Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 178

Chapter 178 A Fiery Behemoth

Lihuo Village.


The mountain range to the west of Lihuo Village shook even more violently.

The flames had already spread, and spouts of blazing fire burst into the clouds. Even the entire sky had been covered in red by their lights.

Jiang Feng looked at the scene with astonishment, and said, "Whats going on? Did a volcano erupt?"


Another rumble and an entire mountain peak exploded as lava burst forth from within it and gushed hundreds of meters into the sky. It looked even brighter and more magnificent than fireworks.

"Here it comes again!"

When Xiao Yatou saw this, she did not feel that it was strange at all, as if she had already gotten used to it.

Jiang Feng then looked at Xiao Yatou inquisitively. "Does this commonly happen?"

Xiao Yatou nodded and said, "Yes. Since Ive started playing the game, the volcano would explode every day, and it gets stronger day by day. If this werent a game, I would have run a long time ago."

If something unexpected was happening, there must be a cause!

Jiang Feng did not believe that this was something normal. If it were, then the way the volcano erupts should be quite calm, and the strength of its explosion should be the same. It would not be like how Xiao Yaotou described it, getting stronger and stronger.

Especially if the game designers only wanted to show the special effects in the game, there was no need for them to put so much effort into it.

If that was not something normal, then there must be something else at work. Perhaps, there might even be treasures here.

When that thought crossed his mind, he suddenly remembered something and quickly took out the Divine Fate Compass.

"Shen Luo, search around this area if theres any treasure."

Shen Luo nodded and closed her eyes as the compass began to turn.

Very quickly, Shen Luo opened her eyes and said to Jiang Feng, "There is a Donghuang Bell fragment at that volcano that is erupting. There is also another treasure there, and both of them are together."

Treasures! Just as I thought!

Jiang Feng was overjoyed.

After Shen Luo had finished saying that, she disappeared and two coordinates appeared on the compass.

"Idol, whats this? It can tell you where there are treasures?" Xiao Yatou naturally saw what had happened, and asked Jiang Feng curiously.

Jiang Feng packed up the Divine Fate Compass and asked Xiao Yatou, "Its nothing. Im going to that volcano, you coming?"

She nodded her head vigorously, her expression was one of excitement and joy.

He summoned the Monster Cloud and jumped on it. When Xiao Yatou saw the Monster Cloud, she also gave it a touch and called out in joy, "This must be the Monster Cloud! This is so cool! I saw you on it during the Siege! Thats so hot! The reason that I am playing this game is because Ive seen you during the siege."

Xiao Yatou put both her hands on her cheeks and had completely become Jiang Fengs biggest fan, and she was completely charmed by Jiang Feng.

"Come up," Jiang Feng rolled his eyes and said to her.

"Hehe, okay!" Xiao Yatou smiled earnestly and packed her Fuxi Zither, pulled up her long skirt, and climbed up the Monster Cloud.

"Hold on, were going now!"

Jiang Feng called out and the Monster Cloud flew upward towards the erupting mountain peak to the west.

Before they even went close to the mountains, a wave of heat swept through them. Xiao Yatous cute little face had become red from the hot wave, but Jiang Feng was not affected by it at all.


As soon as they came close to the mountain peak, a painful, angry roar came from within the mountain peak. The more powerful the roar was, the more lava burst forth, and the taller it gushed out.

All the monsters on the mountain peak ran toward the lower ground as half the mountains had already been singed into scorched earth by the molten lava.

Seeing what had happened, Jiang Feng summoned Heifeng and said, "Heifeng, take care of her. Im gonna take a look at the volcano."

As the owner of the Primordial Artifact Fuxi Zither, he needed to at least try and befriend her.

As soon as Heifeng appeared, he came close to her and gave her a scoundrels smile and took out a wet chicken drumstick. "Little sister, come, have a lick!"

Seeing the kind of scoundrel Heifeng was, Jiang Feng really could not stand it. He took out the Qiankun Gourd and absorbed him back, and he summoned the Arcane Amulet Dragon Guapi.

When he remembered what the Thunderclap Mantis had promised her, he took out three Evolution Pills and gave them to Guapi. "Guapi, these are the three Evolution Pills that Ive promised you. Can you please take care of this girl for the time being?"

"Golden pills!"

When Guapi saw the three pills, her eyes beamed. Her tongue rolled in all the Evolution Pills and put them away, and then she nodded to Jiang Feng excitingly, "Go ahead, Ill take care of the little one for you."

Jiang Feng nodded and said to Xiao Yatou, "You cant go inside, so play with Guapi for the time being."

When Xiao Yatou saw Guapi, her eyes beamed and she quickly climbed on top of Guapi, "Wow! Its a dragon! This is the first time Ive ever seen a dragon! And I can even ride it! This is so cool!"

And with that, he had made arrangements for Xiao Yatou.

Jiang Feng took the Monster Cloud into the volcano that was still erupting.

He did not know what was happening inside, but that Donghuang Bell fragment was his!


"Damn! The lavas so hot!"

Just as Jiang Feng went close to the lava, a lava spout struck him and immediately dealt around 2,000 damage to him.

His fire resistance had already reached 60%, but just that strike had made him lose around 2,000 HP. If this were someone else, they would have probably died after a few strikes.

Luckily, the lave would not always spout. It would spew out for a while, then it would stop for a while.

Therefore, he decided to wait for a while.


The moment the lava stopped spewing, he rushed forward together with his Monster Cloud steed.

The moment he reached a giant cave, a heatwave directly came at him to the point where he was sweating profusely.

Within the cave, the rocks around him were all melting into magma. The moment he entered the cave, he was besieged by the blazing heat.




Even with his fire resistance, he was still being burnt by the flames to the point where his HP was slowly reducing the deeper he explored.


When he was approaching a burning pyre within the cave, the sound of heavy chains sounded from underneath him.

"No! Blink!"

At this time, he saw the flames within the cave expanding like a red balloon. He was completely shocked and used blink to go past the expanding flames and lost around 60,000 HP, reaching under the fire.


A great roar that could easily deafen ears and was filled with pain and rage burst outward. As the expanding flames burst forth, the molten rocks flew up into the air as if they were lava.

The moment the flames burst forth, the thick flames in front of him began to dissipate. Taking this chance, he found a place where he could land and headed toward it. He continued watching where the roar came from.

It was completely different when he saw the inside of the mountain peak. He was right in front of a giant array, and the array was formed by chains of runes. There were twelve pillars, and the runes were connected to the pillars.

On the pillars were chains as thick as a water pail, and each chain was emitting a freezing, black aura, and they were all focused into the middle of the array.

A gigantic pyre existed within the middle of the array, and that pyre came from a gigantic fiery beast. He could somewhat see the figure of the fiery beast through the flames.

He then used Identify to check on the status of that figure. Jiang Fengs eyes then opened wide in disbelief as he stood there, stunned.

"This is impossible"