Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 176

Chapter 176 The Shifter Sealing Tower Incident

The Divines Inheritor, Qiu Si, had been dragged to the ground by a few level 90 monsters and one level 90 boss. He could not afford to divide his attention even for a moment.

He was under so much pressure that he had even summoned the Divine Dragon Guards.

Unfortunately, the power of a level 90 boss was not something that the Divine Dragon Guards could handle.

Under the pincer attack of a group of monsters, even the Divine Dragon Guards began to have casualties.

Jiang Feng attacked at this time. He swung the Newbie Sword in his hand and used High-Speed Movement, appearing next to Qiu Si. He stabbed him with the sword, and then used Tiger Howl on him, killing him instantly.

He landed on where Qiu Si was killed and looked at the three Divine Speech Pills and the two level 40 Yellow-Gold Equipment, and he accepted them all with a smile.

"Kill them all!"

After killing Qiu Si, all the monsters and his followers rushed toward the remaining players as per his order.

Yao Qiong was surrounded by a level 100 rank 15 boss, the Earth Dragon Beast, and several level 100 Earth Dragon Beasts. She had already lost many of her Infernal Soldiers. She lost her focus for an instant and was tail slapped by the Earth Dragon Beast boss, and she slammed into the wall. 60,000 damage floated out from her head, killing her instantly!

After the Divines Inheritors and the Infernals Inheritors had been killed, the last few remaining elites were easy to deal with.

A tired Canaan looked at the corpses on the floor as she herself was painted in blood. She stood in the middle of it all stupefied, mumbling to herself, "How did it come to this"

In the next moment, a giant monsters palm came from the air and slammed her, killing her instantly as blood was smeared on the floor.

Very quickly, there were no more players within the fifth level of the Shifter Sealing Tower, only a group of monsters.

He looked at the Shifter Emperors Flag command skill duration and realized that there was less than one minute left.

He put away all his followers, then came in front of the Earth Dragon Beast boss, and said to it, "Im so sorry, bro. But in order to restore the Shifters, become a part of my body!"

"Transmute Monster, Fuse!"

With that, he walked over to the Earth Dragon Beast boss that would obey his every command and stood by its side and used the fusion skill.

Next, a giant cauldron appeared out of nowhere and covered both him and the Earth Dragon Beast and began to spin.

The fusion this time was extremely slow, perhaps it was because the Earth Dragon Beast bosss level was too high.

In truth, when the Earth Dragon Beast boss appeared in the fifth level of the tower, he had already thought of fusing with the Earth Dragon Beast boss. Since the Earth Dragon Beast was also considered part of the Dragon tribe, their dragon bloodline was very strong, and could greatly increase his Dragon bloodline.

After half an hour, his body had finally fused with the Earth Dragon Beast boss, and he was fused together with it.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmute Monster Successful. Dragon bloodline purity had reached 99%.

After he had successfully fused, his body once again appeared within the Shifter Sealing Tower. However, a white light immediately enveloped him, and he himself turned into a bright white light and disappeared, teleported into a random starter village.


What happened during the Shifter Sealing Tower incident was quickly being spread around.

The post that made the headlines was posted by the games Know-it-All.

There was even a video, and judging from the angle, the person that was shooting the video must have been invisible as he hid at the corner of the fifth level.

"Haha! Isnt the Know-it-Alls wife going to give birth soon? How did he get his hands on this so quickly? But this is some great stuff!"

"I know, right? I was originally planning to give it a go too, but when I realized that he didnt do anything to me and even expelled the players from the Japanese Server, I didnt go in the end. But it looks like this time the Shifters Inheritor is going to become very popular now since everyone that went there ended up dead!"

"I actually want to know why Tianxia Gang disbanded. Tianxia Gang isnt bad at all! Theyre not arrogant, dont bully the newbies, not sure what happened to have caused them to disband. If it was because of the Shifters Inheritor, then he crossed the line."

