Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 179

Chapter 179 The Death Of Qilin The Mourning Of The Beasts

The flaming behemoth was almost around ten meters tall, and its body was continuously emitting dense fire.

He could see a figure behind that flame.

"Fire Qilin!"

When he saw the stats in front of him, all he could do was open his eyes wide with shock.

Not only did he find a Primordial Artifact at a Starter Village, he even found the games top Saintly Beast! It was very surprising for him!

Fire Qilin: Saintly Beast (Near Death)

Introduction: 10,000 years ago during the Great Divine and Infernal War, the Saintly Beasts of the Five Directions had all been severely injured and sealed in different locations and were kept at near death.

Stats: ???

Indeed, the one before him was one of the Saintly Beasts of the Five Directions in the game, the Fire Qilin.

However, he did not expect the Fire Qilin to be near death.

That meant that it was going to die soon!

If the Fire Qilin were to die, they would all be in big trouble. That meant that the entire central provinces that were under the Fire Qilins protection would fall into chaos. Darkness would slowly corrupt the central provinces. It would not take long before the entire area falls into darkness.

Then, it would allow the Infernal Miasma, Spirit Miasma, and Undead Miasma to grow. All the monsters within the central provinces would become Infernalized Monsters, Spirit Monsters, and Undead Monsters.

Clang! Clang!

The Saintly Beast Fire Qilin had discovered Jiang Feng and was walking toward him even though it was dragging its heavy chains.



As the Fire Qilin came closer, Jiang Fengs HP kept on decreasing.

When he realized what was happening, he retreated in shock.

The Fire Qilin seemed to have sensed Jiang Fengs action and stopped, and then absorbed the flames back into itself.

As the flames around the Fire Qilin had disappeared, he finally showed its true form.

A dragon head, an antlers horn, a lions eyes, a tigers back, a bears waist, a snakes scales, a horses hooves, and an oxs tail. Indeed, it was how he had expected the Fire Qilin to look like.

"Inheritor of the Shifters!"

The Fire Qilin spoke. His voice was weak, but it was still filled with majesty. There was no antagonism in his voice since he was also part of the Shifters.

If it were not because he was the Inheritor of the Shifters, the man that would one day become the Shifter Emperor, he would have knelt down the moment the Fire Qilin had spoken.

Even if that was the case, his feet were also shaking uncontrollably.

"Yes, I am the Inheritor of the Shifters," Jiang Feng said. When he detected that he meant him no harm, he heaved a sigh of relief and asked, "Elder, why were you captured here? How did you end up like this?"

"Hahaha Finally, I have managed to wait for one of my own," The Fire Qilin laughed. He then began to explain, "You do know about the Great Divine-Infernal War ten thousand years ago, right?"

"Yes." Jiang Feng nodded. This was one part of history that seemed to impact the game the most, and he had listened to it many times. All the Divine Artifacts, Divine Beasts, and whatnot had something to do with the Great Divine-Infernal War that occurred ten thousand years ago.

The Fire Qilin then continued to explain, "Ten thousand years ago, the Divines and Infernals were at a stalemate. All the races swore loyalty to the Divines and Infernals. In order to rule the entire Divine Dominion, the Infernals began preparations with many other races for a very long time. They fear the power of the Saintly Beasts of the Five Directions, yet they could not kill us. Therefore, they found a way to suppress and seal us, waiting for us to die so that the Infernals could return."

"Now, all five of us shall die. The entire continent shall fall into darkness. The people shall not know peace! In order to maintain one last sliver of hope, we were ready to burn through what remains of our lives in order to conjure our Blood of Origin and merge them together. We would then use the Saintly Beast Jinfengs Nirvana ability to create an even more powerful Saintly Beast."

"I was afraid that the Blood of Origin that I had conjured would fall into the hands of others, I did not expect you to come at this juncture. Very well, this responsibility shall now fall into your hands!"

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the Main Quest, "Reform the Saintly Beasts?"


Jiang Feng did not expect this to be a Main Quest. Including his main quest to restore the Shifters glory, this would be the second main quest that he had accepted.

He did not need to think twice to know that the Main Quest could not be so easily completed.

For a start, he knew that he needed to gather the Blood of Origin of the five Saintly Beasts. He did not even know where the other four Saintly Beasts were, and he did not even know where to start his search!

"Elder, do you know where the other four other elders are?"

He had to ask the Fire Qilin about it if he wanted to complete this quest. He needed to check if the Fire Qilin knew where the other four Saintly Beasts were.

The Saintly Beast Fire Qilin shook its head, "No. We have been separated for ten thousand years. I only know that they were sealed. I do not know where they are now but worry not. You are our Inheritor, you will eventually find a way to seek them out."

"Understood. I will complete the mission!" Jiang Feng nodded.

Another long-term quest and he was getting tired of it. All the quests that he was offered were becoming harder and harder. It must have been because of his high luck that he was able to accept these quests. Otherwise, he would not even be able to discover them.

"I am gladdened hearing your promise. My time is coming to an end soon. I can see that you have plenty of bloodlines on you, Ya Di still has her sharp eyes, I see." The Fire Qilin said, and his face suddenly became twisted with pain, and ten drops of blood floated out from his body. He said to him as his face became pale, "These ten drops of Fire Qilin bloodlines for you. You have the ability to absorb any bloodline. Remember, when all your bloodlines have reached their maximum potential, your power would far surpass us at our peak."

"Surpassing you at your peak?" Jiang Feng received the ten drops of the Fire Qilin bloodline in shock.

"Yes. You should know from my physical appearance that I have fused eight bloodlines from different monsters. Only when all my bloodline ranks have reached their peak did I become a Saintly Beast. The other four Saintly Beasts were the same. That means that when all eight of your bloodlines have reached rank eighteen, you could become a Saintly Beast!"

The Fire Qilin was becoming weaker and weaker, as if even opening his eyes was becoming a struggle.

A dragon head, an antlers horn, a lions eyes, a tigers back, a bears waist, a snakes scales, a horses hooves, and an oxs tail. The Fire Qilin must have fused the bloodlines from these eight tribes and become what he was now, a powerful Saintly Beast. I have eighteen bloodlines within me. If I could increase them all to the 18th rank, how strong would I become? What if I increase them all to rank 20?

When he thought of that, he could feel the bloodlines within him began to boil as his face was filled with excitement and anticipation.

"My My time is running out. Once I die, the Infernals would no doubt rise once again. The safety of the continent and the entire Shifters are in your hands now!"


As soon as the Huo Qilin had finished his sentence, the blazing flames once again erupted from his body. It howled one last time toward the sky, and his body slowly became smaller.

"It is all up to you now, little one!"

As he finished his last words, his huge body suddenly shrank into a pearl the size of a fist and remained floating in the air.


After the Fire Qilins death, the thick and heavy chains fell onto the ground, and they all turned to dust together with the array.


In its final roar, there was no sorrow, only hope. Its roar burst through the heavens, and all the cities and monsters in the Central Provinces could hear it clearly.


And at this exact moment, all the monsters that heard this roar fell onto the ground. Some of them even knelt on the ground and kowtowed three times, letting out cries of sorrow as they cried into the heavens.

The death of the Fire Qilin was mourned by all the monsters!

And this scene had astonished all the players!