Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 175

Chapter 175 You Should Not Have Provoked Me

Shifter Sealing Tower, the fifth level.

The Shifter Emperors Flag was raised and a voice called out, "Shifters from all directions, heed my call!"

Next, the entire tower began to shake as the monsters all converged on the fifth floor to come and support Jiang Feng.

When they heard the commotion, everyone felt their hearts shake and their faces paled.

Jiang Feng put away the Thunderclap Mantiss body. He then took out the Qiankun Gourd and summoned all his followers from within.

Heifeng, Yanhu, Guapi, and all his followers stood behind Jiang Feng.


When Shen Ye saw the sixty bosses behind Jiang Feng, there was fear in his eyes. He shouted, and quickly retreated toward the fifth levels door.


At this time, monsters started pouring out from the door and blocked Shen Yes path.

These monsters were all of a very high level. The lowest among them was level 50, while the highest was at 100. There was even one level 100 boss, the Earth Dragon Beast. It was a terrifying formation.


Looking at the large group of monsters, Shen Ye was scared to the point of taking multiple steps back.

These were the monsters from within the tower that Jiang Feng had summoned using the Shifter Emperors Flag Summon skill.

He had to thank Archmaster Moji for these monsters to be able to come and support him.

If it were not because Archmaster Moji kept the door to the fifth level open, these monsters would not be able to come in.

While the territory kings among the monsters had the key to the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth level, they did not have the keys to the fifth level. Even if they did come down, they would not be able to enter the fifth level.

Archmaster Moji had originally planned to have the players kill him until he was level 0. However, she was worried that if the door were closed, the players would get paranoid, that was why she had the door to the fifth level remain open.

And that was also the reason why the Shifter Emperors Flag could be used properly.

"Guild Master Shen Ye, didnt you say that you wanted to kill me until I am level 0? Why are you leaving so soon?" Jiang Feng said as he gave his monkey head a pat, then said coldly to him, "The arrow you fired earlier was quite accurate!"

After hearing Jiang Fengs mockery, Shen Ye became quite angry. He no longer had the arrogance he had when he entered the tower, and instead could only stare at Jiang Feng furiously.

Surprisingly, Yao Qiong was the one that stood up to him. "Shifters Inheritor! Let us leave! All of us here are Huaxia servers core members! We have already fallen behind the American Server, if we lose even more"

"Scram!" Jiang Feng cursed at her angrily.

"You looked like you were on drugs when you came over to kill me! And now when youre going to get killed, you have suddenly become the avatar of justice?! Do you even know how nauseating you are?!"

Jiang Feng cursed at Yao QIong.

"You I dont know why the game chose you to be the Shifters Inheritor! You are corrupting the"

"Corrupt?! Have you looked at a mirror lately? It is because of players like you that the Huaxia server is being left behind," Jiang Feng once again interrupted Yao Qiong. "Dont think you can be so arrogant when you have money and power! Dont think that youre the only ones that are right and everyone else is wrong! Let me be straight with you! Once the Guild War begins, the first ones that I am going to clean up are guilds like yours, and let those who are willing to develop Huaxia Server to gain power!"

"What.. what do you mean?" Canaan asked in a calm voice despite already panicking inside.

"What do I mean? I mean that all your guilds no longer deserve to exist! All of you will need to restart from the ground up!" Jiang Feng gave them all a cold smile.

"Such arrogance! Do you think youre still our match without these level 100 monsters?" Ling Yun said, "Come fight me solo if you dare!"

"Solo?" Jiang Feng then turned to Xiaotian and said, "Xiaotian, he wants to fight solo. Kill him!"

"Howl! Alright!"

Xiaotian gnawed at the giant blade in his mouth and attacked Ling Yun.

Yao Qiong then said, "Lets go, everyone! As long as we can kill the Shifters Inheritor, all the monsters he summoned would leave on their own!"

After Yao Qiong finished saying so, she then rushed toward Jiang Feng. Next, Qiu Si, Canaan, and Shen Ye all attacked Jiang Feng.

When Hao Tian heard what Jiang Feng had to say, he looked at Canaan, "Canaan, please! Dont be so obsessed with this anymore! Lets leave together!

