Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Gift Pack Lottery

Jiang Feng did not understand what Yan Chixia was saying. He opened the map and took a look.

From the map, he could see that the Purgatory was quite huge.

The entire Purgatory was made out of one city and several villages.

However, what made him feel strange was that there were no monsters here. He felt that it was extremely out of the ordinary.

He asked Yan Chixia about the question that he had in his mind.

Yan Chixia stroked his beard and pointed at the sun in the sky, and said, "See that? Once it is morning, the entire Purgatory would become exceptionally gorgeous. The monsters would also disappear. However, once at night, there would be monsters all over the place. That sun is called the Solar Isle. The Solar Isles shine could dispel any darkness. However, it would only be in the sky for 10 hours, and in the remaining 14 hours the sky would become the domain of the Lunar Isle."

"When the Lunar Isle has risen, the entire Purgatory, regardless of whether it were men, animals, or plants, they would become monsters of darkness. Danger would be everywhere. We are quite lucky to have entered this place in the morning. If we enter in the night, we would need to spend some effort to reach Youmin City!"

"Master, then we should do this quickly and try our best to get Xiao Qian out in the morning. Is that right?"

The Solar Isle could destroy any darkness. The Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountains must be part of the darkness. Since it would not come out in the morning, all they needed to do was to take Xiao Qian away during the day. It would become a very easy task.

"Do you think its that easy? During the day, Xiao Qian would take a different form. You cannot directly check the identity of someone in this place, and you have to ask them verbally. There are millions within the Purgatory, how long do you think you will need to find someone like that?" Yan Chixia said as he rolled his eyes at Jiang Feng.

"Then what should we do now?" If they were not able to find Xiao Qian in the morning, Jiang Feng was also out of ideas.

"Come with me. Well find somewhere quiet to stay in Youmin City, and well think of a way later!" Yan Chixia said to Jiang Feng. He then threw out his Red Sun Sword and used it to fly.

Jiang Feng summoned the Monster Cloud, carrying Xiao Longnu, and followed suit.

Youmin City is located within the center of the Purgatory. It would take at least five hours for them to get there from the Purgatorys entrance.

Since there was nothing he could do when he was on his journey, he was going to evolve once again.

When he was at the Shifter Sealing Tower, he had fused with the boss of the Earth Dragon Beast and his bloodline had reached 99%. Thanks to a few monsters that he had transmuted after that, his Dragon bloodline had once again reached 100%.

All he needed to do was to take in another Evolution Pill, and he could become a Rank 7 Adult Dragon. His stats would increase substantially, and it would help in the coming fights.

However, before he evolved the Dragon bloodline, he was going to evolve his other bloodlines first. Since the Dragon form was the form that he had been using the longest and was most proficient in. He was not quite that proficient in the forms of other monsters.

He still had sixteen Evolution Pills on him. That meant that he could evolve sixteen times.

He ate the Evolution Pill and chose to evolve his Bear bloodline.

Next, a flaming cocoon enveloped him and he began to evolve.

When Yan Chixia turned back and saw Jiang Feng enveloped in a fire cocoon, he was stunned and exclaimed in surprise, "I didnt know that the boy would have Evolution Pills on him! If his Bloodline could remain pure, he could become a Divine Beast in a very short time!"

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Complete!

"Since I have more time, I should continue!"

Evolving into a Rank 1 Bear Monster only took him ten minutes. Since he had time, he decided to continue evolving.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful!

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful!


Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful!

After two hours and a half, he had used up fifteen Evolution Pills and had evolved the bloodlines for fifteen different monsters.

He looked at the last Evolution Pill in his hand, and he did not hesitate to evolve his Dragon Bloodline and continued with his evolution.

This time, it took slightly longer.

It took him almost half an hour before the evolution was complete.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution Successful! Congratulations, you have evolved into a Rank 7 Adult Dragon.


The fire cocoon burst open, and Jiang Fengs huge draconic body appeared on the Monster Cloud.

After evolving into a Rank 7 Adult Dragon, the length of his body had increased to a hundred meters. His dragon horns had also grown to a few meters long. His several dozen meters long dragon whiskers waved in the wind, and his gigantic dragon head looked fierce and majestic.

Perhaps his rank was too low as he only had two claws.

For the dragons, they would only grow their third claw once they have become a Divine Beast, their fourth claw when they have become a Greater Divine Beast, and their fifth claw when they have become a Sacred Beast.

It meant that if he wanted to grow an additional claw, he would need to reach Divine Rank first.

"Ive evolved sixteen times, lets see my current stats."

Using his Change skill, he made his body smaller and looked at his current stats.

HP: 350,000 (+60,000)

Attack: 60,843 (+22,000)

Defense: 24,752 (+10,800)

After evolving sixteen times, his HP had increased by 60,000, attack by 22,000, and defense by 10,800.

At this time, his total HP had reached 410,000, total attack 82,843, and total defense 35,552.

His current stats had already surpassed many of the players.

If all his fifteen evolutions were to evolve from Rank 6 to Tank 7, his stats would increase by several-fold. Perhaps, even grant him the power of a Spiritual Beast directly.

"Ive evolved sixteen times! So many times, to the point that my brain is getting fuzzy. This has given me thirty two lottery chances. I still have some time, so I should go for it!" He looked at the number of lottery chances he had and looked in front. Seeing that he still could not see the city, he was going to use those lottery chances. Perhaps he could get something useful.


The moment he opened the wheel for the lottery, he was stunned.

He saw that other than the button that was used to double in the middle of the wheel, another button had appeared.

The new button had "Gift Pack Lottery" written on it, and an introduction was next to it.

Gift Pack Lottery: Push to switch and enter the Gift Pack Lottery menu. There are 5 types of gift packs within the menu. They are the Strength Gift Pack, Spirit Gift Pack, Agility Gift Pack, Survival Gift Pack, and Support Gift Pack. Each draw will expend 10 lottery draw chances. Each gift pack will contain 3 to 5 items, with Yellow-Gold being the lowest level item offered.

"Looks like as my lottery draw increases, the ways that I can play the lottery are increased as well. Since I have thirty two chances, I should give it a try!"

After seeing the Gift Pack Lotterys introduction, Jiang Feng was curious about what kind of gifts would come out from the Gift Packs.

With that in mind, he pushed the Gift Pack Lottery button excitedly. Then, the wheel was changed and it was separated into five categories.

His guess was that the Strength Gift Pack would include items that would increase attack, such as talismans, equipment, and stat pills.

Spirit Gift Packs should include items that spellcasters could use.

Agility Gift Packs should include items that improved mobility.

Survival Gift Packs should include items that increase defense, or defensive items such as the Talisman of Invulnerability.

Support Gift Packs should include items that were supportive, just like the Shifter Emperors Flag, which should be considered as a support item.

He himself hoped that he could get the Survival Gift Pack. If he had it, his survivability in Purgatory would be greatly increased.

The indicator quickly turned, and he took out the Ruler of Hakai and held it in his hand so that his Luck could break through its cap.

Then, as he looked on with excitement, the indicator did not take long to stop in the Survival Gift Pack category. Next, a prismatic gift pack appeared in front of him.

"Whew, lets see whats inside!"

He took a deep breath and put away the Ruler of Hakai, and opened the prismatic gift pack.