune appeared right on top of the Thunderclap Mantiss head.

The rune was a circle, and its pattern was similar to that of the teleportation circle. However, it was far more complicated than a Teleportation Circle. This was one of the Arcane Amulet Dragons abilities, Teleport. The more powerful the dragon was, the further it could teleport. Guapis power could only allow her to teleport at most ten meters away.

At this time, the Teleport Rune was emitting a soft light and suction, enveloping the Thunderclap Mantis as it left the Qiankun Gourd.


When Jiang Feng saw that the players that were helping him had almost been completely slain, he noticed that the Spatial Bracelet was letting out a soft glow, and it made him excited.


As the Spatial Bracelets light became even brighter, it shot out a light. And at the next moment, the Thunderclap Mantis had appeared beside him.

When Shen Ye saw the Thunderclap Mantis that appeared next to Jiang Feng, he was terrified. He quickly ordered his followers with a loud cry, "No! Stop that mantis!"

As soon as he had said that some of the elites from other guilds as well as his own followers all attacked the Thunderclap Mantis.

Seeing so many players attacking it, it snorted coldly and whipped its scorpion tail and two of the players were immediately struck away.

Its insectoid wings behind him fluttered, and he appeared right in front of Jiang Feng.

"Boss, the golden pill!"

The Thunderclap Mantis took out the Evolution Pill and put it into Jiang Fengs mouth.


As he swallowed the Evolution Pill, Jiang Feng let out a roar.


The Evolution Pill was not considered a skill, and it also was not considered as an item on him, so the Shifter Binding Lasso did not react against it. In the next moment, a burst of flames surrounded him, and it quickly formed and hardened into a flaming cocoon.

While others could not see him when he was using Transmute Monster, others could still see him when he was evolving.

When he saw the fire cocoon on him, Shen Ye remembered the time at Greenwind Ridge, Imperial Dragon City. He knew that Jiang Feng was evolving.

He did not know if Jiang Feng could escape from the Shifter Binding Lasso after his evolution, but if he did escape from his binding, then the ones that would die would undoubtedly be them.

When that thought crossed his mind, his heart skipped a beat and he quickly told everyone, "The Shifters Inheritor is evolving! Everyone, stop him!"

Once they heard Shen Yes words, all the guild leaders that were there stuttered for a split second. Qiu Si and Yao Qiong were particularly worried and immediately rushed toward the flaming cocoon, attacking it.


The Thunderclap Mantiss pair of sickles slashed in the air, creating a screeching sound, and it stood next to the fire cocoon.

Using a positioning skill, Mu Xi was also standing next to the Thunderclap Mantis, preparing to aid the Thunderclap Mantis to reduce Jiang Fengs pressure.

"Kill them!"

When Shen Ye saw the Thunderclap Mantis and Mu Xi blocking in front of the fire cocoon, he gritted his teeth and shouted out an order, and then attacked them both.


This time, Jiang Feng chose to evolve his monkey bloodline.

He endured the searing pain as he remained within the cocoon.

But compared to being slain by the players, the familiar pain of being burned by the fire made him feel safer.

While Mu Xi was extremely powerful, under the joint assault of Qiu Si and Yao Qiong, she did not stand a chance. Her body fell in front of the fire cocoon.

Only the Thunderclap Mantis, whose level had already reached level 50 and its HP reaching 60,000, was still holding up the defense.


Hm? It seems that the Shifter Binding Lasso stops working on me when Im in the cocoon! I should draw a lottery now!

As his body slowly changed within the fire cocoon, he quickly opened the Monster Transmutation System and saw that his lottery chance had turned from zero to two. He quickly used the last minute he had left to draw the lottery.

The reason he had to do this while he was still in the cocoon was that he was worried that if his evolution was successful, the Shifter Binding Lasso would even limit the Monster Transmutation Systems lottery system.

As the lottery wheel spun, he chose to double it and started the lottery. The indicator began to spin.

Come on! Give me two things that can help me! Please!

As the indicator spun, Jiang Feng took out the Ruler of Hakai to increase his Luck while he prayed in his heart.

After a dozen seconds, the indicator finally stopped at the special category. A crystal treasure chest and a prismatic chest appeared in front of him.

Haha! Two high-level treasure chests! Hopefully, they contain items that could help me out!

