Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Purgatory

After he watched the video on the Inheritor of the Witchers, other than his determination, he could feel the pressure.

It was all thanks to the Monster Transmutation System that he could come this far.

However, he was a Shifter. He was not a player.

His stats were vastly different from the other Inheritors. If he wanted to grow stronger, he could only use Transmute Monster and the Evolution Pills.

That was also the reason why the speed of his growth had been limited.

That was why he desired power strong enough to dominate the Inheritors that were powerful and had yet to show themselves.

He needed to accelerate the pacing that he obtained power as well.

At this stage, all of the Inheritors had the ability to instantly kill other Inheritors. One-sided dominations did not exist yet.

For example, Yao Qiongs current HP was around a hundred thousand or more.

However, she could not handle his sneak attack. All he needed was to use a few skills, and she would be instantly slayed.

At the same time, if he were sneak attacked by Yao Qiong, she also had ways to instantly kill him. Of course, it would not be as clean a kill as him killing her.

Other than needing power, he also needed a treasure that would help him avoid being instantly killed by the other players.

Out of the Ten Main Plot quests, he had accepted two. One remained unfinished.

He wanted to finish one first and see what kind of rewards it would give in the end.

His guess was that the rewards would be something that he needed the most.

It could be seen from the Dragon Blood that Ning Caichen had given him.

No matter which Inheritor or players would accept the Ten Main Plots quests, the rewards that they receive would be something that the person that accepted the quest needed the most.

If he could finish this quest and it gave him a treasure that would prevent him from being instantly killed, the other Inheritors would not be his match.

He had arrived at Lanruo Temple.

Ning Caichen was still standing under the giant tree in front of the Lanruo Temple, and he kept on calling Xiao Qians name.

He looked at Ning Caichen, but he did not greet him. Instead, he directly went inside the temple to look for Yan Chixia.

He found him in the Mahavira Hall.

He was sitting cross-legged inside with his eyes closed.

Yan Chixia felt that someone was approaching the temples inner sanctum and opened his eyes, and looked at Jiang Feng and said, "You have come, boy."

"Master, I feel confident with my current power level. I would like to enter Purgatory to save Xiao Qian!" Jiang Feng said to Yan Chixia by getting directly to the point.

"Hm? No, you have not reached Spiritual Rank. With your current power level, even some of the lesser spirits could kill you!" Yan Chixia shook his head.

"Then, what if we have Xiao Longnus help?" Jiang Feng pointed at Xiao Longnu next to him and said to Yan Chixia.

"Xiao Longnu is quite strong, but you are too weak."

"Master, dont worry. Even if we cant succeed, I still have a way to get all of us out of there. I can guarantee our safety."

Yan Chixia lowered his head and considered it, then looked at Jiang Feng and asked, "Did you bring Abbot Lanruos Golden Body?"

Jiang Feng nodded and said, "I did."

Abbot Lanruos golden body could triple someones attack and defense and had the ability to bestow Abbot Lanruos skills that he had used while he was alive. However, it had a huge drawback. Thirty seconds later, the user would be weakened and all his stats would be reduced by 80% for five hours. The user would also lose two levels.

Due to his high attack power, it was high enough for him to either fight other Inheritors or players. That was why he had never used Abbot Lanruos Golden Body since he had gotten it, and he had it with him all this while.

"If you insist, then I shall bring you all over."

When Yan Chixia saw Jiang Fengs doggedness through his expression, he did not refuse but agreed to Jiang Fengs request.

Next, he brought Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu toward the lake behind Lanruo Temple.

After Laolao had disappeared, there were no more ghosts around the lake. Only some Phantoms remained.

Their levels were not that high too, and they were all cleared out of the area after Yan Chixia had used his sword.

"There is a tunnel that links to Purgatory in the bed of the lake. Both of you, follow me closely later." After giving a word of warning, Yan Chixia jumped into the lake.

Jiang Feng was originally going to dispel his human form, but seeing that he had to go down the lake, he gave up on that thought. With the Fire Qilins element being fire, it would not be a great experience for him to swim in that lake.

When he saw Yan Chixia jumping into the lake, he and Xiao Longnu exchanged a glance.

Xiao Longnu gave him a soft smile and became a White Dragon, then dived into the lake. He caught onto Xiao Longnus claw that she extended to him, and followed closely behind Yan Chixia with Xiao Longnu at the lead.

After they had slain Laolao, there were no longer tree roots in the lake.

Xiao Longnu and he followed Yan Chixia, and had quickly reached the lakebed.


After they had reached the bed of the lake and before the ripples on the lake had even disappeared, a graceful figure appeared on the lake.

"Why did that little crook enter the lakebed? I should follow him and find a chance to kill him!"

The elegant figure was none other than the Inheritor of the Spirits who had an erotic encounter with Jiang Feng, Xiao Lan.

After mumbling for a bit, she too dove into the water without triggering a ripple.


Underneath the lake was a stone stele almost covered in mud.

The word "Purgatory" was written on it.

Looking at the stele, Jiang Feng knew that this place should be one of the games dungeons.

If he were correct, saving Xiao Qian might even open up this dungeon.


Yan Chixia took out a talisman and slammed it on the stele.


The moment that the talisman was slammed onto the stele, it began to rumble. Next, a cracked form on the stele and a whirlpool-like portal opened before them.

"Get in, now! The talisman can hold for 10 seconds only!" After saying that, Yan Chixia entered the whirlpool portal quickly.

Xiao Longnu once again transformed back into her human form and jumped in together with Jiang Feng.


After the three entered the whirlpool portal, the path began to slowly close.

At this time, Xiao Lan appeared next to the portal and went in without hesitation.


Once they were in Purgatory, Jiang Feng wanted to scream out his frustrations!

He really wanted to scream!

"Game designers, come out! This is not purgatory! I guess this must be even more beautiful than the Realm of the Immortals! I wont even have the will to kill monsters here!"

In front of him was a bright blue sky littered with pure white clouds. The grass on the rolling plains was of lush green, the mountains were covered by layers of mists and the streams were crystal clear as they flowed. The deers pranced around and the cranes flew between the mists. As the cool wind brushed his face, he almost wanted to fall asleep in such a beautiful place.

Xiao Longnu grabbed his arm with a smile as she lay close to his shoulder with sleepy eyes.

"Ha!" Yan Chixia quickly bellowed out when he saw Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu becoming dreamy.

"What happened, Master?" Yan Chixias bellow had awakened Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu.

"This is all just an illusion. Do not fall asleep. Once you fall asleep, the agents of Purgatory would bring you both away. And then, you would become nothing but fresh meat to be fed to the Purgatory King."

"But This doesnt look like the Purgatory that was supposed to be clouded in darkness. Master, did we take a wrong turn somewhere?" Asked Jiang Feng as he pointed at the beautiful landscape with confusion.

Yan Chixia rolled his eyes at him. "Have you not heard? The more beautiful something is, the more dangerous it is. When it is nighttime, take a look at this place again. It will frighten you!"