Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Save The Humans And Spin Spin Spin

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the "Save the Humans" quest?


He believed that since it was a game, any characters that appeared within the game would be very important.

The existence of the Human race must have its meaning.

Perhaps once the Humans were re-established, they would become a powerful ally during the Great Divine-Infernal War, and a very powerful one at that!

Save the Humans: Racial Quest

In two hours, when Nie Xiaoqian and the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain are having their wedding, steal the Soul Snatching Orb and save at least 10,000 Humans. Only then would the quest be considered successful. If the quest is successful, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Just when Jiang Feng was checking his quests information, Nie Xiaoqian said to him, "The Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain has promised me that as long as I would marry him, he would use the Soul Snatching Orb to spare ten men and let them leave. You must find a way to snatch the orb, and take the humans and leave."

"Then what about you?" Jiang Feng asked.

"Do not worry about me. It is more important to save the Humans!" Nie Xiaoqians clear eyes blinked with a peaceful smile and made him feel that he was cleansed.

"You will die," Jiang Fengs voice lowered.

"Worry not, I am already dead anyway," Nie Xiao Qian said optimistically.

"Its alright, Ill make some preparations. Ill definitely find you in two hours, and I wont let you die!" Jiang Feng then left on the Monster Cloud after saying that to her.

Nie Xiaoqian was the key to him completing the Chinese Ghost Story quest. He could not let Nie Xiaoqian die just like that.

Nie Xiaoqian looked at Jiang Feng who had left, and Jiang Fengs words echoed within her ears. There was raw emotion in her eyes, and she mumbled, "I shall pray for your success."


Jiang Feng did not go too far. When he found a secluded place, he was going to use his remaining twenty two lottery chances.

He was going to steal items and rescue people from a Divine Rank NPC so he needed some survival items and skills.

He opened the lottery wheel once again and placed the Ruler of Hakai in his hand, and expended 10 lottery chances to choose the Gift Pack Lottery.

"Give me another Survival Gift Pack!" He mumbled to himself with high expectations as the indicator started to spin.

Unfortunately, he was not lucky enough this time as he did not get the Survival Gift Pack, and instead obtained the Support Gift Pack.

He did not give up, however. He expended another 10 lottery chances and went for another spin.

Fortunately, his second time did not disappoint him and he obtained the Survival Gift Pack.

There were three items in the Support Gift Pack. Two talismans and one scroll.

There were four items in the Survival Gift Pack. One talisman, two pills, and a scroll.

Greater Imprisonment Talisman: Divine Rank Expendable Item

After using the talisman, all enemies within a 500 meters radius will be imprisoned for 1 minute.

"A Divine ranked expendable item! This talisman will definitely be of great help!"

The item did not have any side effects and its effect was very powerful. He was very satisfied with it.

Meteor Swarm: Divine Rank Expendable Item

After using the talisman, deal 120% of base damage to all enemies within 1,000 meters. Duration of 3 seconds.

Skill+1 Scroll: Divine Rank Expendable Item

Increases the level of one skill by 1 upon use.

While all the three items that he obtained from the Support Gift Pack were consumables, they were all very powerful.

Especially the two talismans. If he were to use them during the World War, its impact would be beyond super effective.

As for the Skill+1 Scroll, it was still a great item for him as it could increase the level of a skill by one.

And the most powerful skill he had on him was the Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy.

He did not hesitate and increased its level by one. Above the Divine Rank Skill was the Sacred Rank Skill, and it could only be used by Sacred Beasts, the Infernal Archmasters, or Divine Archmasters.

The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy: Sacred Skill

Upon activation, you may choose to steal 20% of the targets abilities (there is a chance to steal the targets skill) or choose to increase both of your stats by 5%. Cooldown of 24 hours.

"Hm? After the Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy becomes a sacred level skill, it would allow both the user and the target to get some benefits out of it. This is not that suitable to be used on enemies. Looks like its time to get married."

Looking at the skill, Jiang Feng felt like geting married soon.

Once he had gotten married, he could use this once every day. After a long time, his stats would be increased beyond what he could imagine.

After closing the skill panel, he looked at the four items within the Survival Gift Pack.

Out of the four items, there were two items that he already owned. A Talisman of Invulnerability and a Withering Wood Pill.

Resurrection Pill: Immortal Level Expendable Item.

Fully revived upon use. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Scroll of Great Movement: Immortal Level Expendable Item.

Upon use, ignore aggro and reappear anywhere else within the Divine Dominion Continent. There is a chance to crossover server borders. If crossing over to another server, there would not be a world announcement and time limits would be ignored.

"The Resurrection Pill is a necessary item for survival, and the Great Movement Scroll is a great item for escaping. I did not think that I could move to another country. Hopefully, I can use it to go to another country and find another countrys Primordial Artifacts. Then, during the World War, they wouldnt be able to collect all their Primordial Artifacts."

In the end, he was still quite satisfied despite the fact that all the items he had obtained were expendable items.

"Now that I have both support and survival items, I still need something that would allow me to grab the Soul Snatching Orb from the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain. If I cant grab the Soul Snatching Orb, it would be very difficult to put all of them into the Qiankun Gourd when they are in their monster forms that are without a mind of their own."

While the items that he had drawn were all very useful, he was still missing one very important thing.

Looking at the two remaining lottery chances, he opened the lottery wheel once again as he was going to use them all.

He switched to the normal lottery wheel and did not choose to double it, playing the lottery once.

The indicator stopped at the equipment area, and a White-Silver Chest appeared.

When he opened it, it was a level 50 White-Silver Equipment. He was so disappointed that he threw it into the Qiankun Gourd and gave it to Heifeng without even looking at it.

"Last lottery chance. If I dont get anything good, then theres nothing else I could do. I have to take away those Humans that have changed into monsters by force," He mumbled and continued with the lottery.

The indicator began to spin, and after a while, it stopped in the Special Category and a diamond chest appeared in front of him.

He opened the diamond chest with anticipation with the Ruler of Hakai in his hand.

There was only one glove in the chest.

Sky Stealing Hand: Divine Level Special Item

Once equipped with the Sky Stealing Hand, can be used to steal any item of Divine or lesser rank. Can only be used to steal once every week.

This is it! Seeing the item, Jiang Feng smiled.

He knew that his Luck stat had once again shown its effectiveness.

He went for the lottery 22 times, and he obtained several Divine Rank expendable items and even one Divine Rank equipment.

If his luck were low, he would at most get a few High-Rank items. He would not get any of those items.

"My preparation is complete. Next, is to wait for Nie Xiaoqians wedding!"

He looked at the items within his Spatial Bracelet and heaved a sigh of relief as he was fully prepared.