Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Enhancing Pills Healing Effect

Jiang Feng was riding his motorcycle with mommy fox sitting in front. Xiaohei was at the back, his pair of furry paws on his shoulders

Maybe he was running too fast as he kept on panting with his tongue out. All his saliva was on Jiang Fengs shoulder.

Jiang Feng felt his shoulders getting a bit sticky, and when he turned Xiaohei licked his face with his tongue. He felt disgusted and yelled, "Xiaohei! My clothes are all dirty because of you!"


After leaving the city for a short while, he could hear someone sounding the horns behind him when he was on a small road without anyone else. He turned back and saw an SUV chasing after him.

The one in the passenger seat was the bald man that he had tricked earlier.

Seeing that, he frowned as he said to himself silently, "I still got into trouble in the end."

At first, he did not want to stir up any trouble. However, he could not let the mommy fox be taken away just like that, and he had to do this despite it being less effective.

"Xiaohei, help me out later!" Jiang Feng said to Xiaohei when he saw the SUV gaining on him.

Xiaohei barked, "Woof! Yes!"


At this time, the SUV had finally overtaken him and blocked his path with a drift.

Seeing that, he quickly hit the brakes so that he would not crash into the car.

Jiang Feng looked at the SUV that was blocking his path and thought to himself, The moped cant even be compared to other motorcycles. Its speed is even worse than an SUV. If someone were to give me a "Thunderbolt" racing motorcycle, I wouldnt even let them see my tail light.

Since he was caught up, he was not going to escape anymore. He stopped his motorcycle and led the mommy fox and Xiaohei to face the five men that came out of the SUV.

Other than the bald man, the other four were all quite muscular. They had tattoos on either their necks or thighs, and they looked extremely violent. These were gangsters that could stop children from crying!

"Why did you stop running?" The bald man took out a steel rod from the trunk of the car and approached Jiang Feng from the front as he stared into his eyes.

"Haha, my motorcycles out of gas. Maybe you can lend me some?" Jiang Feng answered jokingly.

"This again? How dare you trick me! Bros, beat him up for me!" When the bald man saw him acting like a fool, he was enraged and ordered the four men next to him.

With the bald mans order, the four large men cracked their fists.

One of them who was slightly fatter launched his knuckles directly toward Jiang Fengs face.


Xiaohei barked and jumped up suddenly, he smashed his head directly into the fat mans stomach. The powerful smash directly knocked him off his feet. He foamed at the mouth, his eyes rolled, and he fainted due to the pain.

One slam from Xiaohei could break a tree as thick as a persons arm. Being hit by Xiaohei in full force could be compared to being hit by a truck. It would be weird if he was not knocked out.

"Bro!" Seeing the fat guy being knocked out, the bald man frowned as he yelled out. He then waved the steel rod in his hand, then said angrily, "Lets go! You guys go and deal with that animal! Leave that kid to me!"

With that, the other three took out their baseball bats, knives and pounced toward Xiaohei.

The bald man rushed toward Jiang Feng with the steel rod.

When he saw that the bald man was targeting him with the steel rod, he was shocked. He turned and ran.


Maybe because he was too anxious, he slipped the moment he turned. The bald man hit him on his back with the steel rod. The intense pain made him cry out.

"Where do you think you are running off to? How dare you trick me! Lets see if you like dying"

The bald man was mumbling as he kept on using the steel rod in his hand to beat up Jiang Feng, who was shielding himself on the ground.


When the mommy fox saw that happening, it let out a howl and pounced toward the bald man. However, it was kicked away by the bald man and slammed onto the ground with force.

Seeing the mommy foxs pain and Xiaoheis leg being slashed, Jiang Feng became angry.

"Do you want to die?!"

Jiang Fengs eyes flashed red for a moment, and he caught the steel rod that the bald man was going to hit him with. He then kicked the bald man on his abdomen.

