Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 190

Chapter 190 The Failed Meeting

In a small village in the Purgatory.

Jiang Feng had shrunk his body, and coiled his body on a tree in the village.

Xiao Longnu learned from Jiang Feng and did the same, and coiled on the tree.

Yan Chixia took out his beer gourd and drank a mouthful with his back against the tree.

"In the Purgatory, those who come from the outside cannot be seen by the villagers at night. However, they can see us in the morning. And when you are here, do not enter the villagers houses to rest, or you wouldnt even know what killed you."

Jiang Feng looked at Yan Chixia, then pointed at the phantom of the monk with three heads and six arms above the golden barrier and asked, "Then whats that monk? How is it able to defend against the darkness?"

Yan Chixia raised his head and gave it a look, and said, "Thats the phantom of an Arhat of the Dead Cicada race."

"Dead Cicada? Another race?!"

"The Dead Cicada was created by the Buddhas eldest disciple, the Golden Cicada. They are enemies with the Greater Leiyin Temple, and have created the Lesser Leiyin Temple. While those from the Dead Cicada are all ugly and hideous, but their deeds deserve great praise. Of course, when they encounter those from the Greater Leiyin Temple, they would still attack without hesitation."

"What? The Dead Cicada was created by that kid still wearing his toddler pants? You must be joking!"

When he heard that the Dead Cicada was created by Tang Sanzang, he was surprised. He could not understand how a level 50 kid was able to create an entire race and oppose the Buddha, as if he was very powerful.

"What kid?" Yan Chixia looked at Jiang Feng, perplexed.

"No nothing."

While the NPCs do know of each other, they did not really interact with one another. Yan Chixia still did not know that the Golden Cicada had reincarnated into Tang Sanzang.

"Thats right, Master. Do you know where the Greater Leiyin Temple and Lesser Leiyin Temple are?" Jiang Feng asked.

"The Greater Leiyin Temple is located on the planet Dragonquarry. I do not know where the Lesser Leiyin Temple is."


That was a planet that players could only go to when they were at least level 50. However, the monsters there were of level 200 at least, so it was not an area that they could go for now.

To think that the Greater Leiyin Temple would be on Dragonquarry, then they must be extremely powerful.

And for the Lesser Leiyin Temple to be able to oppose the Greater Leiyin Temple, then they would not be any weaker.

When I get back, I have to ask that kid if the Dead Cicada has an Inheritor. If they do, I must bring them into the fold! He thought to himself excitedly when he realized that little Tang Sanzang had such a powerful faction behind him.

At the same time, he knew where his pride came from. That little kid was in fact the boss of a huge NPC faction in the game.

From chatting with Yan Chixia, he knew about the relationship between the NPCs in the game.

After chatting for a bit, Yan Chixia must have been tired as he closed his eyes to rest for a spell.

As for Jiang Feng, he logged out due to boredom after getting Xiao Longnu into the Qiankun Gourd. He would return once Purgatory had returned to daylight.

Ding. World Announcement: Congratulations to the Atlantis Guild for increasing their Guild Base to level 2. The Guild War is now officially unlocked. As it is the first guild to have raised its guild base to level 2, it is awarded with 100,000 capital, increased guild base territory by 10km, world reputation +1000. We hope that the other guilds will continue to be diligent. Hope that you all have an enjoyable time in the game!

After Jiang Feng logged out for a while, a world announcement was made in the entire game.

As soon as the world announcement was made, all the guilds that went to the Shifter Sealing Tower congregated as soon as possible for a meeting.


Canaan Guilds Guild Base, Southern Sea.

Many of the guilds bosses had secretly come to the Stewards Residence within Canaan City.

Canaan, the beautiful and able woman, sat on the stewards throne in the Stewards Residence.

However, she was not as elegant and beautiful as before. In fact, she looked somewhat exhausted.

Mu Xi had left the guild, and so did Nangong Tiaotiao and his cousin Mo Yi. Her best friends and her family had left, and it had a great impact on her.

While it was not as bad as losing her entire support base, those that were closest to her had all left.

Other than that, she had been spending a lot of time trying to find any secret class quest so that she could get stronger.

She remembered the words that Jiang Feng had said when she was in the Shifter Sealing Tower. And that was why she had told many of the guilds to not level up their bases. As long as the Guild War had not been unlocked, the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor would not be able to mount an offensive against the other guilds.

However, she did not expect that when another guild from another server had increased their base level, the Guild War would still be unlocked.

He was worried that Canaan would be the first that Jiang Feng targets, so she called all the other guild leaders that had the same concern as her. They were going to discuss this.

Very quickly, all the guild leaders had entered the hall and taken their seats.

In a short while, all the guilds that had joined Jiang Feng had arrived. Other than the Tianxia Gang that had already disbanded, all nine guilds were there.

Once the representatives of the nine guilds had all arrived and were in their seats, no one made a sound.

Canaan looked at all nine of them and said, "The Guild War has begun. If any of you have any ideas to defend against the attack from the Shifters Inheritor, now is the time to say it."

The guild leader of the Black Dragon Guild said, "From what I can see about the Shifters Inheritor, he is someone that will always settle his grudges. He will undoubtedly attack us. But in three months time, it is very possible that the first World War is going to begin. If he were to attack us, our strength would be greatly decreased during the World War. Do you really think that he would attack us at this time?"

Ling Yun said with a frown, "Hes an NPC. He wont understand what the big picture is. I think we better think of a way to face him. Otherwise, if the Ancient City does launch an attack, we would be taken by surprise."

Ling Yuns words had Hei Tong zip up his mouth.

They all thought that Jiang Feng was an NPC, and an NPC could act without logic. And they would all be in danger.

At this time, Shen Ye laughed uncontrollably in his seat on the left-hand side.

"Shen Ye, what are you laughing about?" Canaan asked with a smile.

"Nothing, I just feel that its pretty funny. I never thought that players like us would be afraid of an NPC to such a degree," Shen Ye laughed savagely, "What are we afraid of? When the time comes, we will face him head-on! At most, the guild would be destroyed! I will settle the score with him for killing me until Im level 0!"

With the help of some of the elites in his guild, Shen Yes level had reached level 13 after his level had dropped to 0. However, he could never forget how he was killed until his level had dropped to 0. In fact, he was adversely affected by it psychologically.

Shen Ye was not afraid of anything anymore, and he would not discuss with the other guilds like scared cats in this place.

After he had finished his speech, he then used his Town Portal skill and left.

"Thats fine. I cant think of a way too. Hopefully, the Shifters Inheritor only takes what he said as a joke. Im leaving as well," Hei Tong said and left.

"The money that I had spent was from my investors and had nothing to do with me. At that time, Ill ask my investors to speak with the Shifters Inheritors. Even if it fails and my guild is destroyed, Ill just build another one when I reach level 100 at Silvermoon. Im leaving too."

"The best way currently is to ally with other Inheritors and have them join our guild or have a few elites with secret classes, otherwise we will need to assemble a group of powerful players to attack him. This is what I have, and I have nothing more to say. Goodbye!"


Very quickly, all the other guild leaders let out their complaints and left afterward.

Canaan looked at how the entire thing played out with disappointment. The Guild leaders came over and left before their seats were even warm.

While the others built their guilds with little effort, she did not. She built her first guild through sweat and blood. If the guild were destroyed, she would lose many in-game advantages. It would be highly impossible for her to reach this height ever again.

Han Qianqian looked at Canaan and said in fear, "Leader, should we"

Canaan stood up and said to her, "I want to have some quiet time. Leave me be."