Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 19

Chapter 19


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Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Bear King Pelt, one Bear Gall, one piece of equipment, one Level 15 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill.

He had used Transmute Monster on the Black Bear King, and verysoon the Black Bear King’s corpse had been consumed by the flames. From within the flames, five items had appeared.

What made him excited was that he even managed to transmute an evolution pill.

1Logically, his chances of failing to transmute a high-level monster were quitehigh. The chances of transmuting an evolution pill were even lower. Not only did he succeed, but he had even transmuted an Evolution Pill.

1After he gave it a thought, he understood it. Corpses weren’t alive, and such couldn’t resist the effects of his Transmute Monster. Therefore, his success rate would be higher.

2“Looks like transmuting a corpse has a very high chance of success. I guess that even if it’s the body of a divine beast, I can transmute it too!”

Jiang Feng said in a hushed tone excitedly and then used the Bear King Pelt to bundle up the other four items. Using his mouth to carry it, he ran towards a covert location.

He only had ten slots in his drop panel. Other than the four items that the System had bound to him, he could only use the other six slots. This time he had made quite the gainand he had no place to put them, so he had to use his mouth to pick them up.

Once he found a place where there wasn’t anyone, he ate the experience pill.

‘I never thought thatleveling up from Level 9 to Level 10 needs so much experience points. I have killed so many players and I’ve eaten one Level 15 experience pill, and my experience bar wasn’t even 50% full. No wonder there weren’t any players at Level 10.’

After eating the experience pill, he didn’t level up. This made him quitecurious and looked at the experience bar. It made him speechless.

After a simple calculation, he realized that leveling up from Level 9 to Level 10 required the same amount of experience leveling up from Level 1 to Level 9. One could tell how hard it was to level up to Level 10.

He stopped caring about the experience points and looked at the longsword from the bundle made from the Bear King Pelt.

Black Silver Sword: White-Silver Equipment

2Strength +15

Agility +2

Attack +50

Attack Speed +20%

Critical Hit Chance +10%

Piercing Strike: Deal120 base damage1to target enemy +50% Armor Piercing damage. Cooldown 15 seconds.

2Equipment Prerequisites: Level 15, Warrior Class

“Ho~ A White-Silver equipment. I never thought thatevery time I transmute a boss I would be able to get such good equipment. Looks like I have to think about transmuting more bosses from now on, it’s another way of getting good equipment.”

Jiang Feng looked at the Black Silver Sword and said excitedly.

He packed up the Black Silver Sword and looked at the other items.

This time, he didn’t get any skill book. But, he did get a runeit’s a Level 1 Swift Rune, and the other five were all equipment. Two Green-Bronze Equipment and three Black-Iron Equipment.

The Bear King Pelt was a middle-tier sewing material. The Bear Gall was a Rank 3 herb, and he could sell it for money, so he didn’t throw it away.

2I have so many things on me thatit wasn’t safe for me to go anywhere. Since I have an Evolution Pill with me, I should increase my strength first!”

Looking at the golden pill in his palm, he had decided to immediately evolve and increase his power after giving it some thought.

He looked at the Evolution Pill with disgust for a long while and finally ate it up in a big gulp!

Without a new bloodline, the only thing that he could do was to increase the ranking of his Tiger Race bloodline.


3A blaze of fire appeared and consumed his body. The effects of the pill spread in his body, and the pain worse than death came once again.

Ten minute’s worth of evolution felt like an eternity for him. The feeling of his flesh being scorched, and his bones being crushed even made him forget that he was still alive.

Ten minutes had passed as he suffered such torment, and the fire cocoon burst out. He walked out soaked in sweat and ash.

After his third evolution, his body had once again become bigger. His size had reached that of a Level 1 Wild Dog.

1Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 9 Rank Four Tiger King

4HP: 5000

Attack: 650

Defense: 320

Luck: 6

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite

1Equipment: Requiem Bell

Drop: 10 slots, 10-100 SP (does not take a slot), Level 9 White Equipment, Level 9 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 9 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 9 White-Silver Equipment

2Unbound:Black Silver Sword, Masterwork Boots, Prayer Magic Staff, Crude Studded Leather Armor, Cotton Pants, Qingyun Bow

3‘The Tiger Race bloodline in me is too weak. The Evolution Pill’s effect on boosting my attributes have been reduced. I guess if I eat another Evolution Pill, I might not be able toevolve into rank five. Looks like just simplyevolving and not fusing would be impossible!’

2Looking at his evolution had only granted an increase of 500 to his HP, 50 to his Attack, and 20 to his Defense, he frowned.

Only after giving it some thought, he knew that it had something to do with his bloodline.

When he became the Wild Dog King, he remembered that he had fused with many Wild Dogs. When he fused with the Wild Dog King, his stats had increased by more than double. It must be because when he had fused with the Wild Dogs, he had obtained a large portion of the Canine Race Bloodline. Therefore, when he became a high ranking Wild Dog King, his stats had more than doubled.

When he became the tiger king, he was afraid of fusing. Afraid of losing levels. He had proceeded to evolve using that drop of bloodline and the empowered bloodline he obtained after his evolution. This had caused the Tiger Race bloodline to become impure and reduced his increase in attributes.

For example, if you keep bodybuilding, your body will become strong. But if you do not nourish it, your strong body would become very weak because of malnourishment. The Evolution Pill could make his body strong, but the bloodline was like nourishment. The two shared the same principle.

Without nourishment, no matter how high the rank was he would not be able to use his full power.

Now that he thought about it carefully, he now understood why Transmute Monster had two abilities.

That was because the two abilities, Fusing and Transmuting, complemented each other. Once one had Fused enough to get to a certain strength in one’s bloodline, one would then need to depend on Transmuting to transmute the Evolution Pill to evolve. Only when you use both of them, would the speed of growth become even more accelerated.

‘I’ll deal with the bloodline later, let’s draw a lottery first.’

He now lacked skills that could deal high damage and equipment that he could equip, so he kept praying in his heart so thathe could get these two things.

Very quickly, the indicator stopped at equipmentand a golden chest appeared in front of him.

He opened the golden chest with high expectations, only to see a bracelet inside.

Spatial Bracelet: Yellow-Gold Equipment

Agility +20

Passive Skill: Gale. Increases movement speed by 150%.

4Reduces the chance to drop items on death by 20%.

Internal Storage +20

2Equipment Prerequisite: Pet

‘Hm? This is the second time I’ve drawn equipment thatis for pets. Maybe all the equipment thatare in the lottery are all for pets?’

7Once he saw the equipment was a piece of pet equipment again, he was overjoyed at first. Then, he had questions and thought to himself.

The lottery was part of the Monster Transmutation System. So, he guessed that all the types ofequipment that can be drawn were all for pets, if not he wouldn’t have kept drawing pet equipment.

Once he thought of it, he became excited. That way, he need not be worried that he had no equipment to use.

“Haha, I was just getting worried that I have no place to store these items. With this Spatial Bracelet, I don’t have to be afraid that I don’t have a place to store things anymore.”

But what made him even more excited was that the equipment that he had drawn this time was equipment that he needed the most. Not only was that the case, but all the items within the bracelet also had a smaller chance of being dropped as loot.

2He wore the Spatial Bracelet on his left foreleg and put the things in his Drop Panel into the Spatial Bracelet.

2He moved his left foreleg and looked at the Spatial Bracelet that was worn firmly and he gave a nod of satisfaction.

“Now that I’m not afraid to die anymore, time to go to the Blaze Wolf Canyon!”