Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Hell Is Right In Front After You

Dongyu City, Red Leaf Forest.


There was a screech in the air, and a cauldron fell into the depths of the Red Leaf Forest.

The lid of the cauldron opened up, and a handsome young man climbed out from within.

"Cough! Damn that Moji! She made me lose another 10,000!"

That young man was Jiang Feng, who had escaped from Mojis grasp after teasing her.

Every time he used the Teleportation Cauldron, he needed to spend 10,000 gp. He could still feel the hurt from it.

He put away the Teleportation Cauldron, then looked at the forest around him that was covered in red leaves. He then began to think about what had just happened, Why would Moji appear at a cliff so close to a Starter Village? Does she need to personally make a move to corrupt the Central Provinces? Or is there a treasure close to the Starter Village?


It shouldnt be a treasure. There must be an army of Infernals sealed close by! Just like the Starter Village that I started with!

When that thought crossed his mind, he finally realized how Xiao Yatou ended up with the Fuxi Zither.

If he guessed it correctly, the Fuxi Zither should be the treasure that was used to seal the Infernal army.

But why was the Infernal army not released once Xiao Yatou had received the Fuxi Zither?

He had to guess that another treasure was keeping the seal suppressing the Infernal army in place.

And Moji appearing near Lihuo Village was to take away that treasure that was maintaining the seal in order to release the Infernal army.

"Whatever. I could be wrong. Regardless, I should return to the Ancient City"



Just when he was about to leave, he could hear the ringing of a bell coming from afar.

The bell was ringing in very short intervals, unlike the normal ringing of a bell that was long and stable.

"Hm? Jinshan Temple? Why does the ringing sound so weird? And isnt Xiao Longnu at the Jinshan Temple now? I should go look and see what is happening and visit Xiao Longnu," He mumbled and summoned the Monster Cloud, and then headed toward the Jinshan Temple.


Dark clouds had gathered on top of Jinshan Temple.

On the dark clouds, Yao Qiong led a few Infernal Generals and a group of Infernal Soldiers standing outside of the temple.

"Surrender Tang Sanzang, or I will soak Jinshan Temple in blood!" Yao Qiong said coldly as she looked down at the inner sanctums of the temple.

The monks from the Jinshan Temple were in disarray as they looked at the Infernal Generals and Infernal Soldiers in the air.

Meanwhile, a monk of about three to four years old was still walking around calmly.

He was wearing a loose robe and holding a broom that was as tall as himself. He swept the floor of the yard and cared little about the cloud in the skies.

Tap, tap.

A white horse came next to him and said, "Master, come with me!"

The little monk was indeed Tang Sanzang, and the white horse was Xiao Longnu.

"Where to?" Little Tang Sanzang asked with a smile.

"To escape their evil grasps, of course. If you were caught, we would be in big trouble!" Said Xiao Longnu.

"Evil is everywhere. I am evil, you are evil, there is evil wherever we go. Can we really escape?" Said the little monk.

"While I dont understand what you said, I know that you are more knowledgeable in Buddhism than the Chief Monk," said Xiao Longnu.

Just as he was about to say something, he saw a group of monks coming toward him.

The one leading them was Master Liaochan, the Abbot of Jinshan Temple.

Master Liaochan came before him, pointed at the dark sky, and said with a whimper, "Sanzang, about that"

Tan Sanzang put down the broom in his hand and sat down in a lotus position. He clasped his hands together and said calmly, "I see it not."

"You see it, but why pretend that you do not?" Master Liaochan questioned him with a frown.

"You are the Abbot. What you can see, I might not be able to see?" Tang Sanzang said with a smile as he looked at the Abbot.

Abbot Liaochan clasped his hands together and said, "I cannot do it!"

"And I can?"

"Yes, you can!"

"And you cannot?"

"I cannot!"

"Then why do we need you as an Abbot?"

"To spread the teachings of Buddhism, and to help all the living?"

"And who are the living?"

"All that are alive are part of the living!"

"Then I too am part of the living, why will you not save me?"

"It is not worth it to sacrifice everyone just to save you!"

"A mere equivocation!"

"Sanzang, for Buddh-"

Tang Sanzang stood up and without waiting for Abbot Liaochan to finish his sentence, said to him, "Who is the Buddha?"

"Do not tell me that all that are living are the Buddha!"

"The Buddha is but an excuse to conceal your own hypocrisy!"

His words had angered the abbot, and he said in anger, "The Buddha said if I do not enter Hell, who will? You are the Buddha, you"

Tang Sanzang once again cut short what the Abbot wanted to say and said to him with a smile as he pointed to the sky, "Since you have so much love for all things, Hell is right in front, after you!"

"You" Abbot Liaochan was so angered that he had no words left to say.

Xiao Longnu and the other monks could not understand much of what they just heard.

In truth, this was but the simplest Buddhism debate. Or not.

The main debate was that Abbot Liaochan wanted to give Tang Sanzang to the infernals, sacrificing him to save all the monks staying in Jinshan Temple.

There was no love involved in this at all, and he was even forcing him to do it.

He could not take all of this, and that was why he engaged the Abbot in a debate.

"Kill them!" Yao Qiong yelled out in fury toward the Jinshan Temple as she stood in the dark clouds.

The sky was darkened and the earth painted. Wherever the Infernal Soldiers and Infernal Generals went, the monks of Jinshan Temple would fall. Blood began to flow like a river.


And when Jiang Feng had arrived, he saw that the Infernals were fighting with the monks of Jinshan Temple.

"Hm? Why did the Infernals attack Jinshan Temple?"

Despite him being filled with questions, Jiang Feng had hidden himself and avoided the sight of the Infernal Soldiers and infiltrated the Jinshan Temple.


He saw a bloodied White Dragon fighting with three Infernal Generals within the temple. Tang Sanzang was sitting on the ground in a lotus position and chanting the Diamond Sutra. A golden barrier appeared around him, blocking the Infernal Soldiers attacks.

Yao Qiong appeared not far from Jiang Feng. She then attacked the golden barrier that protected Tang Sanzang with her pair of chakrams. In the meantime, she yelled at the Infernal Generals that were fighting with Xiao Longnu in the air, "Kill that dragon quickly and capture Tang Sanzang!"

"Its her again! Why does she want Tang Sanzang?" Jiang Feng thought to himself with a frown when he saw Yao Qiong.

He stopped thinking about it when he knew that he would not be able to reach an answer, but he knew that he could not let Yao Qiong take Tang Sanzang away!

He unequipped his ID card and transformed into a Fire Qilin. Before his Hide skill expired, he came close to Yao Qiong quietly.


He roared, and a giant tornado appeared where Yao Qiong was at. It swirled her and the group of Infernal Soldiers next to Tang Sanzang.

Next, he took a ride on the Monster Cloud and came close to the Tornado. He then slapped Yao Qiong a few times with his claws, causing about 10,000 plus worth of damage, killing her. He then caught Tang Sanzang and came next to Xiao Longnu.

"Roar! Dragon Howl!"

He used another crowd-control skill, stopping those few Infernal Generals. He then took out the Qiankun Gourd and placed Xiao Longnu and Tang Sanzang within it.

He then took out the Teleportation Cauldron and jumped into it. He escaped using the cauldron once again.

Since there were so many Infernal Generals and Infernal Soldiers here, he was completely outmatched. He had to first avoid a confrontation with them, and understand why the Infernals wanted to capture Tang Sanzang.