Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 189

Chapter 189 There Is A Race That Is Hidden In The Darkness?

His Luck stat was full and he had the additional 50 points of Luck from the Ruler of Hakai.

With his Luck over the cap, he could get whichever category he wanted almost at any time.

Of course, he would not know what he would actually get.

Looking at the prismatic gift pack floating in front of it, he did not hesitate to open it.

Once the prismatic gift pack was opened up, four items floated out.

One skill book, one cloth doll, one talisman, and one pill.

Golden Bell Barrier: Immortal Level Skill. Absolute immunity against one attack. Cooldown of 30 minutes.

Sacrificial Doll: Spiritual Level Item.

When the person equipped with the doll would suffer fatal damage, the Sacrificial Doll can nullify that damage. It can nullify up to 5 times of such fatal damages, and it will disappear after the fifth time.

Talisman of Invulnerability: Spiritual Level Talisman.

Expendable. Becomes invulnerable for 1 minute after use.

Withering Wood Pill: Immortal Level Pill

Instantly recovers 50% of hp after use. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

Jiang Fengs giant draconic eyes blinked with excitement as he looked at the four items in front of him.

All of them were items of spiritual level and above, and all of them would increase his survivability.

"That 10 draw chances werent wasted, since I managed to get at least one skill!"

He did not make any losses using the ten lottery chances to draw the four items.

Normally, it was extremely difficult for a player to have these items that could increase their survivability, especially the items that could save their lives once.

But with this Gift Pack, he had drawn several items that could increase his survivability at one go.

If he were to use his lottery chances one by one, perhaps he could get better items, but there was no guarantee that he could use them.

There were pros and cons. The former was more random, but the latter was more specific.

He took the Golden Bell Barrier skill book and used it directly. As for the other three items, he put them all away into his spatial bracelet.

With the Golden Bell Barrier Skill and the other three items, he could perhaps hang on for a minute or two even if he were to encounter the Purgatory King.

He could do many things in two minutes. Saving Nie Xiaoqian, for example!

"No! Its almost night time! We will not make it to Youmin City, let us find a village and hide for the moment!"

Just as Jiang Feng was about to use the remaining 22 lottery chances, Yan Chixias voice came and he dismissed the thought of using the rest of his lottery chances.

He looked up, only to see the Solar Isle slowly moving and descending to the East while the Lunar Isle was rising from the West.

Hm? Interesting. The Sun usually rises in the East and sets in the West. But here, the Sun sets in the East and then rises in the West."

When he had just entered the Purgatory, he thought that the sun had just risen for a short while. They would have enough time. However, he did not expect the Solar Isle to set in the East.

As the Solar Isle slowly set, the Lunar Isle slowly rose. Darkness began to fall upon the land from the West and quickly encroached upon them.

"Theres a village in front! Quick! Once we are in the cover of darkness, we could be killed by the monsters in the darkness!" Yan Chixia said to Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu as he pointed to a village in front of them that was in a mountain col.

As Jiang Feng stood on the Monster Cloud, he realized that other than them, some of the humans that lived in the Purgatory were also running as fast as they could toward the village.

The humans that did not make it screamed out one last, haunting cry when the darkness covered them, their flesh and blood instantly being consumed and only skeletons remained.

However, those skeletons that were once human ran toward the humans that were escaping as if they were controlled by something.

As soon as any human was caught by the skeletons, they would be consumed by the skeletons and they themselves would become skeletons and join the army of walking bones.


When Jiang Feng and Xiao Longnu saw what happened, both of them were terrified.

He finally understood what Yan Chixia meant by not getting terrified when darkness came.

The entire scene where he saw humans being eaten alive was indeed very horrifying.

If anyone without a strong will were to see this, they would probably even fall unconscious from the shock.

When he saw this scene, he felt like he wanted to scream at someone again.

"If this scene were shown to the public, it would no doubt be censored! This is too cruel, too bloody!" He mumbled as he rushed into the village.

As soon as he entered the village, darkness descended.


At this exact moment, a golden barrier appeared above the village. On the golden barrier sat the phantom of a fierce monk with three heads and six arms.

The monk clasped his hands together and sat in the lotus position. As soon as the darkness touched him, it dissipated and headed toward other directions.

"Whew. That was dangerously close. If we were any slower, we would be in trouble!"

As soon as Yan Chixia entered the village, he patted his chest as he heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Feng asked curiously, "Master, whats in the darkness? You are afraid of it despite your power?"

Yan Chixia stared at Jiang Feng. "I had never walked in the darkness of the Purgatory. But I do know that there is an extremely evil race that lives in the darkness of the Purgatory. They used the darkness to create terror and blood. While they are few in numbers, each of them had the same power as a Divine Beast, and they are very terrifying. Even the Purgatory King doesnt dare to move in the darkness for long."

"Each of them have the power of a Divine Beast? They are that powerful?!" Jiang Feng was surprised.

He never thought that something like this was hidden in the darkness of the Purgatory, and they were that powerful.

What race was hidden within the darkness? If this race had an inheritor, what kind of terrifying power would it bear?

"Impossible. This race is too cruel and bloodthirsty. An inheritor simply cant exist. " He shook his head and refused to think about it anymore.

"My son Why must you make an old woman like me bury you in your youth?"

"Husband, what will happen to me and our son after your death?

"Brother I want my older brother."

When he was speaking with Yan Chixia, all the villagers came to the village gate. Many knelt on the ground and mourned in sorrow and pain. Many of the villagers that did not make it to the village were their family members.

Looking at all of that, especially when a little girl was crying in tears, he did not feel good about any of it despite knowing that it was just a game, and it was all scripted.

When Yan Chixia saw Jiang Feng, he said with a smile, "I know what you are thinking. I am warning you, however. Do not be fooled by their appearances. What they look like in the daytime and nighttime is different. It might be possible that they were animals, and that little girl was actually a huge man."

"Um it cant be?" Jiang Feng asked Yan Chixia.

"You will know tomorrow. Come, let us find a place to rest. We still have a journey to make tomorrow!" Yan Chixia headed into the village.

When Jiang Feng saw Yan Chixia entering the village, he circled his giant draconic body around the villagers for a while. However, it seemed that the villagers could not see him, and he was confused.

Curiously, he chased after Yan Chixia and was about to ask him about it.