Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Prepare For War

The city center of Youmin City.

Within the city center, the Thunderclap Mantis and Jiang Fengs other followers were leading all of the Humans within the city to gather here.


There was a huge dragon roar, and the bloodied Jiang Feng appeared in the sky.

He did not waste any breath. He took out the Qiankun Gourd and had all his followers and Humans put away into the gourd.

Within two minutes, he had taken away all the Humans within the city, numbering up to more than ten thousand.

After he had taken away all these people, he looked at the darkness outside the city and sighed, "I cant save those Humans in the village, this is all I can do."


At this time, there was a large explosion and Yan Chixias body was thrown into the air.


The Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain unleashed a furious roar.

With his roar, many giants came into Youmin City from the darkness. Each of them looked similar to the Ancient Fiend, but none of them were as tall.

Not only that, but a large swathe of skeletons were also following behind them. Their large number was filling up the entire Youmin City quickly.

"How many people do they have to kill before forming an army of such a size?!"

In less than one minute, the several dozen thousands of the skeleton army was already making their way into the city. There were even three hundred giants already entering the city.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng frowned and looked at where Yan Chixia had fallen. He used a low-level Polymorph Pill and transformed into his human form. The size of his dragon form was too big and obvious, and it would be very easy for the Necropolitans to capture him.

After transforming into his human form, he used his Hide skill and rode the Monster Cloud and flew toward where Yan Chixia had fallen.

He could not leave him alone here. He needed to find a way to save him.

Just as he was making his way to Yan Chixia, so did the Ancient Fiend himself.

But Jiang Feng was not as fast as the Ancient Fiend.

The Ancient Fiend merely took a few steps and had already appeared next to Yan Chixia. His eight hands, each carrying a weapon, all attacked Yan Chixia.

Yan Chixia was already soaked in blood, and even the Red Sun Sword in his hand had already been shattered.

Seeing what was coming, he spit a mouthful of fresh blood into his palm and his eyes were filled with determination as he braced the attack with a broken sword.

"Ten Thousand Swords!"


With a shout, ten thousand swords of light appeared around him, and shot straight toward the Ancient Fiends eight arms like a rain of swords.


But at this time, another Necropolitan Giants arm elongated and crashed into his back, striking him into the ground.


When Jiang Feng, who had made his way there, saw this he headed straight to Yan Chixia anxiously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before he could make his way to Yan Chixias location, the Ancient Fiend and the other Necropolitan Giants fist were swiftly blasting away at Yan Chixia, and huge numbers of damage kept floating out from him.

In the span of one breath, Yan Chixias HP had been depleted.


As soon as Jiang Feng had made his way there, he used Blink to appear next to Yan Chixia. He took out the Qiankun Gourd and put away Yan Chixias body and the Abbot Lanruos Golden Body.

Just as he was about to take out the Scroll of Great Movement, he was violently punched on the body.


The damage that the punch caused was far beyond his expectation and he could only stare in shock.

The Ancient Fiends attack was in the two millions. That meant that he was at a level far higher than 100, and it was possible that he was in the 200s.

Luckily, he had the Sacrificial Doll equipped.

While the damage was high, the Sacrificial Doll could block any damage that could kill him, so the attack was blocked. He did not suffer any damage, and he was still in full HP.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll Use -1.


Another punch.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll Use -1.

This time, as soon as the system prompt rang, he took out the Scroll of Great Movement and used it.

In the next second, his body was wrapped in light and he slowly disappeared.

When he had almost disappeared, he yelled out as he looked at the three Primordial Artifacts fragments on the Ancient Fiend, "Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain, remember this! I will come back and look for you one day!"

As soon as he finished what he was saying, his body disappeared.

In truth, he hesitated when he took out the Scroll of Great Movement. If not, he would not have wasted one use of the Sacrificial Doll.

The only reason that he hesitated was that he wanted to die. Since his level was not that high anyway, the cost of dying was not that high. He could wait until he was revived in a safe area and leave afterward, then he would not need to use so many items.

However, a thought crossed his mind. He wore his ID card and immediately left using the Scroll of Great Movement.

This was the Purgatory. The Ancient Fiend of the Black Mountain and the Purgatory King were both rulers of this place. Even if he were to revive in a safe place, he might not be able to leave.

Not to mention he had many good items on him. Even though they were all in the Qiankun Gourd, if he were to drop his Qiankun Gourd, then his loss would be immeasurable.

He was not going to bet on what he had. If he were to lose, not only would he fail at his quest on saving the Humans, he would lose all his followers and all his items.

That was why after a slight hesitation, he then gave up the thought of simply dying then and there and instead used the Scroll of Great Movement.


After he had left the Purgatory, the Inheritor of the Spirits, Xiao Lan appeared in one of the houses within the city. "The Necropolitans and that bully are both so interested in the Humans. Since so many Humans have died here, there should be a lot of spirits floating about. Let me see if I can recruit them. I will kill you next time!"

After she had finished muttering to herself, her figure disappeared. Perhaps, she went to look for the spirits of the Human Race.


American Server, Werewolf Valley.

Located near Argus City was a level 45 dungeon.

The dungeon was separated into three stages. The first stage was fighting level 40 Werewolf Warriors. The second stage was level 45 Werewolf Wizards. The third stage was fighting level 50 Werewolf Warriors and Wizards both.

In the first two stages, there was one elite monster leading the pack. The third stage was led by two elite monsters and a territory king boss.

The dungeon would drop middle-level skill books for many of the classes. The boss would even drop a high-level skill book.

The Werewolf King was a wolf with silver fur that stood on its two feet and held a giant mace in its hands. It was resting within a valley in the third stage.


Suddenly, a man fell from the sky and fell on it.

"Roar! Prepare for war!" The Werewolf King quickly roared out as he was hit.

Next, all the werewolves within the valley began to prepare for battle. There were even werewolves that directly pounced toward it.

The man was very delicate and had obvious Asian features. He gave off the feeling that he was someone serene.


When he saw the werewolf pounce toward him, he attacked it with his fist and threw it into the air, causing around 70,000 damage.

"Hm? I didnt expect to get teleported to the American server. Its all because they are speaking in English, and I cant understand them!"

That man was no other than Jiang Feng who had just escaped from the Purgatory.

What he did not expect was that he was teleported into the American Server.

He opened the language system and switched to English, then he smiled as he looked at the Werewolves and the Werewolf King.

When he was teleported here, there would not be any World Announcement. That meant that he could cause some waves in the American Server before returning. Since the first World War would be in three days, he could use this chance to weaken the American Server.

"The first thing I must do in order to weaken their strength is to take a group of followers in the American Server. I get excited just thinking about it! I could directly sneak attack their home server during the World War!"

As he had two quests on him, he was going to return after making a mess in the American Server.