Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Johns

After Ling Feiyu had changed into the Shifter Hierophant class, her body underwent some changes.

Her forehead had a phoenix tattoo, and several strands of her hair became blue. She had a pair of wings that were as blue as pure water, and there was a ripple on where she stood as if she was walking on a lake.

The purple dress that was on her had become a blue silk-like gown, and a sense of sacredness was enveloping her.

She emitted a beauty that did not allow others to be indecent to her.

"So beautiful" Jiang Feng said with a smile when he saw Ling Feiyu in her new form.

Hearing Jiang Fengs praise, Ling Feiyu blushed slightly in embarrassment.

Mu Xi gave Jiang Feng a look, then looked at Ling Feiyu without saying anything.

"You must have chosen the Aqua Phoenix Bloodline, right? Now, why not share with us what skills the Shifter Hierophant has."

From how Ling Feiyu looked, she must have chosen some of the Rime Phoenix characteristics. The Rime Phoenix was a Divine Beast that focused on Healing. It seemed that Ling Feiyu had chosen to continue as support.

"Yes." Ling Feiyu nodded, then shared the information on her skills with Jiang Feng.

She had six skills, they are Heal, Tongue of the Beast, Commune, Summon, Command and Revive.

He knew about the Healing, Tongue of the Beast, Summon, Revive, and the Command skills. Other than Healing and Tongue of the Beast, he looked at the other four skills.

Commune: After activation, increase Charisma by 50. Can commune with anything and has the ability to Entice others to join. Expends 200 points of Mana per second.

Summon: Summons three monsters that have been Enticed to aid in battle. Duration of 30 minutes.

Command: Command all monsters within 500 meters that are not Territory Kings, Spiritual Rank, Immortal Rank, Divine Rank, or above. Duration of 10 minutes. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Revive: Can revive those who died, including non-revivable monsters that are of Immortal Rank and below. Cooldown of 5 hours.

"Hm? Other than Commune, I know about all the others. But their exact usage differs from those that I know, especially Revive. That is quite a powerful skill!" Jiang Feng said in surprise as he looked at Ling Feiyus new skills.

The Commune skill could be used to Entice some monsters. That meant that he no longer needed to force the monsters to become his followers. All he needed to do was to let Ling Feiyu Commune with them.

The Summon skill was different from the Shifter Emperors Flag. The Shifter Emperors Flag was used to summon those who had Shifter-aligned classes or monsters to him. But Ling Feiyus skill was to summon the monsters that she had enticed to aid her in battle. That meant that she had some combat capabilities now.

The Command skill was similar to the one on the Shifter Emperors Flag, except the range was much smaller and could not be used to summon bosses.

His Command skill could command monsters within 5km, or 5,000 meters, including bosses. But he had a longer cooldown period.

All priests had access to the Revive skill after their class change a second time, but they could only revive players. But Ling Feiyus Revive skill could revive some monsters that were normally non-revivable.

By non-revivable, it was referring to monsters or NPCs that only had one chance in life. He could use the Fusion ability from his Transmute Monster skillset to revive monsters, but he could not revive if it were a human.

But Ling Feiyu could.

"Not bad! Once your levels have increased and you become stronger, you could unlock even more skills. You will also become more powerful then!" Jiang Feng nodded satisfyingly after he had read through the details of the skills that Ling Feiyu had shared with him.

At this current stage, as long as it was not a huge group of players hunting her, no one could kill Ling Feiyu.

She only needed to use the Command skill and have all the monsters within 500 meters obey her. His guess was that those who wanted to kill her would be deterred once they see that happening.

Ling Feiyu nodded with a smile after hearing Jiang Fengs praise.

"I have a quest for you all. Ling Feiyu, go and convert some monsters to our cause and bring them here to the Ancient City. I will share the Ancient Citys control with you. Use this time to get as many monsters to the Ancient City as possible."

If he wanted to clean up all the mess caused by the other guilds, he needed more followers that he could use. He could not do it all alone.

"Mu Xi, you are the Shifter Archguardian and you are very good at positioning. I want you to help me train these monsters."

While the monsters had high stats, they had low intelligence and did not know how to fight effectively. During large-scale battles, their combat capabilities would be reduced significantly. However, it would be different if someone were to train them.


Mu Xi and Ling Feiyu did not oppose his decision and nodded in agreement.

Next, he took out the Thunderclap Mantiss body and Ling Feiyu used Revive to revive it.

He did not find any suitable target, so he had put the Thunderclap Mantiss body in the Qiankun Gourd.

When he saw that Ling Feiyu had the Revive skill, he then had the hope of reviving the Thunderclap Mantis.

After telling them what he needed them to do, he then brought Xiao Longnu and left the Ancient City to find Yan Chixia.

Since Xiao Longnus power had almost recovered, they now had the necessary power to complete the Chinese Ghost Story quest.


Back in reality.

America, within a company.

Johns, the number one in the American Server, was a handsome man with blonde hair and green eyes. He received a call from Japan, and the two were conversing in English.

"Mr. Johns, I have found the second fragment of the Mirror of Yata. However, it is protected by a barrier, and we need the Ruler of Hakai. I hope that you can help us take back the Ruler of Hakai. I will reward you handsomely for that!"

Johns smiled. "Mr. Kitazawa, you should know that while the Huaxia Servers overall power is weaker than ours, we cant get it back for you even if we ask for it. While we do have our ways to cross over the borders, but we cannot have too many people over and we wont be able to take them head-on. This is a very difficult matter!"

Kitazawa Hinata was silent for a while. "Mr. Johns, I know you have your ways to get back the Ruler of Hakai for us with your abilities. I can consider whatever requests that you make."

Johns raised an eyebrow and said, "Alright, Ill consider."

After hanging up the call, Johns remembered something and made a call using the phone in his hand.

"Hello? Whos this?" An attractive voice came from the phone.

"Hello, I dont think you know who I am. My game ID is Johns, and I am looking for a Ms. Ling Feiyu."

"Oh! Hello, hello! I am Carina! I like you a lot, you"

"Thank you, but I am here looking for Ms. Ling Feiyu!" Johns had to emphasize that again.

"Oh Feiyu, your call!" He could hear the disappointment in the voice.

Next, he could hear a conversation from the other side.

"Who is it?"

"Johns, my idol!"


The line then went dead.

Beep. Beep.

Johns looked at the phone with awkwardness on his face.