Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 182

Chapter 182 Time Is Too Short Maybe Next Time

Li Huo Village.

East of the Starter Village, Greenhill Plains.

"Transmute Monster, Transmute!"

Someone shouted in the Greenhill Plains and a giant cauldron fell from the sky.

It dropped and covered a Qilin and a rhinoceros. In a short while, the rhinoceros disappeared, and only the Qilin remained.

"Huff Ive finally managed to fuse with the forty plus monsters near the Starter Village in three days. I now have the bloodline of 58 monsters in me, and my stats have increased quite a bit."

HP: 350,000

Attack: 60,843

Defense: 24,752

These were his three core stats after he had fused with the bloodlines of about forty monsters.

As all the monsters he had fused with had a low Bloodline cap, that had caused the increase of his stats to be quite low.

But even then, his stats were already very high for the time being. Even if the players were to class-change a second time, their stats would not be able to match his.

"Why hasnt Xiao Yatou come online for so long?"

He then ran toward the place where he had promised to meet up with Xiao Yatou.

He was not sure what had happened. But after Xiao Yatou logged out, she did not log in for three days.

He was a bit worried that she had decided to stop playing.

If she did, then it would be a great loss. In three months, the Fuxi Zither would no doubt change hands.

Even Inheritors such as themselves were the same. If they did not log in for a long time, the game would treat the Inheritors as dead, and choose a new Inheritor.

"Hm? Shes online!"

When he went to the place where they had promised to meet, he saw that Xiao Yatou was crouching on the ground and playing with the Fuxi Zither in her hands.

He ate a Divine Speech Pill and was worried that Xiao Yatou could not recognize him, so he unequipped his ID Card and walked over.

"Xiao Yatou, where have you been all this time?" He had to continue role-playing as an NPC so that he would not give rise to any suspicion.

When Xiao Yatou saw him, she was slightly stunned and quickly put away the Fuxi Zither. She then looked at Jiang Fengs stats and asked inquisitively, "Huh? Idol, why is your form different?"

Jiang Feng did not equip his ID Card, and that was why Xiao Yatou recognized that it was him.

He answered with a smile, "I have many forms, you dont have to feel strange about that. Thats right, you havent answered my question yet. Where did you go for the past few days?"

Xiao Yatou pouted and said, "I have too many classes these few days, also I was having my final term exam. My school is quite strict and they took away my game terminal. Im on holiday now, and I logged in as soon as I could."

"I see."

Jiang Feng did not realize that a semester had already passed. But he was on a leave of absence for one year, so he had lost track of time.

"Teehee. Idol, can I tell you something? I told my friends that Im currently together with the Inheritor of the Shifters, but they dont believe me at all. Can you take a picture with me? I want to make them envious of me," Xiao Yatou said in excitement.

"Alright, lets take a picture first."

With that, he took a few pictures with Xiao Yatou. Of course, to let others know that he was indeed the Inheritor of the Shifters, he showed his name and class.

After fulfilling Xiao Yatous request, he took out ten Level 50 Experience Pills and gave them to Xiao Yatou. "Take these. They should be enough to raise your level to ten plus."

As he said that, Jiang Feng took one Level 50 Experience Pill and ate it.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on leveling up by 5 levels. You have received 25 free attribute points.

"Hm? 25 Points? Looks like after I have obtained the Qilin Bloodline, I will receive 5 free attribute points, an increase from 3. Not bad!" He was slightly stunned but it quickly turned into a smile.

Next, he quickly ate 7 more Experience Pills and reached level 12. Including the Free Attribute Points he had previously received, he had 60 points.

He added all 60 free attribute points to insight without hesitation.

Ding. System Prompt: Your Insight has reached its maximum limit!

His Insight was originally at 47 points. After adding 53 points, it had reached 100 points and could no longer be increased.

He then added the remaining 7 points to Charisma.

"I think I should stop at level 12. I still have to fuse with other monsters outside the Starter Village. I wont lose much even if I have failed and lost a level or two!"

Looking at his current level, he did not choose to consume any Experience Pills.

After leaving the Starter Village, he was going to continue to fuse with other monsters. If his level were too high and he were to lose his levels when his fusion fails, it would be a waste of Experience Pills.

Since the stats would not change, leveling up did not have much use to him other than allowing him to equip better equipment. That was why he was not in a rush to level back up.