When he saw the color of the two chests, he was overjoyed and quickly opened the two treasure chests.

The crystal treasure chest contained a scroll, while the prismatic chest contained a flag with nine three-legged golden crows.

Slough off the Cicadas Golden Shell Skill Scroll: Immortal Item

Forcefully remove all negative status effects and escape from any traps, including certain barriers. After use, level becomes 0. All stats remain unchanged. Teleported into a random Starter Village after half an hour. Cannot gain any experience points within this duration.

"Haha! This is the skill that I want! Looks like if I were equipped with the Ruler of Hakai during lottery, the possibility of me getting good items would increase tremendously!" Jiang Feng laughed excitedly when he saw the scroll.

Despite the fact that using the Slough Off the Cicadas Golden Shell scroll would make his level drop to zero, all his stats would remain unchanged. This was actually good for him, much better than his stats dropping from being killed by the players.

Not to mention that when it said that his stats would remain unchanged, it meant that all the attribute points that he spent would not be cleared. The points that he had invested in Luck and Insight would remain.

To him, this would be a great advantage. It would be very easy for him to level back up from zero, and he could use this chance to get more stat points.

Not only that, his power would not be reduced as well. He could go and find high-level monsters near the Starter Village easily and fuse with them. He did not have to worry about losing levels anymore.

The Shifter Emperors Flag: Divine Level Item

All monsters within fifty meters of the flag will have their stats increased by 30%.

Summon: Summons the Shifter Hierophant, Archguardian of the Shifter, and five other followers. Cooldown of 1 hour.

Command: By waving the flag and chanting, it can be used to command all monsters within 5km that are not of Spiritual Rank, Immortal Rank, Divine Rank, or above. Duration of 10 minutes. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Binding: May bind an enemy for 5 minutes. The bound player or Inheritor would revive on the spot. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Prerequisite: Inheritor of the Shifters

"After the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor and the Shifter Emperor Order, here comes another Shifters Inheritors unique equipment. The stats that it has and the three skills are too overpowered! I could use them to solo!"

Seeing the Shifter Emperors Flags stats. Jiang Feng was so excited that he was almost drooling.


Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful!

At this time, the fire cocoon burst open. He became a monkey that could stand straight and looked something like Sun Wukong.


When he saw that the Shifter Binding Lasso was going to bind him again, he quickly took out the Slough off the Cicadas Golden Shell skill scroll and used it!

Next, he managed to get his body off the Shifter Binding Lasso, and the Shifter Binding Lasso no longer made any moves, and his level turned to zero.


When Shen Ye and his party finally managed to slay the Thunderclap Mantis, they saw the fire cocoon burst open.

Next, a monkey holding a flag appeared in front of them. When they saw him not bound by the stone sword, they were all shocked.

However, when they saw that his level was zero, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Feng took out the Divine Speech Pill that Qiu Si gave to him as he scanned his surroundings with his blood-red eyes, and said to all of them coldly, "You will all die!"

Shen Ye sneered, "I didnt expect you to be able to escape the Shifter Binding Lasso. But so what if you managed to escape? What kind of price have you paid? Youre only level 0 now, and youre still that arrogant?"

Jiang Feng looked at Shen Ye who was mocking him, and he extended his palm as a Newbie Sword appeared in his hand.

He looked at Shen Ye cold then said to him calmly, "Level 0? Even if Im level 0 I still have the power to beat you back to level 0!"

"Stop boasting! Kill him, everyone!" Shen ye snorted and pulled his bow and nocked an arrow, and fired at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng merely shifted, and he had already dodged Shen Yes attack.

"I will show you the true power of the Shifters Inheritor! Shifters from all directions, heed my call!" Jiang Feng smiled coldly, and waved the flag in his hand, and used the Command skill.


Next, the entire Shifter Sealing Tower began to shake. All the territory kings and normal monsters from above the fifth level were making their way to the fifth level.

Level 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the tower were all monsters of level 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s respectively.

And above the ninth level, there were even some level 100 monsters. There were even a few Territory Kings, and it was also considered to be the most dangerous place within the Shifter Sealing Tower.

And under the command of the Shifter Emperor Flag, all of these monsters were running toward where Jiang Feng was to support him.