Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Tricking Bald Qiang

Back in reality, 2 in the afternoon.

After Jiang Feng had logged out, he went to the toilet to do his business for a few minutes then returned to his room for a rest.


At this time, his cell started ringing.

He grabbed it and saw that it was Song Xi, the vet from the veterinary clinic.

After picking up the call and listening to what she had to say, he nodded. He then changed and left his home.

According to Song Xi, the mummy foxs wounds were almost healed thanks to her treatment. Other than the poison and infection on its wounds, it did not suffer any other critical injuries.

"Little Feng, are you going out?" Su Qing, who had long been discharged from the hospital asked Jiang Feng when she saw him preparing to make a move.

"Thats right, Sis Qing. Do you need anything?" Jiang Feng said.

Su Qing was older than him. Not to mention that she had been taking very good care of his home and family, and she had gained Jiang Fengs respect. That was why he called her Sis Qing.

And after staying together for quite some time, Su Qing was no longer shy around him. Instead, she was also treating him like family.

"No, its just that its not easy to grab a ride here. It was quite inconvenient every time I want to leave, so I bought a motorcycle. Heres the key to the motorcycle, use it to run your errands," Su Qing said to Jiang Feng with a smile and took out a key from the table and gave it to him.

"Er Sis Qing, why didnt you tell me earlier? If I had known, I would have bought you a car! I wouldnt have let you spend so much. Oh, right. When did you learn how to ride a motorcycle?"

"You give me such a high salary and I dont feel that good about it. Not to mention that its not that expensive buying a motorcycle. Also, when I was working in the fields, I had experience operating a tractor. A motorcycle is much easier than a tractor, and I got the hang of it at once. You still have things to do, so you should be on your way. Take care on your way out."

"Of course! Remember to feed the three fox cubs."


After chatting with Su Qing for a bit, Jiang Feng took the key and left. There was indeed a new motorcycle parked outside.

But it was not exactly a motorcycle. It was more like a moped or an electric bike.

"Woof! I go to"

As soon as he started the motorcycle, Xiaohei ran out, jumped, and sat behind him, his pair of dog paws locked on his shoulders with his tongue sticking out.

"If youre coming, then you have to promise to be good. Otherwise, I wont bring you out anymore."

He was not planning to bring Xiaohei with him, but looking at Xiaohei sitting behind him, he remembered that Xiaohei had not left his home for many days. Xiaohei could bring him some feeling of safety as well, so he changed his mind and was ready to bring Xiaohei to the city to have a day out.

"Woof! Yes!" Xiaohei barked.

He started the motorcycle and headed to the city together with Xiaohei behind him.


It was indeed quite convenient with a motorbike. He arrived in the city in less than twenty minutes.

He made many heads turn too as a Tibetan Mastiff was behind him. He was showing off too much.

However, he did not care about that and stepped on the pedal, soon arriving at the veterinary clinic.

After he locked his motorcycle and was about to enter together with Xiaohei, he saw that it was surrounded by many people. He could even hear noises coming from them.

A pretentious baby voice came from the crowd, "My dear, you said you want to give me a gift for my birthday! I dont want the new LV bag, I want this fox. Please, buy it for me!"

He could hear Song Xi saying, "Im sorry, Miss. But this fox has an owner and I cant sell it!"

"What do you mean by calling me Miss?! Watch your tongue you stupid b*tch," The baby voice suddenly became rowdy, and then turned back into the baby voice again. "Dear, she shes calling me a hoe! Im not! You are my only love."

When Jiang Feng heard how the voice changed so quickly, he could feel the chills run down his spine. He shuddered and entered.

He walked past the nurses and pet owners that were surrounding them, and he saw a slightly pretty woman that was dressed up too excessively clinging tightly to a middle-aged bald man with a golden chain as thick as a mans thumb, and she was pleading him with her baby voice.

Song Xi was looking at both the woman and the bald man with anger.

"Alright, baby. Just watch. Im going to teach her a lesson," the bald man calmed the woman down, then stared at Song Xi fiercely and yelled, "Apologize to my girlfriend, or Im going to destroy your clinic!"

"Why should I apologize when I did nothing wrong," Song Xi said stubbornly.

"Youre the one that insulted me! Youre a hoe! Your entire family are hoes!" Said the woman.

"Apologize!" When the bald man heard the womans words, she got even angrier and roared at Song Xi again.

"No!" Song Xi was about to cry from being wronged.

"If you dont want to apologize, its fine. The fox is mine!" Seeing that she was so stubborn, yet he could not beat up a woman in front of so many people so he grabbed the neck of the mummy fox and pulled it from Song Xis arms violently.


"Woof! Boss beat him!" Xiaohei said to Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes. This isnt a game, what should we do if we attract even more trouble?

Even though that was the thought in his mind, he was angered when he saw that the mummy fox was being treated so violently by the bald man.

He quickly stepped forward and knocked at the bald mans head, and his expression turned to one of excitement as he grabbed and shook him as he said, "Bald Qiang! I didnt expect to see you here, haha! Let me tell you some good news, the lottery ticket you bought yesterday hit the jackpot!"

"Who the hell hit me, Im going to What? Hit the jackpot? How much did I win?"

Just when the bald man was about to explode, his rage died down the moment when he heard that he hit the jackpot, and he asked Jiang Feng with a smile.

"Its 5" Jiang Feng was just going to say it when he looked visibly stunned, and then scanned the bald man from top to bottom. He then shook his head and said, "Im sorry, I got the wrong guy. Youre not Bald Qiang."

"Im Bald Qiang," When the bald man thought that he could win 5 million, his eyes beamed with excitement. So what if he had to fake his identity for a while.

"Ah Qiang? Brother Qiang? Society Qiang?" Jiang Feng asked in doubt.

"Thats right, Im Society Qiang," the bald man nodded with a smile.

"About that You are Brother Qiang. Im so sorry, I seemed to have hit you a tad bit too hard. I was too excited." Jiang Feng smiled as he scratched his head.

"Dont worry, dont worry. As long as I hit the jackpot, its fine even if you knock me two more times. Why would I be angry with you?"





Jiang Feng raised his fist and knocked his head two more times, and before he got angry, he hugged him. "Bro, youre good to me! Ive already claimed the prize money for the lottery ticket, this is the money. Give me the fox, and this is the money."

With that, Jiang Feng then stuffed five hundred into the mans hand as he took the mummy fox, then turned and walked away with Xiaohei.

"Five hundred?! You kidding me?"

The bald man was quite excited when he had the money, but when he counted and there was only five hundred, he became infuriated and rushed toward Jiang Feng.


Before he could get close to Jiang Feng, he was stopped by Xiaohei.

Jiang Feng simply shrugged and said to the bald man, "Thats right. The prize money is five hundred. I know that you treat me well and want to share some with me, but no thanks, Brother Qiang. I dont want it."

With that, Jiang Feng then walked out of the clinic together with the mummy fox. He started his motorcycle and left.

Xiaohei barked at the bald man a few times before turning tail and running. With its newfound strength, he caught up with Jiang Feng after a few steps. With a jump, he landed on the back seat of the motorcycle.

"Damn it! You dare play tricks on me? I will kill you!" When the bald man saw Jiang Feng escaping, he rushed out angrily and started dialing numbers after taking out his cell.


When Song Xi and the rest of the pet owners in the veterinary clinic saw the bald man being taken advantage of, they all laughed once the bald man and the woman had left.