Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Shattering The Soul Snatching Orb

Chapter 195: Shattering the Soul Snatching Orb

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Youmin City, the Purgatory.

The Purgatory King spent little time in Youmin City and caused the entire city to be under the control of the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain.

The Necropolitans were also formed by the Purgatory King and the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain, and they were in control of them as well.

Tonight was the night of the Ancient Fiends wedding. Nie Xiaoqian would be wedded with him that night, and he made it extremely grand.

No matter if it were the main streets or small alleyways, they were all lighted and decorated. It was very lively.

All the monsters were waiting outside the Stewards Residence, waiting for the wedding to begin.


In a huge room in the Stewards Residence.

Nie Xiaoqian was letting a group of monsters apply her makeup for her.

"Remember what I said earlier. Whether the Human race can escape or not will be in your hands!" Nie Xiaoqians clear eyes stared at the mirror in front of her as she spoke with the monsters that were applying her makeup.

"Worry not, Sis Xiao Qian. I will have those who still have some consciousness to make their move," An octopus monster replied as it used its tentacle to apply a layer of blusher on her cheeks.


Nie Xiaoqian nodded. When the silver-hair red-eyed figure flashed through her mind, she prayed in her heart, Do your best!


Jiang Feng, who had received a large number of expendable items, transformed into a small dragon and hid close to the Stewards Residence.

He came to the plaza where the wedding would take place. He searched for a larger skull and hid inside it, then coiled himself.

The wedding was going to start soon. Once the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain takes out the Soul Snatching Orb, he would immediately make his move.

Stealing the Soul Snatching Orb, saving the Human race, and rescuing Nie Xiaoqian.

In order to make sure that his plans could succeed smoothly, Jiang Feng began to simulate the entire rescue operation in his head.

After he had become this strong, he had not been this serious about strategizing anymore.

Strength alone could easily beat any strategy. There was no need for strategy. One word. Dominate!

But it was different this time around. When he could not dominate the enemy, he would then have to use his intellect and reflexes.

What skill was to be used at what time. The gap between skills. The paths that he must take. All must be in his estimation.

If not, he could easily be one-shotted by the Ancient Fiend.

After he had made several plans that would allow him to rescue them, he only had half an hour left. He quickly entered the Qiankun Gourd and discussed his plans with Yan Chixia, Xiao Longnu, and his followers.

It would be too difficult to take ten thousand people right under the Ancient Fiends nose.

However, if he could use the Sky Stealing Hand to steal the Soul Snatching Orb, it would become easier for him. All he needed to do was to have his followers gather the crowd, and he would need to put them into the Qiankun Gourd.

If he could not steal them and no one could help him, then he had to use the Qiankun Gourds Absorb skill, and put them all in one by one.

While the Sky Stealing Hand could steal the items from Divine Ranked opponents as well, what item he could steal was randomized. It was possible that he would get some rubbish.


Just after he had finished discussing with Yan Chixia and his followers, he came out from the Qiankun Gourd. The moment he came out, he heard the booming sound of a trumpet.

After the trumpet had sounded, a large number of monsters entered the Stewards Residence.


At this time, several bolts of red cloth were unfurled in the air, and a handsome middle-aged man stepped on the red cloth which landed on a stage that was built using skulls and skeletons in the middle of the plaza.

Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountains: Vice-Patriarch of the Necropolitans, Divine Rank.

Introduction: One of the founders of the Necropolitans. Extremely powerful. His power has far surpassed many Divine Ranked monsters and NPCs.

Stats: ???

While Jiang Feng could not see the Ancient Fiends stats, he knew that this handsome man was not his original body and that he was extremely powerful.

He was even more powerful than many Divine Ranked monsters and NPCs, which meant that his power was infinitely close to being an Archamster.

"We now welcome the bride, Ms. Nie Xiaoqian!"

An in-game NPCs wedding was not that complicated, and progressed very quickly and straight to the point.