"Nah, dont think thats possible. Didnt you hear what Hao Tians bro "Shengling Shouwang" said in the video? They owe the Shifters Inheritor one, which meant that it probably had nothing to do with him!"


As the entire incidents aftermath was still developing, everyone and all the guilds that had joined the incident remained silent. No one said anything about it.

In these posts, Shen Ye was the one that was most talked about.

Shen Ye had his levels reduced to zero by the Shifters Inheritor. It was a nightmare. If a player did not have the grit, he or she would have either deleted the account or stopped playing the game.

Even then, it could be seen from the video that Shen Yes condition was not that good. It was quite a devastating blow to him.

Other than these, many other players were also saying Xingyu Guild was fortunate enough to not be a part of this.

Su Xingyu and her in-game husband Bai Yi did not join the quest to kill Jiang Feng.

Their guess was that the two went for their honeymoon and managed to avert from heading straight into the disaster.


Moon Island, next to a clear and wavy lake.

The beautiful Su Xingyu lay in the arms of the handsome and classy Bai Yi.

"Bai Yi, if it werent because were on honeymoon, do you think I will go and kill the Shifters Inheritor?" Su Xingyu said quietly as she looked at the fireflies buzzing on top of the face of the river.

Bai Yi shook his head. "No, I would have stopped you."

Su Xingyu gave him a smile, "Just like when you stopped me from going to the Siege of the Ancient City?"

Bai Yi nodded. "But in the end, you did join the Siege of the Ancient City of the Shifters Emperor. However, that was because it was a joint effort by all the guilds. If you didnt go, the other guilds wouldnt have let you off the hook. Also, I was just giving a suggestion back then, and I didnt really try to stop you. But this time, the nature of the incident is completely different. The Inheritor of the Shifters was in trouble. If you were to go and kill him, that would be like kicking a man when he is down. And thats going over the line."

"Teehee, I know you dont like to fight, but youre quite clear on how things are going currently. Why dont you explain it to me?" Su Xingyu said.

"Things will go quiet for a while for the time being. However, when the guild war begins, only then will things turn chaotic. From what I know about the Shifters Inheritors temper, all the guilds that have offended him are going to have a bad time. We are going to have a new landscape in terms of influence in the game. So, during this time, all we need to do is to enjoy it. The others can take care of the guild, and we can go back after some time." Bai Yi said calmly as he held Su Xingyu tightly, his eyes filled with devotion and adoration.


Canaan City, Stewards Residence.

Canaan was walking around in a circle in front of a giant table, and she kept on mumbling, "What should I do? Once the Guild War begins, the Shifters Inheritor will no doubt attack our guild, and that would be the end of everything. No, I have to find a way to solve this. The Ancient City needed money to build the city Thats right, I can give him money!"

Mo Yi stood up. "Cousin, is the guild really that important? You have the money, and you won the bet, why did you still go to provoke the Shifters Inheritor?"

Canaan spoke to Mo Yi in a serious tone. "When were in the guild, dont call me cousin. Call me guild master!"

Han Qianqian said timidly, "Guild master, maybe we can go apologize once the Shifters Inheritor is out from the Starter Village?"

Canaan nodded and said, "Right, hes just an NPC. Everything would be fine if we apologize."

Canaan was completely confused and was unlike the wise and intelligent Canaan that Jiang Feng had first met.

"Sis, I thought that Hao Tian was really just some rich princeling. But it looks like the things that we know about him arent true and are just rumors. We can see that hes not a bad man from his actions, especially him disbanding the Tianxia Gang. This game could really make us lose our ways, but I never thought that my smart and wise elder sister would get addicted and lose herself in this game of power. I hope you can find yourself again and cherish what you have."

Mo Yi finally exploded and started to vent out loudly to Canaan. He then turned and left.

When she turned and saw Mo Yi leaving, Canaan frowned as her eyes were filled with doubt. She asked herself deep down, Was I really wrong?