What made Jiang Feng feel out of the world was that his kick had thrown the bald man into the air and slammed him against the SUV. Blood started flowing from the edge of his mouth.

He did not care about it as he was overwhelmed by anger. He quickly rushed over to Xiaohei and the two other men that were still fighting him.

Originally there were three men, but Xiaohei had already dealt with one of them. Unfortunately, he lacked combat experience and did not know how to use his strength effectively. He was surrounded by the three and had sustained some injuries, and even his leg had been slashed. He was no longer as swift in his movement and he was being suppressed.

Jiang Feng was very swift, and he reached one of the men in but a few steps. He swung the steel pole in his hand with his full strength toward the back of the man.


He could hear the sound of the mans ribs breaking, and he fell onto the ground paralyzed.

The only man that still had some ability to fight looked at Jiang Feng with fear and was ready to make his escape. Jiang Feng did not hesitate to give him a good kick on the stomach. He was immediately thrown onto the SUV, breaking the glass in the process.

After dealing with the five of them, Jiang Feng looked at the steel rod in his hand. He looked at the surroundings and then threw it with all his might into a small pond next to a piece of farmland.

After chucking away the weapon, he then walked toward the bald man. He took the money from the mans pocket, and spat out, "I wont even give you the 500!"

Just when he was about to leave, he looked at the golden chain necklace around the bald mans neck and mumbled, "Xiaohei doesnt have a collar yet. Ill take this as compensation for the medical bills."

With that, he took down the golden chain from the bald mans neck and put it around Xiaoheis neck.

He then took the mommy fox onto the moped and he then lifted Xiaohei up. Once he was on the motorbike, he then rode home.


A dozen minutes later when he had reached home, he parked the motorbike in his backyard. He then brought both mommy fox and Xiaohei into his room.

"Little Feng, what what happened?" Su Qing asked, her face paled as she shuddered when she saw the wounds and blood on Jiang Feng.

"Im fine, Sis Qing. Can you bring the first aid kit over?" Jiang Feng replied and carried both of them into his bedroom.

Su Qing quickly took the first aid kit over.

"Woof Eat" Xiaohei said to Jiang Feng as he was in pain.

Eat? Thats right! A thought crossed Jiang Fengs mind and he quickly ran back into the yard, killed a chicken, and held it in his hand.

The next moment, red light glowed from his palm and the chicken was covered by the red light. The chicken carcass in his hand quickly became an Enhancing Pill!

After forming an Enhancing Pill, he felt that he was still quite vigorous. He killed another chicken, and the chicken carcass unexpectedly became another Enhancing Pill.

Only when he had formed two Enhancing Pills he felt somewhat weakened.

He killed another chicken to have another go, but his palm stopped reacting when he was holding the chicken.

His guess was that forming the Enhancing Pill had something to do with his mental strength and stamina. Only when both were at their peak could he form the Enhancing Pill. Once he felt exhausted, he would no longer be able to form them.

He threw away the chicken carcasses, then took the two newly formed Enhancing Pills back into his room. He then fed them to Xiaohei and the mommy fox.

When they saw the Enhancing Pill, Xiaohei and the mommy fox looked in excitement and swallowed them without hesitation.

After eating the Enhancing Pills, both Xiaohei and the mommy fox were enveloped by a soft red light. In a short while, the mommy foxs wounds that were caused by the rat started to heal. Even the fur that was cut off by the vet had regrown.

The slash wound on Xiaoheis leg had also stopped bleeding and started to heal. It quickly formed a scar, and it was then healed. His entire leg had been restored to how it originally was, just as if he had not been wounded at all.

"Damn! The Enhancing Pill has this kind of use?" Seeing the mommy fox and Xiaohei healthily running around again, Jiang Feng and Su Qing stared in astonishment with their eyes widened.

He knew then why Xiaohei wanted the Enhancing Pill. Not only did the Enhancing Pill have the ability to heal the wounds of animals, but it was also extremely effective.