Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 177

Chapter 177 The Fuxi Zither

Lihuo Village!

One of the many starter villages in Divine Dominion.

There were still some new players that were in this starter village.

These newbie players were mostly players that bought their game terminal from someone else.

While the official game terminals had been sold out, a small number of players had decided to stop playing for whatever reason.

Some of them also bought the terminals just to be a tourist. Once the casket-style terminal was available, they sold their game terminals to other people.

That was why there was still a small group of newbies in the game.

At a level 5 Wild Boar monster territory, a cute girl holding a zither around the age of eighteen was being surrounded by two male players.

The girls ID was called "Xiao Yatou."

The other player was called "Im A Chicken" while the other was called "Im A Duck". Both of them were most probably together.

Im A Chicken said to Xiao Yatou, "Little girl, can you lend us your Zither to take a look? Well give it back to you once Ive taken a look."

Xiao Yatou sneered at the two and said, "You think Im a three-year-old kid? Even if you kill me, I wont give it to you!"

Im A Chicken narrowed his eyes and looked at her rascally. "Theres only us in this starter village. If you dont give it to me, trust me, Im going to make sure that youll never leave this village."

Xiao Yatou said in a boastful manner, "Come on, then! Show me what youve got!"

"You wanna die that badly?!"

Im A Chicken took out a big blade and slashed toward Xiao Yatou.



At this time, a monkey spawned right in between Im A Chicken and Xiao Yatou. Im A Chickens attack landed on the monkey, but it did not cause any damage at all.

"Hm? Why did a wild monkey spawn here? It looks like Sun Wukong Do all the monkeys in this game look like this?" Im A Chicken mumbled to himself as he looked at the monkey in front of him.


After Jiang Fengs level had been reduced to zero, he was teleported into Lihuo villages monster territory. As soon as he appeared, someone had hacked him with a blade to the point where he had to grit his teeth.

He looked at the man that attacked him, frowned, raised his monkey paw, and smacked him into the sky.


"Pfft You you"

When Im A Duck saw that his good friend Im A Chicken had been slapped to death by a wild monkey, he took in a breath of cold air and pointed at Jiang Feng, terrified and could not form a complete sentence.


Jiang Feng said to Im A Duck.

"You.. you can speak?!"


Seeing Jiang Fengs angry look, Im A Duck turned tail and ran due to fright and did not dare to say anything else.

After he had driven away the two players, Jiang Feng checked his current status.

His level had gone down to zero, but his stats were not reduced at all. However, all his equipment had been placed into the Spatial Bracelet.

"I should fuse with some monsters and their bloodlines, and then evolve afterward," Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at his stats. "Once Ive fused with all the available bloodlines around the starter village, Ill leave when Im level 10."

Just when Jiang Feng was thinking of what he was going to do next, Xiao Yatou jumped in front of Jiang Feng and extended her palm to him and said to him delightfully, "Wow! Youre the Inheritor of the Shifters! Haha, to think that I can actually meet you! This is great! Can I have your signature, please?!"

The reason that she knew Jiang Fengs identity was because she had just checked Jiang Fengs status.

Jiang Fengs level, for the time being, was 0. Anyone could check his status. However, as he was in his monster form, the name that was shown was "Rank 2 Monkey Infant," and his class as the Shifters Inheritor.

As for his Jiang Fengs ID, he was no longer in the level leaderboard because he had lost two levels after going to the Japanese Server. Other than his friends, no one knew that his level had dropped to zero. His ranking on the other leaderboard was temporarily hidden by using the Slough off the Cicadas Golden Shell scroll. Therefore, no one would realize that he had dropped to level 0.

Of course, Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao had yet to ask him about it. Maybe because they had not browsed their Friends list and had not discovered it yet.

The thing that he was currently feeling confused about the most was that he had chosen to evolve into a monkey infant but he was the size of a full-grown monkey.

He was already quite confused when he was in the Shifter Sealing Tower.

However, he would not dwell on things that he could not understand. If he could not find out anything about it, then he would just let it go. Since it was not exactly bad for him.

He then turned his attention to the young lady in front of him that was giving him a bright smile. He looked at her basic information, then his eyes focused on a zither that was almost the same size as her, and exclaimed in surprise, "Youre Holy, the Fuxi Zither!"

Other than the Qiankun Gourd that was part of the Lianyao Flask, this was his second time seeing a Primordial Artifact in the Starter Village!!

The Zither was very special. The state of the country and society was carved on it. On the zithers left-hand side was the carvings of a star map while the right-hand side was a Bagua carving. It looked very unique, and that was why he was attracted by the zither.

Xiao Yatou blinked and held the Fuxi Zither in her arms tightly and looked at Jiang Feng carefully. "Dont tell me youre after my zither too?"

When he heard Xiao Yatous words, Jiang Feng smiled as he understood why the two players had attacked him.

His guess was that they wanted to kill Xiao Yatou so that she would drop the Fuxi Zither. When he suddenly appeared, the attacks fell on him instead.

Fuxi Zither: One of Ten Primordial Artifacts (Broken)

Introduction: The Fuxi Zither. Originally built by the Human Sovereign Fuxi. It had mysterious powers. During the Great Divine-Infernal Wars 10,000 years ago, its six strings were broken and lost during the Great War. Only the support strings were left.

Magic Power +10,000

Mana Regeneration Rate +50%

Strength Enhancement: Plays the Zither and affects allies within a 20 meters radius. Increases attack by 20%, expends 2,000 magic power, duration of 10 minutes, cooldown of 1 hour. Does not stack with other sources.

Defense Enhancement: Plays the Zither and affects allies within a 20 meters radius. Increases defense by 20%, expends 2,000 magic power, duration of 10 minutes, cooldown of 1 hour. Does not stack with other sources.

Speed Enhancement: Plays the Zither and affects allies within a 20 meters radius. Increases movement speed by 20%, expends 2,000 magic power, duration of 10 minutes, cooldown of 1 hour. Does not stack with other sources.

Blessing Soundwave: Plays the Zither and affects allies within a 20 meters radius. Increases all stats by 20%, expends 10,000 magic power, duration of 10 minutes, cooldown of 3 hours. Does not stack with other sources.


Prerequisite: Xiao Yatou (If unable to find the second zither string within 3 months, it shall become an item without an owner.)

Thats so overpowered! All of its skills are area buffs, and this is when its still broken! If it were in its perfect form, wont it be even more overpowered? How did she get her hands on it?! Jiang Feng was shocked when he saw the Fuxi Zithers stats.

If someone were to give Xiao Yatou a group of fully-equipped high-level players, she could easily steamroll everything. Even he would not be her match.

"I have no wish to steal your zither, not to mention, its currently bound to you. No one can steal it!" Jiang Feng spoke to her using his monkey mouth when he saw Xiao Yatou being so cautious around him.

However, he was instead thinking of pulling Xiao Yatou to join his faction of the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

From the way she talked, he knew that Xiao Yatou knew about him and probably adored him. If he could get a Shifter Spirit Stone, he could easily recruit her to the Shifter faction.

When she heard what Jiang Feng had said, she giggled, "Teehee, I knew that the Shifters Inheritor wouldnt steal my zither. Oh, right, werent you level 47? Why did you appear here in the Starter Village?"

"Its complicated, but now I"


Jiang Feng was just about to explain himself when there was a loud rumble coming from a mountain range nearby. Suddenly, the entire mountain range felt like it was on fire, and the entire sky became blazing red.