Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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The Black Bear King’s Defense was 300, Jiang Feng’s attack was 450, and Mu Xi’s attack was 450.

After the damage reduction from Defense, both of them could cause around 350 points of damage.

Now, the Black Bear King only had 2315 worth of health points left.

If they want to kill it, they need at least tens of seconds.

“Faster, faster!”

Jiang Feng ignored the Black Bear King’s attack and kept on damaging it and pulling its aggro so Mu Xi could attack from behind the Black Bear King in safety.

Seeing that the Black Bear King’s hit points have been reduced to under 1000 and that they could kill it soon, but the Black Bear King activated another of its skillsat this time.

Barbaric Charge!

He was right in front of the Black Bear King and he couldn’t evade in time and was directly thrown into the air for ten plus meters and was dazed for one second.

“Ouch, that hurts!”

After he got out of his dazed status, he rolled in pain on the ground to the pointwhere his face became almost twisted.

The pain felt like he had been rammed by a moving vehicle in the real world.

3By his estimate, his sense of pain was at least in the 90s. It was almost similar to the pain that he could feel in the real world.

Luckily, this was a game. The pain continued for a few seconds, and then disappeared. He stood up from the ground in sweat and looked at his HP.

The Black Bear King’s Barbaric Charge had made him lose around 500 HP, but the damage wasn’t that serious to him.


Suddenly, he remembered something and quickly ran towards where the Black Bear King was.

“Ling Yun, you are so despicable! I won’t forget this!”

As soon as Ling Yun had returned, he saw Ling Yun violently stab Mu Xi’s belly with a sword, who had no more HP left. She screamed out before her death, and her beautiful face left only an expression of fury.

As for Nangong Tiaotiao, her body was also laying on the ground.

Such a cute girl, such a beautiful woman, yet Ling Yun and his party did not hesitate to kill them.

5This scene caused Jiang Feng to be greatly infuriated!

9As soon as Ling Yun had killed Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao, the group excitedly went to engage the dying Black Bear King.

“All of you wanted to die!”

Seeing this, Jiang Feng had begun his assault by using High-Speed Movement and had appeared right next to Jiu Mei in the blink of an eye.

He had used both Violent Grab and Bite on her, damaging her for 1,000 points of damage and instantly killing her.

“It’s that cat again!” Seeing Jiu Mei had been killed, Ba Ge quickly retreated and pointed to Jiang Feng as he said to Ling Yun, “Guildmaster, it was because of this cat’s appearance that caused me to not able to take all the loot after I killed the Blaze Wolf King.”

Ling Yun looked at Jiang Feng angrily.

He remembered that it was this “cat” in front of him that had ambushed him and killed him when he was at the Blaze Wolf Canyon.

“That’s not a cat, it’s a small Tiger King. Chen Mo, delay him and buy us time. Everyone else, follow me and kill the Black Bear King first!” Ling Yun said to Chen Mo and then rushed towards the Black Bear King.

“Brother Bear, use your ultimate skill!”

Hearing Ling Yun’s words, Jiang Feng was getting anxious as he dodged Chen Mo’s attack and he yelled out at the Black Bear King.

He was being polite so that the Black Bear King would die much later and help him kill one or two players.

“Roar~ Why would I listen to you?” The Black Bear King avoided Ling Yun’s attack and roared at Jiang Feng.

“You stupid bear! You don’t have the guts to use your ultimate, am I right?!”

Seeing that the Black Bear King was being an idiot, Jiang Feng couldn’t find a word to describe his feelings and instead could only try to provoke it into action.

“Roar~ Who said that I don’t have the guts to use it!”

A monster was still a monster in the end,and its intelligence still wasn’t as high as the Piebald Tiger King. After the provocation, it became enraged just as he thought, and it jumped high and violently slammed the ground using its two giant paws.


1Seeing that the Black Bear King’s skill was going to get activated soon, he quickly activated his Requiem skill.


There was a clear ringing of a bell. Ling Yun and the others who were prepared to attack the Black Bear King and Chen Mo, who was next to him, all began swaying where they were.


While the Black Bear King had been affected by his requiem skill, it had already used its skill.With the ultimate skill being activated, Jiang Feng quickly dodged to the side.