"Haha! Im level 15 now! Idol, youre too great! Just one of your pills gives me more experience points than me spending my time killing wild dogs for a week." Xiao Yatou looked at him with adoration.

"Alright, let us go to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor," Jiang Feng said to Xiao Yatou.

"Yes," Xiao Yatou nodded as she had wanted to make a trip to the Ancient City for a very long time. She then took out one of the Town Portal Scrolls to the Ancient City, used it, and headed toward the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

After Xiao Yatou had left, Jiang Feng was also about to use the Town Portal scroll and leave this place.

Suddenly, he saw that the sky on the horizon had suddenly darkened.

And any monsters that the darkness had touched would become Infernalized with greatly increased power as they roared uncontrollably.

"It looks like without the Fire Qilin, the Infernals had begun to corrupt the Central Provinces."

When Jiang Feng saw what had happened, he quickly took the Monster Cloud into the sky and looked at where the darkness was.

I wonder where the Infernal Miasma is coming from. It would be best if I could stop it! After giving it some thought, Jiang Feng headed into the darkness.

Due to his dual identity as both a player and the Shifters Inheritor, the Infernal Miasma could not Infernalize him. They brushed over his body and did not have any effect on him.

He followed where the Infernal Miasma came from and flew straight on.

After flying for half an hour, he was soon approaching a cliff.

He was about to jump down the cliff on the Monster Cloud to check on the source of the Infernal Miasma when he quickly sensed danger. He swiftly used Blink to leave where he was immediately.


He looked and saw that a bloody whip had appeared at where he was at, violently lashing out where he was standing just now. Even the Infernal Miasma at that location had greatly dispersed.

Next, a beautiful figure appeared not far from him.

"Moji!" Jiang Feng said in disbelief when he saw who had appeared.

The one that came was indeed the leader of the Infernals, Archmaster Moji. He looked at her stats, and realized that her Severely Injured status had already disappeared. That also meant that her wounds had almost healed. He was not her match at all.

"I did not expect to see you here, dragon. It seems that the path driven by grudge that we walk on is truly narrow. You have escaped from the Shifter Sealing Tower, but you will not escape this time!"

Archmaster Moji looked at him with fiery wrath. With a wave of her hand, several hundred Infernal Generals appeared before him.

"Moji, do you have to welcome me with such a great party? Despite what happened, we are still husband and wife! Not to mention that you started it first!" Jiang Feng was having cold sweat when he saw the hundreds of Infernal Generals that had appeared.

These were Infernal Generals, and each of them had the power to match an Immortal Beast.

"Kill him!" Archmaster Moji did not waste any time and directly ordered them to kill him.

"Roar! Dragon Howl!"

When he saw the hundreds of Infernal Generals coming toward him, his face paled and he quickly used a crowd-control skill.

Next, he took out the Teleporting Furnace and burrowed into it without thinking twice.

There was no way he could fight that battle! He would be killed instantly!

"Dont think that you can escape!" When Archmaster Moji saw that Jiang Feng was going to escape using the Teleportation Cauldron, she appeared next to the Teleportation Cauldron in the blink of an eye as soon as she was no longer dazed. Her blood whip was fastened around the Teleportation Cauldron, stopping it from making its escape.


Jiang Feng took out the Shifter Emperors Flag and waved it in time. A chain burst out and bound the Archmaster before him. The Blood Whip had disappeared under the effects of the Binding skill.

When Jiang Feng saw that Moji was getting angry, he pulled her in and kissed her. "Honey, I know youre angry, but we are out of time. Maybe next time, bye!"

The Binding skill only had a duration of five minutes, and there was nothing much he could do in that short a time.

Not only that, there were several hundred Infernal Generals around him, and he could not do anything even if he wanted to.

After being humiliated by Jiang Feng, Archmaster Moji was even more furious as she stared at him with burning hatred. When he saw the hundreds of Infernal Generals coming over, he smiled, gave her a goodbye kiss, and jumped into the cauldron. He then activated its teleportation ability.

Next, the Teleportation Cauldron shone brightly and disappeared from the sight of Archmaster Moji.

When she saw the cauldron disappear before her, she let out an indignant roar, "Argh! Shifters Inheritor! I will kill you! I will skin you, drink your blood, and eat your flesh!"