Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Inheritor Of The Witchers

Los Angeles, The United States.

Within a female dormitory.

Ling Feiyu hung up the call without any hesitation at all and said, "Dont pick up his calls again!"

Johns, whose real name was Charlie Star, had met with Ling Feiyu once during a party when they were in New York.

After that, Johns had begun courting her fervently.

She had to return to the university early since she was getting sick of him.

Luckily, he only knew her name, not where she was at.

However, it was clear that she had underestimated Johns since he was able to find her dorms number.

"Feiyu, why did my idol call you? Tell me! Do you guys know each other? And why cant I pick up his call?" Karina asked Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu flipped her long hair and gave her an S pose. "Do you still have any questions?"

Karina looked at Ling Feiyus perfect body, and then looked at hers. She then asked enviously, "You mean, my idol is chasing after you?"

Ling Feiyu smiled and grabbed at Karina and said, "Thats right. But I wont fight with you for him, so dont pick up any of his calls after this. Or tell him that Ive returned to China. Otherwise, you wont ever have a chance."

Karina hugged Ling Feiyu, then massaged the two hills that were under her pajamas and kissed her cheeks strongly, and said with a naughty smile, "Wow! Feiyu, youre so generous! I love you so much! Seeing that youre so nice to me, Ill lend you my ultimate stick for the night!"

"Get away from me! You insatiable woman!"

When girls were together, they were often much more open. They would say embarrassing things like this quite commonly as part of their lives, but only between best friends of course.

Ling Feiyu pushed Karina away and returned to her room, then she closed her door with a bang stopping Karina from entering.

"Teehee, what I have to do now is to help my idol expand his influence. Im waiting for my idol to start a fight and win" Ling Feiyu said. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind and she touched her red cheeks and said excitedly. "Hehe, my idol said that I am beautiful today. He must have liked me. I cant wait for the day for him to confess to me. Every time I see the other players weddings, I get so envious! I wonder what my wedding would look like? I cant wait!"

She looked like someone that was obsessed with Jiang Feng. She was even more obsessed than Xiao Yatou.

Unfortunately, every time when she entered the game or when there was someone else, she had to pretend to be an ice queen, using her coldness to hide her other self.

After she had calmed down, she did not give any thought as to why Johns would call her and entered the game directly. She was going to work on the tasks that were given by Jiang Feng.


New York, The United States.

Johns sat in his office, and he called his capable assistant, Owen, over.

"Boss, youre looking for me?" Owen was a huge man, and his voice was loud and deep.

"Investigate for me if the Ling Feiyu that got the secret class was the same Ling Feiyu as the Ling Feiyu that I am chasing," said Johns.

Owen nodded and said, "Yes."

In truth, not only did he know the number to Ling Feiyus dorm, he even knew the number to her cellphone.

His father was an arms dealer and he owned a few other companies on the surface. He was very influential, and it was very easy for him to find someones telephone number.

The only reason that he did not contact Ling Feiyu until recently was that he was too busy with the game and his in-game guild.

But when he knew that there was a Ling Feiyu in the Huaxia Server that had obtained the secret class, and he knew that Ling Feiyu was in that same server, he suspected that the two Ling Feiyus were the same person that he knew back in reality.

Adding Kitazawa Hinatas call, he had confirmed that the Ling Feiyu in the game was the same Ling Feiyu that he knew. And since Ling Feiyu was the Shifter Hierophant, it would be extremely easy for her to get the Ruler of Hakai from the Shifters Inheritor.

Unfortunately, before he could ask her about it, Ling Feiyu had already hung up his call. When he called the number again, no one picked up.

Ring! Ring!

At this time, the phone in front of him rang.

He looked at the number and smiled. "Hello."

"Hi! How are you? I am Karina, the girl that picked up your call. Im a fan of yours from the game, and I look up to you a lot." An excited voice came from the other side.

"Thank you. Right, can I ask something?" Johns asked Karina as he plotted.

"What is it? Just ask, I will tell you if I know about it!"

"Is Ling Feiyu in the Huaxia Server?"


"What is her in-game ID in the Huaxia Server?"

"I dont know either. Since were not in the same server, we dont talk about the game much."

"Alright. Are you free tomorrow? Can I bring you to dinner?"

"Im free! Im free!"

After he hung up the call, he smiled confidently. He then took the terminal on his table and put it on. Then, his chair slowly reclined and became a bed as he entered the game.


Jiang Feng brought Xiao Longnu to Luzhou City, then headed toward Lanruo Temple on the Monster Cloud.

He checked the Official Message Board while he was on his way.

He did not look at the message board for three days, and his information was getting outdated.

The games information was updated very quickly, and he could miss some important information by accident.

"Hm? The World War would begin at level 100, and all the countries would compete for the ownership of an island called Zhenling Island back in reality?"

At this time, the highest player level was 62. There were 38 more levels before reaching level 100. Leveling up became increasingly difficult as they progressed, but it was still possible to increase 1 level every two or three days. That meant that the World War would begin earliest in two months time, and the latest by three months time.

"Looks like its impossible to clean them all up, I guess all I can do is to suppress them using absolute power!" When he saw that, he knew it would not be likely for him to clean the guilds up at this stage.

Therefore, he was going to use his power to suppress the guilds. If they refuse to obey, it did not matter. When the Guild War starts he would destroy them immediately. While it would make things harder during the World War, they would still have a fighting chance.

Of course, that also meant that he would need to increase his pacing on strengthening the Ancient Citys forces at this time."

Hm? The Inheritor of the Witchers has come out, and destroyed a small guild with over 10,000 members! Hes so powerful!"

The post had just been posted not too long ago, and he watched the video that was in the post driven by his curiosity.

The Witchers Inheritor was called Xing Kui and he was a male player. He was a muscular and powerfully built man. He held an axe, and wore a Buddha Beads Necklace around his neck. Each bead was as huge as a gist, and each of them had realistic figures carved on them.

He saw Xing Kui throw one of the beads into the group of players, and the bead flashed and became a humanoid with a beastly head. Its two ears had two fiery snakes pierced through it, while it stepped on two fire dragons with fiery red scales. It was the Ancestral Witch of Fire from the South, Zhurong.

A blazing flame surrounded Zhurong, and all the players that came close to him would be instantly killed if they were too weak as it caused around 50,000 points in damage. While it was not as strong as him, it was slightly stronger than Heifeng and Yanhu as well as the rest of his followers.

Xing Kui then threw out all of the remaining eleven beads, and they all became different humanoids. However, all of them looked monstrous, and some even looked half-beast, half-man.

"Looks like the Witchers Inheritors skill is to summon some of the Twelve Ancestral Witchers to help in battle. Looks like this game is getting more interesting as it progresses. I wonder what kind of Inheritors would appear after this!"

He then closed the video