Canaan turned and looked at him, then said in a wintry tone, "Coward, dont get in my way!"

"Youve changed!"

A tear formed at the edge of his eyes, and Hao Tian could only shake his head in the end.

Ding. Server Announcement: Announcement, Tianxia Gang is now disbanded. Tianxia City is now under the Systems control. If the player Hao Tian wishes to rebuild his guild, he will need to begin a new siege. If the siege is successful, the base shall be returned to him!

When she heard that the Tianxia Gang had been disbanded, Canaan winced momentarily, but then headed toward Jiang Feng immediately afterward.

Hao Tian looked at Canaan and sighed. He then removed all his equipment that increased his HP, and asked the elites that were still loyal to him, "Brothers, kill me! We will begin anew!"

Hao Tians followers understood him well. So when they saw that Hao Tian was filled with vigor and smiling brightly like the sun, they knew.

Hao Tian was no longer the man that lived for Canaan. When he had lost the bet, he should have let it go. But it was not too late to let go now.

"Inheritor of the Shifters, we owe you one!"

Hao Tians followers yelled at Jiang Feng, then all of their attacks landed on Hao Tian, slaying him.

Afterward, all of Haotians guild members began attacking each other and died, turning into white light and disappearing.

When Jiang Feng, who was in combat, saw this, he narrowed his eyes.

In truth, he had not crossed paths with Hao Tian. He did not know what kind of man he was, but when he saw his smile, he knew. He was not someone that would live and die for mere profit. His guess was that Hao Tian wanted to win Canaans heart, and that forced him to do all the things that he did.

Building a guild so that he could win over Canaan, and take her as his wife. The siege was to win her heart over and to make a good impression.

The conversation between Jiang Feng and Yao Qiong had woken him up and made him understand that in all of this, the Shifters Inheritor had always been the one on the receiving end. They were the ones that forced themselves into a dead end, and he himself had been manipulated by his own emotions.

With the disbandment of the Tianxia Gang, Shen Ye and Yao Qiongs pressure had increased exponentially.

After killing a dozen players, Jiang Feng no longer participated in the battle actively. He simply waved the Shifter Emperors flag, and several level 100 monsters came out and curb stomped over the players.

As for Jiang Feng, he used Blink and blinked over next to Shen Ye. "Binding!"

He waved the Shifter Emperors Flag one more time, and a chain appeared from the Shifter Emperor Flag and tied Shen Ye up.

"Didnt you say you wanted to butcher a dog? Let me teach you today on how a dog is butchered!"

As he said that, he took out the Newbie Sword and used his Kill skill, and violently hacked at Shen Yes neck.


While he could not equip the Jingu Staff because of his level, but using his skill, he could still deal very high damage. He instantly killed Shen Ye, who did not have much remaining HP in the first place.

After Shen Ye died, he was revived on the spot.

He did not give him the chance to log out and he ate a Poisonous Body Pill. He gave him another hack with his sword. "This one is for Ling Feiyu!"

"This one is for Mu Xi!"

"This one is for the Thunderclap Mantis!"

"This one is for all the innocent people you killed!"


Looking at his level dropping one by one, Shen Ye was filled with regret.

Even if he wanted to log out, he could not because he did not have enough time to use the force log out command. The effect from the Poisonous Body Pill also caused him to not be able to log out.

And he could not log out while he was dead as well

He was hacked forty nine times until his level became zero.

Jiang Feng picked up the items that were dropped on the ground and took them all.

"Gone Everythings gone"

Shen Ye mumbled as he looked ahead with a blank stare and a pale face, his level had returned to zero.


When the effects of the Poisonous Body Pill had been removed, there was a blast of light, and he was forced to log out.

Qiu Si was fighting several monsters of around level 90, and could not come over to support Shen Ye. When he saw that Shen Ye had been killed to the point where he was forced to log out, he roared out angrily, "Shifters Inheritor! You are too out of line!"

"Out of line? And you didnt feel that youre out of line when youre here to kill me?" Jiang Feng smiled coldly and attacked Qiu Si. "All of you started this! You shouldnt have provoked me!"