The entire ground shook and cracked, and Ling Yun, Bai Tong, and Ba Ge had been hit by the tremor to the pointwhere they bounced up and lost around 700 to 800 hit points.

“It’s done!”

Jiang Feng saw this, and after licking his nose, pounced towards Ling Yun. He quickly dealt with Ling Yun who had not much health left and then killed Bai Tong and Ba Ge who were right next to Ling Yun.

The instant when the three seconds’ worth of daze was over, he quickly picked up the items that were dropped by Ling Yun and the others, then quickly hid behind a nearby giant tree and left Chen Mo alone.

Nangong Tiaotiao was his financial sponsor, and Mu Xi was so pretty and was also Nangong Tiaotiao’s big sister, so he couldn’t bear killing them. He also couldn’t kill them. If not, where could she find someone so stupid and so rich at the same time? But now that both of them were already dead, he was no longer being held back. Therefore, he used the same strategy once again.

6When Chen Mo woke up from the daze status and realized that Ling Yun and the others had all died, he was momentarily stunned.


At this time, the Black Bear King had also woken up, so it had naturally chosen to attack the only living target left.

Seeing this, Chen Mo’s face turned pale. But once he realized that the Black Bear King had only three-four hundred hit points left, he was relieved. There was a glint in his eyes, and he attacked the Black Bear King.

Once he kills a Level 15 boss, the loot must all be great stuff. Maybe it would even drop a piece of White-Silver equipment. As the thought crossed his mind, he became even more excited and his attack on the Black Bear King became even more intense.

He was also a veteran player, and he had managed to kill the Black Bear King within ten seconds without the Black Bear King being able to damage him.



As the Black Bear King’s gigantic body fell to the ground, a few bolts of light appeared from it and floated on its body.

A great drop!

Seeing this, Mo Chen went to pick up the loot excitedly.

“Hehe, that’s mine!”

Jiang Feng, who was hiding behind a giant tree, wouldn’t allow him to pick the equipmentof course. He zoomed out and pounced towards Chen Mo.


Once he saw Jiang Feng, Chen Mo cursed under his breath and thrust his longsword towards Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng didn’t bother to evade it and took the hit, then his claws violently slammed at Chen Mo’s chest.



Chen Mo had caused him a hundred plus damage but he had caused three hundred plus damage to Chen Mo. While that thrust was extremelypainful, he was able to endure it and he had seized the opportunity to claw Chen Mo in return.

“Scram!” After being attacked twice and his hit points being less than half, Chen Mo kicked Jiang Feng away. He immediately retreated and took out a Health Potion and drank it.

“There’s no escape!”

Jiang Feng silently said as he used Violent Grab and aimed at his throat.

If it wasn’t because High-Speed Movement was still under cooldown, he could have killed Chen Mo just now. But now, he could only fight him head-on.

While his awareness and positioning was no match against Chen Mo, but Chen Mo wouldn’t dare to fight him in a direct confrontation, especially in a fight where they would need to exchange blows.

Since he had around four thousand hit points, while Chen Mo only had around six hundred hit points. He would need to get hit twiceand he would be killed.

Chen Mo escaped, and he pursued him!

It didn’t take long for his High-Speed Movement’s cooldown to expire.

“You want to run? You think you can escape from me?”

Jiang Feng gave him a cold smile, and with a roar, tripled his movement speed. No matter how Chen Mo positioned himself, no matter how high his awareness was, he couldn’t match the speed and had been killed by Jiang Feng in a few blows.

Of all the martial arts in the worldthere are no defenses that are unbreakable, only speed remains invulnerable!

1And this was what it meant. Increased speed equal to increased attack speed. Even if facing an opponent with a much higher stats, he could still fight it to a standstill!

After killing Chen Mo, he picked up the drop from Chen Mo and sat down next to the Black Bear King’s body. Once the loot’s protection timer had ended, he would take them all. He didn’t take the few worthless pieces of equipment and only took the few great ones. His Drop Panel didn’t have enough slotsafter all, and he couldn’t equip them.

After he had cleared the battlefield, his attention shifted to the Black Bear King’s corpse. “I have so many good things on me, I shouldn’t fuse with it. If I fail, that would be beyond sad. I better transmute it!”

“Transmute Monster!”

And next, he used Transmute Monster on the Black Bear King’s body.