Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Id Card

The Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals.

Within a fortress.

A thick chain flew into the fortress.

Underneath the fortress, there was a secret room. Moji was sitting in a lotus position naked.

The thick chain pierced through and ignored all obstacles as it flew in. It then turned into a mist and burrowed itself into Mojis body.

The moment that the chain entered Mojis body, thick black miasma and a soft light emitted from her body.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes with a faint smile, "Haha, the Fire Qilin is dead! The Sacred-Sealing Chain has absorbed quite a bit of the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin and has healed around 80 percent of my wounds. As soon as Yao Qiong captures that monk and removes my seal, the Infernals shall once again descend upon this land!"


Lihuo Village.

Jiang Feng refined another drop of Fire Qilin blood, and then consumed it.

Ding. System Prompt: As you have consumed "Pure Fire Qilin Blood", Bloodline Purity has reached 50%.

"50%! Looks like the effect is getting weaker!"

After waiting for another minute and the cooldown to expire, he once again took out a drop of Fire Qilins blood and refined it.

After refining it, he swallowed it down his throat and increased his Qilin Bloodline to 100%.

"Lets continue with the evolution!"

Once the Qilins bloodline had reached 100%, he took out another Evolution Pill and ate it. He then began his second evolution.

His evolution this time was much faster when compared to his first evolution.

He had finished it in only about half an hour.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution successful!

After evolving into a Rank 2 Fire Qilin, he did not have much increase in terms of his stats, but he felt that it was alright overall.

His HP had increased by 20,000 while attack had increased by 5,000, and defense had increased by 1,000.

There would only be a great increase in stats after consuming the bloodline for the first time. The effects afterward were generally quite weak.

After increasing into a Rank 2 Fire Qilin, his body size had increased by one step. Unfortunately, he still looked like a dog. Seeing that, he had chosen to continue his evolution.

He refined the Fire Qilin blood and then consumed it.

This time, only after he had used four drops of Fire Qilin blood did his blood purity reach 100%. One drop had only increased it by 25%.

That meant that with the Fire Qilin Blood that he possessed, he could continue three times at most. If he wanted to increase his Fire Qilin Blood to Rank 4, he needed even more of it.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful.

After spending another half an hour, he successfully evolved into a Rank 3 Fire Qilin.

His form had also begun to change. He no longer looked like a dog, with horns growing from his forehead and scales beginning to develop on his body. His four limbs looked like dragon claws instead of horse hooves. Because of the many bloodlines within him, his physical appearance was different than the Fire Qilin as he grew.

His third evolution had only increased his HP by 10,000, attack by 2,000, and defense by 500.

His three stats for the time being were:

HP: 342,000

Attack: 58,080

Defense: 23,952

His stats were already very high.

Probably only players who had undergone the second class change and gained the 30% increase in stats as well as having a set of Dark-Gold Equipment could match his stats.

But he knew that he was not invulnerable. His stats were still lower than a Spiritual Beasts.

By his estimation, the other Inheritors stats should be quite close to his. And the inheritors that did not appear might be even more powerful than him.

Take Qiu Si as an example. He had a Divine Artifact and once he had reached level 50, some of the Divine Artifacts stats would be unlocked. This would allow his stats to greatly increase, and he would not be weaker than him at that time.

In the Shifter Sealing Tower, if it were not because of the level 100 monsters obeying his commands, killing Qiu Si and Yao Qiong would have been a very difficult task.

That was because as the game progressed, the Inheritors and players would have access to even more options. While it would still be easy for him to kill normal players, it would be difficult for him to kill the Inheritors.

He used seven drops of Qilin Blood, and he only had three drops left.

His guess was that even if he had consumed the blood, his Bloodline Purity level would not increase much anyways. That was why he chose not to consume the three drops of Qilin Blood and saved them instead. Who knows, maybe he could find a use for them later on.

"Ive evolved three times, and I have six lottery chances. I should go for it!"

The wheel once again appeared before him. Looking at the six lottery chances he had, he tripled it and saved the other three chances, and began his lottery draw.

The indicator began to spin, and perhaps because he had tripled it, it was much slower this time.

Only after three minutes, the indicator stopped at the Pill category as he watched expectantly. Three diamond treasure chests appeared before his eyes, which meant that the pills inside the three treasure chests were at least Spiritual Level.

He opened the three treasure chests eagerly and saw that there was a silver pill within each of them.

Moon Essence Pill: Spiritual-level Pill

Created from the Essence of the Moon. After use, immune to all negative status effects for 10 minutes. It will not remove any currently ongoing negative status effects.

"A pill created from the Moon Essence! Since it makes the user immune to all negative effects, that means that as long as I use it, I wont enter the Berserk or Slaughter status!" His eyes lit up when Jiang Feng saw the description of the pills.

With these pills, as long as he uses them beforehand, he could avoid entering the Berserk and Slaughter statuses.

However, he was still disappointed that it could not remove any ongoing status effects. Otherwise, he could go and find Xiao Longnu right there and then.

"Oh well, I should continue."

He put away the Moon Essence Pill as he shook his head, and continued with the lottery.

He had decided to use up all the remaining three lottery chances.

The indicator turned, and after two minutes it stopped at the Special Category. Two White-Silver chests and one Diamond Chest appeared.

Perhaps he had used up all his luck at the Shifter Sealing Tower, this time he ended up getting White-Silver treasure chests.

Each of the White-Silver Chests had one blueprint in them, while the Diamond Chest had a card in it.

Black Coat Blueprint: Costume

Festival Formalwear Blueprint: Costume

ID Card: Spiritual Level Item

Can be used to change name, appearance, and basic display information. Only effective when equipped. Effects removed when unequipped.

"Heh, I thought that my luck has gone bad. Luckily, it didnt," Jiang Feng looked with excitement when he saw the three items inside. "I can give the blueprints to Grandma Sang to tailor some costumes, I should be able to earn from that. As for the ID card, its something that I need the most now!"

He put away the two costume blueprints into the Spatial Bracelet. He then took the ID Card and began to edit his identitys information.

"As long as I have a decent and gentle appearance it should be fine. I have to remove the red eyes and silver hair. Game ID change to Feng, level change to 50"

After changing all of the information, he then equipped the ID Card.

Next, the identity that was displayed was changed. Even when others look at his identity, all of the information that would be shown would be those from the ID Card and not his real information.

Because he had yet to polymorph, his form was still that of a Qilin.

"Huff This time, my identity should be completely hidden. I no longer needed to reveal my true identity so soon." He heaved a sigh of relief as he equipped the ID Card.

He looked at the time and noticed that it was already one in the morning. He logged out to wash up and rest.