If it were too complex and rigid, it would be time-consuming and it would drag on the time needed to complete the quest.

In truth, the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain and Nie Xiaoqian were not supposed to get married today. However, as Jiang Feng had arrived, the system had changed some of the settings and had the wedding brought forward.

In a short while, Xiao Qian with her natural-looking makeup walked up the staircase, she had on a long, red dress and was wearing a golden circlet. She was taking her time walking toward the stage.

She was carrying a simple smile, her eyes still clear and attractive.

However, Jiang Feng could see eagerness and hope in her eyes.

"Xiao Qian!"

When the Ancient Fiend saw Xiao Qian, his eyes lit up, and he walked toward her with excitement. He took her hand, then brought her up the altar.

He did not look like he was the majestic assistant steward of a city. Instead, he was simply an excited man.

If people did not know his identity, they would be poorly mistaken that they were both really a match made in heaven especially with his handsome look and Nie Xiaoqians pretty face.

"The wedding is going to begin now. The bride and bridegroom shall bow before Heaven and Earth."

The Ancient Fiend took Xiao Qians hand as they bowed before Heaven and Earth.

The process did not take a long time, and the three bows ended rather quickly.

After they were done, Nie Xiaoqian then said to the Ancient Fiend, "We are now wedded. Can you fulfill what you have promised me?"

The Ancient Fiend smiled and said, "Of course!"

And with that, a black orb appeared in the palm of his hand. There were many souls slamming against the pearl from within the pearl.

He waved his hand, and the pearl in his hand emitted a bolt of light and enveloped ten monsters. Next, all ten monsters became Humans.

"Sis Xiao Qian! Dont marry him!" A monster that had turned into a young boy yelled at Xiao Qian.

"Thats right, Xiao Qian! Even if you save us, he would capture us again even before we escape! Dont marry him!"

"Ancient Fiend, Im going to take you down!"

The Humans that were turned into monsters had regained their consciousness, and they were all very grateful for what Nie Xiaoqian had done for them. However, they were not willing to see Nie Xiaoqian sacrificing herself for them!

A powerfully built man pounced toward the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain in anger.

When the Ancient Fiend saw that, he merely smiled in disdain and attacked the man.

"Greater Imprisonment Talisman!"

At this time, Jiang Feng had finally made his move and he immediately used the Greater Imprisonment Talisman.

The talisman burst into flames in the air and formed ripples that expanded outward, sealing the actions of all monsters where they were standing.

He then used Blink and appeared on the stage, next to the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain.

"Sky Stealing Hand!"

Then, he took out the Ruler of Hakai, and his eyes focused on the Soul Snatching Orb on the palm of the Ancient Fiend. He then extended his hand toward it.

Give it to me! Give it to me!

Ding! System Prompt: Steal successful. You have obtained the Soul Snatching Orb.

"I did it!"

Jiang Feng smiled excitedly at the systems voice.

Soul Snatching Orb: Divine Level Item

A treasure created by the Purgatory King and the Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain. It could absorb the souls of Humans and make Humans into powerful monsters. If it were destroyed, all the souls within would be released. All Humans that have become monsters will be restored into their Human forms.



He gave the Soul Snatching Orb a look, then he destroyed it without hesitating by smashing it to the ground.

This thing was only effective against Humans. And as long as he saved the Humans, they would no doubt be grateful to him and would willingly aid him. Naturally, he did not need anything like this.

Not to mention that there was only one way to save everyone and that was by smashing it. If there were other ways, then only the Purgatory King and the Ancient Fiend knew of them.

The moment the Soul Snatching Orb was shattered, all the souls were released from within. They were like fireflies, flying toward the monsters surrounding him, the monsters within Youmin City, and the villagers in the entire Purgatory.

At this instant, it was as if the entire night sky was filled by sparkling stars, making it a grand moment indeed.

When Nie Xiaoqian saw this, a tear flowed down her cheek as she was touched.